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                             BID SPECIFICATIONS DOCUMENT
                                     FOR SERVICES

The William Floyd School District is requesting proposals for an integrated “all in one” product that
provides the District with the following features or services:

Sharing and collaborating must provide the following features:

      An Educational Resource Library with pre-populated videos, wikis, documents, and websites that
       can be controlled by the District
      Authenticated user access to ensure AUPs are strictly enforced
      Multiple user type profiles (Student, Teacher, and Administrator)
      School, Group, and User profiles with walls and event lists
      Granular reporting on individual user activity, inappropriate content, and/or suspicious words
      Customizable permissions and settings
      CIPA‐compliant filtering of pornography
      Private file storage with virus scanning and skin‐tone analysis
      Be capable of Interception of English and Spanish profanity
      Provide SIS integration
      Provide integration with Active Directory and existing filtering policies
      Video help tutorials on basic tasks and key tools
      Advanced search by grade levels, type of content, and more
      Digital classroom tools to manage assignments and student homework submissions
      Calendars to aide in organization
      Collections, to organize resources from the library into sets based on topic or lesson
      Connection capabilities to allow users to Interact with others based on shared interests
      Access to peers within the group lounges, to share ideas and provide professional feedback
      Have familiar interfaces and vocabulary for ease of use
      Enable blogging and closed messaging
      Easy‐to‐use assessment and quizzing
      Provide for anytime, anywhere access

Spam Filtering Features must:

• Provide for more than fourteen proven lines of defense for blocking spam.
• Allow and block lists, both globally and locally.
• Challenge emails to verify unknown email addresses.
• Provide for adult subject-line scanning and filtering.
• Provide for Bayesian statistical analysis to evaluate message content.
• Enable the review of unknown mail servers to detect open relays or proxies.
• Have a customizable database of content categories to be blocked.
• Have flexible filtering levels: mild, moderate, aggressive, custom.
• Have the ability to supervise personal allow lists and delivery requests.
• Have the ability to block messages based on attachment file size or number and extensions.

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Email Archiving Features Must Include:

• Archival of inbound and/or outbound SMTP traffic and attachments (including documents, programs,
and multimedia files).
• Message file storage with indexing parameters for: From, To, Subject, Date, Keywords, Body Text,
Attachments and more.
• Time-stamped and unalterable file integrity of the archived data.
• Optional keyword monitoring, indexing, and reporting.
• Full retrieval and flexible forwarding of archived messages and attachments.

Web Filter Features Must Include:

* Comprehensive and accurate URL database, with daily updates, of more than 1 billion entries grouped
into education-specific categories
* Custom policies based on user, IP, group, organizational unit, and domain
* Web zones give teachers the ability to expand or contract Internet access for specific periods
* Lockouts trigger an Internet lockout
* Customizable block pages
* Multiple layers of anonymous proxy detection
* Filtering for thin clients
* Peer-to-peer application and file-type blocking
* Integration with Student Information Systems
* Safe Search

Power Management Must Provide For:

• Detailed reports to measure energy usage and savings by individual machine.
• Customizable Aggressive, Moderate, Relaxed, and No power management policies.
• Shutdown, reboot, standby, or wake on LAN power events.
• Scheduling by day and time.
• Easy deployment using Active Directory or Zenworks group policies to push out client software.
• Centralized controls within the Lightspeed Systems interface.
• Power event overrides to accommodate weekly software updates.
• Workstation grouping to simplify large deployments.
• Wake-on-LAN capabilities for updates and remote management.

The bidder must provide a total price for a three year contract to be paid over three (3) years in three (3)
equal annual installments.

The bidder shall provide in writing any specific conditions for the purchase of their software, systems, and
support for the District’s evaluation, such as: warranty, cancellation terms, indemnification of the seller
and buyer, etc.

The bidder shall furnish the names of current users (for two or more years) of their software and specific
contact information for each.

The bidder shall indicate their number of years of successful business operation and substantiate their
current positive financial position, e.g. using Standard and Poor’s, financial statements, etc.

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The William Floyd School District will award the contract to the lowest responsible bidder, noting that the
lowest cost bidder may not be the lowest responsible bidder. One component of identifying the lowest
responsible bidder is to identify the lowest cost bid. The following calculation will be used to identify the
lowest cost bid:

                                  Lowest Cost for Three (3) Years of Service

Contract Period

The term of the contract will be for three (3) years from the date of award.

Bidding Timeframe

Bids must be submitted by using the enclosed “Bid Response Sheet”. All information must be legible.
Illegible or vague bids may be rejected. Please be advised that the person signing the bid response must be
authorized by your organization to contractually bind your company with regard to prices and related
contractual obligations for the term of this agreement.

Bids must be received in a sealed envelope and addressed as follows:

               Jennifer Schildkraut
               District Office
               William Floyd School District
               240 Mastic Beach Road
               Mastic Beach, NY 11951

               Bid Number 12-13.011
               Due on or before Thursday, May 2, 2013 by 11:00 a.m.

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Bids will be opened as follows. Any bids received after this date/time will be rejected:

                     Date:      Thursday, May 2, 2013

                     Time:      11:00 a.m.

                 Location:      William Floyd School District
                                District Office
                                240 Mastic Beach Road
                                Mastic Beach, NY 11951

Bidder Responsibilities

If the service to be performed requires a license, the bidder shall submit its proof of licensing with the Bid
Response Sheet.

Bidder is under an affirmative duty to inform itself by personal examination of the specifications and
location(s) of the proposed work and by such other means as it may select, of the character, quality, and
extent of the work to be performed and the conditions under which the contract is to be executed. Each
bidder shall examine specifications and all other data or instruction pertaining to the work. No pleas of
ignorance of conditions that may be encountered or of any other matter concerning the work to be performed
in the execution of the work will be accepted by the School District as an excuse for any failure or omission
on the part of the bidder to fulfill every detail of all the requirements of the documents governing the work.
The successful bidder will not be allowed any extra compensation by reason of any matter or thing
concerning which such bidder might have fully informed itself prior to bidding.

Inspections of buildings must be scheduled through the School District. Any questions about the scope of
work, the details of the specifications, the schedule for work, the condition of existing facilities, or any other
matters related to this bid solicitation must be presented by the bidder to the School District in writing not
later than three (3) business days prior to the date bids are scheduled to be opened.


No travel time or fuel surcharge will be paid to the vendor on work associated with this contract.

Standard Clauses for All NYS Contracts

During the performance of the contract, the successful bidder agrees to the terms under the MACBRIDE Fair
Employment Principles.


I.      Notwithstanding any terms, conditions or provisions, in any other writing between the parties, the contractor
        hereby agrees to effectuate the naming of the district as an additional insured on the contractor's insurance
        policies, with the exception of workers' compensation and N.Y. State disability insurance.

II.     The policy naming the district as an additional insured shall:
        •       Be an insurance policy from an A.M. Best rated "secured" or better insurer, authorized to conduct
                business in New York State. A New York licensed insurer is preferred. The decision to
                accept specific insurers lies exclusively with the district.

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       •   State that the organization's coverage shall be primary and non-contributory coverage for the
           district, its Board, employees and volunteers.
       •   The district shall be listed as an additional insured by using endorsement CG 20 10 11 85 or
           equivalent. Examples of equivalent ISO additional insured endorsements include using both CG
           20 33 10 01 and CG 20 37 10 01 together. A completed copy of the endorsement must be
           attached to the certificate of insurance.
           •       The certificate of insurance must describe the specific services provided by the contractor (e.g.,
                   roofing, carpentry, plumbing) that are covered by the commercial general liability policy and the
                   umbrella policy.
           •       At the District's request, the contractor shall provide a copy of the declaration page of the liability
                   and umbrella policies with a list of endorsements and forms. If so requested, the contractor will
                   provide a copy of the policy endorsements and forms.

III.       The contractor agrees to indemnify the district for any applicable deductibles and self-insured retentions.

IV.        Required Insurance:
           •      Commercial General Liability Insurance
                  $1,000,000 per occurrence/ $2,000,000 general and products/completed operations aggregates. The
                  general aggregate shall apply on a per-project basis.
           •      Automobile Liability
                  $1,000,000 combined single limit for owned, hired and borrowed and non-owned motor vehicles.
           •      Workers' Compensation, Employers Liability and NYS Disability Insurance
                   Statutory Workers' Compensation, Employers' Liability Insurance and NYS Disability
                   Insurance for all employees. Proof of coverage must be on the approved specific form, as
                   required by the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board. ACORD certificates are not
           •       Owners Contractors Protective Insurance
                   (When required in the specifications)
                   $1,000,000 per occurrence/$2,000,000 aggregate, with the district as the named insured.

V.         Contractor acknowledges that failure to obtain such insurance on behalf of the district constitutes a material
           breach of contract and subjects it to liability for damages, indemnification and all other legal remedies
           available to the district. The contractor is to provide the district with a certificate of insurance, evidencing the
           above requirements have been met, prior to the commencement of work or use of facilities.

VI.        The district is a member/owner of the NY Schools Insurance Reciprocal (NYSIR).
           The contractor further acknowledges that the procurement of such insurance as required herein is
           intended to benefit not only the district but also the NYSIR, as the district's insurer.

Prime Contractor Responsibilities

If any subcontracting is approved, the School District will only communicate with the successful bidder as
prime contractor. The School District Board of Education considers the prime contractor to be the sole
contact with regard to all provisions of the bid of all services.

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In accordance with the New York State Toxic Substance Act (Right-to-Know Law) and the United States
Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Hazard Communication Standard, the School District has
established and implemented a Right-to-Know / Hazard Communication Program. It is the policy of the
School District to provide information and training to advise employees of potentially hazardous substances
known to be in the workplace. Part of this information is a collection of Material Safety Data Sheets for all
chemicals used at the School District by contract vendors. Material Safety Data Sheets and labels must be
submitted with each bidder’s proposal. Before any chemical product is used on or in any building,
authorization by the Plant Facilities Manager is required, and a copy of the product label and Material
Safety Data Sheet must be provided to the Plant Facilities Manager before the chemical is applied.

NYS Department of Labor Prevailing Wage Rate Schedule

Bidders are reminded that the payment of prevailing wages and supplements is a requirement of all contracts
for public works. Information indicating that prevailing wages are not being paid on a public works project
will be forwarded to New York State Department of Labor for investigation. Willful violations of the
prevailing wage provisions of the Labor Law may result in disbarment from the bidding and award of public
contracts. The bidder cannot bid on this contract at a loss. The prevailing wage must be paid. Note: All
public works contracts, regardless of dollar value, require the payment of prevailing wages and
supplements. The winning bidder will be required to submit to the School District’s Plant Facilities
Administrator certified copies of weekly payrolls before payment will be made for services rendered.

Bidders are advised that the School District may make random inquiries of bidder’s employees as to the rate
of wages being paid. Any discrepancy found in information supplied will be investigated and/or reported to
the Department of Labor for investigation.

Certifications of Prospective Bidders

The bidder certified that it meets the following requirements for submitting a bid and shall provide
verification of such within its bid:

        1.   Bidder must submit a list of at least five (5) verifiable references in the form provided herein
             from accounts for which work, comparable to that contained in these specifications, has been
             completed or is currently in progress.
        2.   The bidder must submit a photocopy of its organizational documents (certificate of
             incorporation, partnership certificate, business certificate, etc.) as certified by the jurisdiction of
             its organization. If that jurisdiction is not the State of New York or one of its subdivisions, the
             bidder must present competent documentary evidence that it is qualified to conduct business
             within the State of New York.

In addition, the bidder certifies the following:

        1.   The bidder and all pertinent personnel are certified to perform the work specified herein in
             accordance with the laws, rules, ordinances, and codes within the State of New York.
        2.   The bidder has never previously failed to perform satisfactorily in connection with public
             bidding or public contracts.

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The School District retains the right to cancel this contract without specifying a reason, provided the vendor
is given at least sixty (60) days notice of its intent to cancel. This provision should not be understood as
waiving the School District’s right to terminate the contract for cause or stop work immediately for
unsatisfactory work, but is supplementary to that provision. This contract may be cancelled by the School
District when, in its opinion, the service rendered is incompetent, inadequate, or unresponsive to the School
District’s needs.

If bidder did not receive the following documents, please request said items from the School District.
These two documents, along with the Bid Instructions and Specifications Document and the Bid
Response Sheet, represent the complete bid package:

   1. General Conditions
   2. Non-Collusive Bidding Certification
   3. Hold Harmless Agreement

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                                BID RESPONSE SHEET

Cost for Year One (1) of Service                                 $______________________

Cost for Year Two (2) of Service                                 $______________________

Cost for Year Three (3) of Service                               $______________________

                     Total Cost for Three (3) Years              $______________________

Company References:

                    Business Name                          Phone #                Contact

                    Business Name                          Phone #                Contact

                    Business Name                          Phone #                Contact

                    Business Name                          Phone #                Contact

                    Business Name                          Phone #                Contact

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Bid Submitted By:

            Company Legal Name:

          Company D.B.A. Name:

         Company Legal Address:

                  Company Email:

      Phone Number/Fax Number:

       Authorized Contact’s Name:

        Authorized Contact’s Title:

   Authorized Contact’s Signature:


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