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					Several kids wanted to go to a
non segregated school but a
board of education did not allow
them because they were
“colored .So there was a fight
against a board of education
and a African American, Mr.
Brown who was against
segregated schools because
the White people would always
get a better education then
Black schools.

 "To get rid of Negroes who
were acquiring wealth and
property." Ida fought against
lynching and segregation
overall. She lived in a fancy
house since 1919 and left it in
1929. Ida fought but never was
able to get the anti lynching law
of her dreams.

 4 Agriculturaland Technical
 College students went on a
 sit down in a Whites only
 lunch counter and everyone
 either ignored them or
 supported them. By several
 days both white and black
 students were going on the
 sit down and by the end of
 the week around 400                A big event happened       Malcolm X was a     When 9 African
 students participated.This         on the Lincoln             man who joined      American teens
 event caused 126 cities to         memorial steps and it      a group of Black    went to the high
 repeat the same thing.             was when Martin            Muslims and         school and
                                    Luther King giving his I   made the Muslim     stood up to the
                                    Have a Dream               nation grow from    millions of
                                    speech. It was on          400-10,000.He       protestors which
                                    August 28, 1963 and        thought that        this event
                                    200,000 supporters         Whites were         helped the court
                                    came and surprisingly      enemies but         decide about the
                                    50,000 of them were        later on figured    Brown vs.
                                    White.                     out that the real   Topeka Board of
                                                               enemy is hatred
                                                               his family was
                                                               killed in his
                                                               house and he
                                                               assassinated a
killed in his
house and he
assassinated a
                                                                                      W.E.B. Du Bois was a
                                                                                      man who inspired African
                                                                                      Americans to believe,
                                                                                      have hope, and to fight
                                                                                      even though they were
                                                                                      struggling with
                                                                                      segregation. He wrote
                                                                                      over 20 books and 100
                                                                                      essays about
                                                                                      Selma to Montgomery marc
                                                                                      them tried to leave Selma b
                                                                                      marchers went on and wen
                                                                                      Johnson signed the Voting

                                                                                      African Americans proteste
                                                                                      segregated seating they rod
                                                                                      carpooled for 381 days then
                                                                                      In Birmingham a man illega
                                                                                      16th Street Baptist turn Chu
                                                                                      explosion causing death to
                                                                                      The church was used as a m
                                                                                      leaders. The man was sent
                                                                                      months in jail.

                                                                                    Written by Martin L. King when
                                                                                    protest against segregation an

                                                                                        The birthplace of Martin L
                                                                                        Atlanta,Georgia. The hou
                                                                                        Ebenezer Baptist Church
                                                                                        the family had faced segr
                                                                                        laws. When he grew up h
When 9 African     James Meredith        Medgar Ever was      James Chaney,             enough and it was time to
American teens     was the first         a secretary for      Andrew Goodman,
went to the high   African American      the NAACP. He        and Michael
school and         who attended the                                                     A group of experimenters
                                         was fighting         Schwerner went
stood up to the    University of                                                        against segregation to se
                                         against              out to investigatea
millions of        Mississippi after                                                    experimenters faced bea
                                         segregation but      church burning set
protestors which   being in the Air                                                     Birmingham, Alabama an
                                         his fight ended in   by the Ku Klux
this event         Force. He met                                                        after the beatings were do
                                         a horrible way.      Klan but when they
helped the court   great resistance                                                     were 2 blocks away. Late
                                         One day he pulled    got to the [police
decide about the   against his look                                                     were protected only after
                                         up to his house      department they
Brown vs.          and many riots                                                       and so President Kenned
                                         and got out of his   were arrested
Topeka Board of    were made during                                                     segregated seating in veh
                                         car while carrying   released and then
Education.         his 3 years there.                                                   terminals.
                                         T-shirts saying      arrested again.
                   When he               “Jim Crow must       After that they
                   graduated he          go” and right then   were taken
                   wrote a book          and there he was     somewhere beaten
                   about his struggles   shot.                and shot to death.
                   in those 3 years.
graduated he        go” and right then were taken
wrote a book        and there he was somewhere beaten
about his struggles shot.              and shot to death.
in those 3 years.
B. Du Bois was a
who inspired African
 cans to believe,
hope, and to fight
 hough they were
gling with
 gation. He wrote
 0 books and 100
 s about
a to Montgomery march for voting rights. 600 people gathered and all of
 ried to leave Selma but to only get beaten by police with clubs. But the
 ers went on and went all the way to the capital and so President Lyndon
 on signed the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

n Americans protested against
gated seating they rode taxis and
oled for 381 days then they won their

mingham a man illegallyput 122 dynamites on the
Street Baptist turn Church steps and next a big
 ion causing death to 4 African-Americankids.
hurch was used as a meeting place for civil rights
 s. The man was sentenced $100 fine and 6
 s in jail.

 y Martin L. King when he was taken to jail because he did march of
 gainst segregation and so he wrote a letter there in the jail about his act.

 birthplace of Martin Luther King is on 501 Auburn Avenue,in
nta,Georgia. The house that he was born in was surrounded by
 nezer Baptist Church and Sweet Auburn neighborhoodwhere
family had faced segregation during the days of the Jim Crow
s. When he grew up he decided that his childhood was bad
ugh and it was time to stop segregation.

oup of experimenters decided to test the laws
 nst segregation to see if they worked. The
erimenters faced beatings in Anniston and
 ingham, Alabama and the police came only
  the beatings were done even though they
e 2 blocks away. Later on the freedom riders
e protected only after being treated horribly
so President Kennedy made a rule to not have
 egated seating in vehicles and interstate

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