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Hiring limo for prom night can be as difficult as choosing the perfect wedding dress. Here is a complete guide on the process of choosing the perfect limo service in Toronto.

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									Toronto Limousine and Prom
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Hiring limo for prom night can be
as difficult as choosing the perfect
wedding dress. Here is a complete
guide on the process of choosing
the perfect limo service in Toronto.
      Prom Limo Services – A to Z Guide to Choosing Best Limo Company for Prom Night

Prom limo services are a dime a dozen! Really, you know once you reach high school
graduation and actually consider hiring one. But a limousine is worth hiring for prom night
celebrations. It adds that element of style, panache and not to forget plenty of space for
everyone. So, how to choose a limo that will make your night worthwhile. Here is ‘A to Z Guide’
to hire limo in Toronto for prom night.

Know your Prom

Do your homework before hiring a limousine! As a high school graduate, you may have
attended or analyzed your senior’s prom nights. Or at least have a fair idea of how things turn
out at prom. Discuss with your friends the viability of a limo at the prom. Most of them might
be having their own plans. Some schools have rules that might not allow extra large vehicles on
their premises. In most probability, good vehicles are sure to be part of every such event. So, if
a group agrees on limo rental idea, you can pool money and hire a great luxury car. This
affordability makes sure that proms are not a burden on your parent’s wallet as well.

Selecting the Vehicle

This is where things can get confusing. If you are a large group, say 6-8 people, it is best to hire
a good stretched limousine. For 1 or 2 individuals, a luxury car from a high end brand is a great
choice. The choices available are plenty including stretched Hummer, Classic Lincoln Town Car,
long SUVs, Chrysler, Ford F Series Limo and more. Make sure you visit the fleet of the company
you are researching to get a fair bit idea of what you are getting.

Observe the various features of the vehicle before zeroing in on one. Check if the seats are
comfortable, moving space is cramped/open, mock tail bar, adequate road noise insulation etc.
Do not opt for over the top features that are only going to add to the price. You are only going
to hire it for few hours. Why waste money on features that you won’t be able to enjoy anyway.


There’s more to limousine hire than meets the eyes. The chauffeurs, transportation pattern,
history of company are some such features. As a potential customer, inquire how the chauffeur
will arrive? Is he safe to travel with young kids or has a past criminal record? Is the vehicle safe
for 4 or more passengers? How chauffeurs are going to handle emergency situation? Ask any
relevant question that is crucial as per the event.

Before booking the Toronto limousine, ensure that you are dealing with a registered company.
Other precautions include keeping your parents in loop about hiring process; have a contact
number of chauffeur, know the route of your journey, booking procedure. Limo hire prices in
Toronto are a subjective matter. You can book a limo for few hundred dollars and stretch the
budget to thousands. So, it is truly a personal matter. But no matter which prom limo Toronto
rental company you choose, the services are sure to make you a star on your prom night. has been providing prom limo service to hundreds of high school graduates
every year. Our largest fleets of stretched limos cater to best high school prom parties in
Toronto and GTA.

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