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					ProjectWise Overview
V8 XM Edition

Gary Cochrane
ProjectWise is not a product
• ProjectWise is:
   − A Brand name representing Bentley collaboration
     server products
   − With the XM Edition, it represents a family of server
     products that combine to form a solution for
     Engineering Content Management and Distribution
Focusing on Content Management
• ProjectWise provides:
  − Centralized control of distributed content
Central Control of Distributed Content

         File Server

         File Server

         File Server
Introducing the modules
• Each solution comprises one or more of the
  following server modules
  − PW Integration Server
  − PW Caching Server
  − PW Web Server
  − PW Publishing Server
  − PW InterPlot Server
ProjectWise Integration Server
• Central component of every ProjectWise
  − Formerly known as PW Application Server
  − (At least) one in every PW Configuration
     » Possibly more to serve large organizations (defined as
       greater than 500 simultaneous users)
     » Possibly more to provide redundancy
     » Possibly more when multiple sites operate independently of
       each other and don’t want to rely on other sites…
Before moving on…
• A few terms
  − Server – a ProjectWise module that is purchased
  − Service – Functionality included with a Server
     » Not all services included with a Server are configured in
       each deployment
     » Thus, no “standard” fee for server deployments
• ProjectWise Integration Server includes:
  − Content Management service
  − File storage & caching service
  − File indexing service
  − Component indexing service
  − User Synchronization Service
  − PW Gateway Service
• This will make more sense soon
  − A picture is worth a thousand words
Essential Components

                                           Either Oracle, or Microsoft
                                           SQL Server
                                           * Not supplied by Bentley

              In this configuration, all
              files are stored on the PW
              Integration Server
              * Via File Storage service
Adding Single Sign-On
Adding Single Sign-On

                        Users not prompted for
                        password when logging in
                        to ProjectWise
                        * User authentication via
                        Windows domain
Scaling Up
• As usages grows…
  − It may become necessary to move file storage to a
    secondary server
     » This removes some load from the Integration Server
     » Also adds flexibility as to where the files will be stored
  − In this case, the configuration would include the
    ProjectWise Caching Server
     » Configured to run the File Storage service
ProjectWise Caching Server
• Primary function is to provide remote file storage
   − Formerly known as ProjectWise Distributed File
   − Provides 3 services
      » File Storage Service
      » File Caching Service
      » ProjectWise Gateway Service
Adding Remote Storage
Adding Remote Storage

                                    Files may also be stored on
                                    a remote server, thus
                                    reducing load on the
                                    Integration Server

     Files may still be stored on
     the Integration Server
Adding Remote sites
• Remote sites may be supported:
  − With minimal investment
     » No PW server infrastructure
     » Only add PW Passport licenses for remote clients
     » Typical for small sites
  − With additional investment for better performance
     » Remote file storage service
     » Remote file caching service
Multiple Site support – Scenario 1

                  No PW server infrastructure at site 2.
                  Performance will be highly dependent
                  on intra-site bandwidth.
Multiple Site support – Scenario 2
Multiple Site support – Scenario 2

                                      PW Caching Server provides file
                                      storage at site 2. Performance is
                                      significantly enhanced for
                                      remote users (provided their
                                      files are stored on PW Caching

                Local file transfer
Multiple Site Support – Scenario 3

      PW Caching Server provides file
      storage at site 1, and file caching
      for files stored at site 2.
      Performance is optimized for
      local users.

                                            PW Caching Server provides file
                                            storage at site 2, and file caching
                                            for files stored at site 1.
                                            Performance is optimized for
                                            remote users.
• ProjectWise Explorer is the primary client
  − Provides richest user experience
     » Intended for “doers”
• ProjectWise also includes web browser clients
  − Must purchase PW Web Server to enable
  − Provides subset of PW Explorer functionality
     » Intended for casual users, viewers, and reviewers
PW Web Server / Browser
PW Web Server / Browser

             In this example, the PW Web
             Server is available to internal
             users only. Although not shown,
             one PW Web Server can serve
             browser clients at both the local
             and remote sites
Web Configuration Notes:
• PW Web server provides:
  − Basic content management functionality,
• If web users need to view/redline drawings, add:
  − PW Publishing Server
• If web users need Design Compare capability,
  − PW InterPlot Server
External Users
• Within Information Technology, it is common
  practice to create a network “neutral zone” to
  support external users
   − This is a network that can be reached by both
     internal and external users.
   − Often referred to as a DMZ
   − Created by implementing multiple firewalls, or high-
     end single firewalls
Neutral Zone Configuration

  In this example, the PW Web
  Server has been moved to the
  neutral zone. Internal browser
  clients may still access PW via
  the Web Server.
Neutral Zone Configuration
Neutral Zone Configuration

                     By moving the PW Web Server
                     to the neutral zone, External
                     browser clients may also access
                     PW via the Web Server.
External Users
• The previous configuration addressed external
  Web browser users (viewers & reviewers)
  − What if I want external “doers”?
     » The ProjectWise Explorer client is internet-capable
     » However, rarely will the network security policy of an
       organization accommodate such use
ProjectWise Gateway service
• The ProjectWise Gateway service was designed
  to solve such problems
  − It acts as a “go-between” the ProjectWise Integration
    server and external users
  − Remember, it’s a Service, not a Server
     » Therefore no software or SELECT fee
External Doer support
External Doer support
One last twist
• Rather than require a second machine in the
  − The ProjectWise Gateway service can be installed on
    the ProjectWise Web Server machine
External Doer support
External Doer support
PW Passport client licensing
• ProjectWise Client licensing is “Named User”
  − You need one, for each user
     » Does not matter if they are PW Explorer users, or PW Web
       browser users
  − Client licenses are not “poolable”, “shareable”, or
     » Usage is measured based on the number of unique names
       that access the system
More on ProjectWise Web Server
• Optional component included in most
  − In order to view drawings from browser
     » Requires addition of ProjectWise Publishing Server
  − In order to review/comment/redline
     » Requires addition of ProjectWise InterPlot Server
Multiple Web Configurations
• With XM Edition, PW Web Server supports two
  − Traditional configuration for HTML client
     » Known as “Web Explorer” client
  − This client is now static from a development
     » No new development
     » Will continue to be supported until SharePoint WebParts
Multiple Web Configurations
• With XM Edition, PW Web Server also supports
  SharePoint configurations
  − SharePoint configuration
     » Referred to as ProjectWise WebParts
     » Provides ProjectWise back-end with SharePoint front-end
  − Provides the value proposition of ProjectWise in a
    SharePoint environment
What SharePoint is
• SharePoint is a collaboration tool from Microsoft
  − Allows an organization to quickly/easily build
    interactive web collaboration sites
  − Included with Windows 2003 Server
  − As a collaboration tool, SharePoint provides:
     » Calendars, lists, tasks, discussions…
     » And yes, it also provides limited document management
What SharePoint is not
• SharePoint is not an Engineering Content
  Management solution
  − No MicroStation or AutoCAD integration
  − No Integration with vertical applications
  − No plotting integration
  − No Indexing / full text search (for CAD files)
  − No distributed storage
     » All files stored on SharePoint server
  − No publishing / web viewing of CAD documents
Our goal with SharePoint
• Keep the engineering content stored in
  − And allow it to be accessed from a SharePoint
    collaboration site
     » But, avoid copying (duplicating) the files to SharePoint
ProjectWise Geospatial Modules
• Optional ProjectWise components developed by
  Geospatial Team
  − PW Geospatial Management Extension
  − PW Oracle Connector
  − PW ArcGIS Connector
  − PW Geospatial Server
  PW Geospatial Management Extension
•A technology that adds
spatial context to a managed
environment …
  −   Spatial indexing
  −   Projection management
  −   Query and locate
  −   Spatial display
  −   ArcMap Integration
  −   Foundation for Connectors
Geospatial Content Management
Scaleable Background Maps
 Spatial Display Options

Shaded ROI’s
Spatial Display Options

Centroid Pushpins
 Spatial Display Options

symbolization with
legend control

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