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       Planning & Oversight                                   Bush approves Cedar Mountain Wilderness Area
                                                                 President Bush signed        but the wilderness designa- tary's access to the vast
    315 South Humboldt Street,
                                                              legislation into law Friday     tion prevents the rail line   Utah Test and Training
    Battle Mountain, NV 89820
                                                              creating a wilderness area      construction. The company     Range, a key asset for the
          (775) 635-2860
                                                              in Utah's west desert,          has said repeatedly that      state's military mission.
                                                              dealing a blow to plans to      other options are available,  There was concern that
                                                              store high-level nuclear        including trucking the        storing the waste near the
                                                              waste in the state.             waste to the reservation      site or restrictions on fly-
                                                                 The language, included       down the Skull Valley High- ing over a wilderness area
                                                              in a broad defense policy       way.                          could hinder access.
                                                              bill, would establish a            "This is very, very good      The bill explicitly allows
                                                              100,000-acre Cedar              for the state and it's very,  flights over the Cedar
                                                              Mountain Wilder-                very bad for Private Fuel           Mountain Wilderness.
                                                              ness Area near the                                                     The Cedar Moun-
                                                              Skull Valley                                                        tain language was
                                                              Goshute Indian                                                      nearly dropped from
                                                              Reservation, com-                                                   the final version of
                                                              plicating plans by a                                                the bill, after Sen.
                                                              group of electric                                                   John Ensign, R-Nev.,
                                                              utilities known as                                                  objected to it.
                                                              Private Fuel Stor-                                                     However, House
                                        Yucca Mountain News

                                                              age to store nu-                                                    Speaker Dennis
                                                              clear waste on the                                                  Hastert, R-Ill., said
                                                              reservation.                                                        he would hold up
                                                                 "This has been                                                   passage of the bill
                                                              years in the mak-                                                   until Ensign at least
                                                              ing, and it's nice to    Dump derailed: The signature marks met with Bishop and
                                                              see it finally be-       a victory for Utahns fighting plans for Sen. Orrin Hatch to
                                                              come law," said                                                     discuss his objec-
                                                              Rep. Rob Bishop, R-                  a storage facility             tions, and after a

                                                              Utah, who intro-                                                    series of discussions,
                                                              duced the Cedar                                                     Ensign eventually
                                                              Mountain bill. "We pro-         Storage," said Mike Lee,      agreed to allow a some-
                                                              tected the test and train-      counsel to Gov. Jon Hunts-    what watered down ver-
                                                              ing range, a major mili-        man Jr. "It's a real blow for sion of the bill.
                                                              tary asset, we created          PFS. It may not be a kill        The compromise version
                                                              wilderness the right way        but it's a mortal wound.      included the wilderness
                                                              and we have significantly       PFS is a seriously wounded    language, but not pro-
                                        Winter 2006

                                                              impeded the transporta-         animal right now."            posed restrictions on other
                                                              tion of high-level nuclear         The Nuclear Regulatory     land surrounding the res-
                                                              waste to the Goshute Res- Commission authorized a             ervation. The original ver-
                                                              ervation."                      license for PFS in Septem-    sion would have created a
                                                                 PFS had planned to           ber, but the document has     moat around the tribe's
                                                              build a rail line through       yet to be issued.             land to restrict access
                                                              the area to deliver 44,000         Utah's delegation also     Source: Salt Lake Tribune
                                                              tons of spent nuclear re-       touted the bill as a move
                                                              actor waste to the site,        that would protect the mili-

                                                              Inside this issue:                                   Special points of interest:
                                                              NRC seeks to allay fear of transport        2        •   Yucca management guidelines
                                                                                                                       and databases were allowed to
                                                              Energy officials halt some work at Yucca    2            become outdated (page3).
                                                              Radioactive waste recycling criticized      3
                                                                                                                   •   Even if reprocessing is suc-
                                                              US see resurgence in new nuclear plants 4                cessful and the amount of nu-
                                                                                                                       clear waste is reduced, perma-
                                                              New Mexico lab chosen to coordinate         5
                                                                                                                       nent disposal of some spent
                                                              Yucca work
                                                                                                                       fuel still would be necessary at
                                                              Bechtel opposes Yucca Lawsuit               6            Yucca Mountain (page 3).
     NRC seeks to allay fear of transport
                          A new               Critics of the Yucca Mountain        said that more than 300,000 people
                          round of       plan questioned the methodology           could have been exposed to radia-
                          testing has    and scientific validity of the report.    tion from the Howard Street inci-
                          found that     "We would expect virtually all NRC        dent had there been containers of
                          casks used     casks to fail significantly," said Bob    spent nuclear fuel on the train.
                          to transport   Halsted, a consultant who repre-               The NRC took issue with that
                          dangerous      sented the state of Nevada at the         study but launched an investigation
nuclear waste are capable of surviv-     meeting.                                  by the Pacific Northwest National
ing a catastrophe such as Balti-              The Baltimore fire occurred af-      Laboratory that yielded a report.
more's Howard Street Tunnel fire         ter a CSX train carrying flammable        Under current standards, nuclear
with no more than minor releases of      chemicals derailed in the tunnel          fuel packages must be capable of
radioactivity, according to a report     July 18, 2001. The fire, which            surviving a 30-minute, "fully engulf-
presented to a Nuclear Regulatory        lasted more than three days, tied         ing" fire with an average tempera-
Commission panel.                        up East Coast rail traffic and forced     ture of 1,475 degrees. According to
    NRC experts found that one of        evacuations of parts of downtown.         the National Institute of Standards,
three types of cylinders commonly             Craig Stevens, a spokesman for       the temperature of the tunnel wall
used to carry spent nuclear fuel         the Department of Energy, said he         surface exceeded 1,500 degrees,
would withstand such a fire with no      could not rule out use of the tunnel      with maximum temperatures in the
radioactive release whatsoever.          to transport nuclear waste. But he        flames of 1,800 degrees.
They said a fire as hot as the 2001      said the department would work                 Earl Easton of the NRC's Spent
Howard Street blaze could breach         with local officials before selecting a   Fuel Project Office said the report
the seals on two other cask models,      route.                                    shows there's no need to change
but concluded that the amount of              NRC officials said the severity of   current requirements. But Halsted
radioactive material released would      the Baltimore fire raised questions       urged additional research using a
be "very small."                         about whether the packages used           different set of assumptions. Among
    The hearing by the Advisory          to transport spent nuclear fuel           other things, he said, the testing
Committee on Nuclear Waste was           would withstand such an accident.         should look at whether the casks
part of the NRC's consideration of       Under some scenarios, waste from          could survive at the hottest tem-
the best ways to carry out the Bush      the Calvert Cliffs plant in Southern      peratures registered in the tunnel
administration's plan to ship highly     Maryland could move through Balti-        fire.
radioactive spent fuel from the na-      more to Yucca Mountain.                        "This controversy is not going
tion's nuclear power plants to be             A 2002 study by a private con-       to be closed quickly," he said.
stored at Nevada's Yucca Mountain        sultant, New York-based Radioac-          Source: Las Vegas Review Journal
starting about 2010.                     tive Waste Management Associates,

 Energy officials halt some work at Yucca Mountain
    The Department of Energy has         Bechtel SAIC, or BSC, not to move         side experts have said a repository
suspended work on key segments           forward on engineering and pre-           may not be completed until 2015 to
of Yucca Mountain after whistle-         closure safety aspects of repository      2020.
blowers reported more problems           designs until a newly formed re-             In a Dec. 14 e-mail to employ-
with nuclear waste repository de-        view team could assess whether            ees, Yucca Mountain deputy director
sign and engineering, officials con-     the work meets current require-           John Arthur said DOE was
firmed.                                  ments.                                    "suspending BSC's authority to ap-
    Critics of the project say the          Department spokesman Allen             prove design and engineering-
work stoppage is the latest illus-       Benson said the order covers sev-         related technical products subject to
tration of persistent weaknesses in      eral key facets, including technical      our QARD (Quality Assurance Re-
how blueprints and complex analy-        work on new designs for an above-         quirements and Description) docu-
ses are compiled and documented,         ground industrial complex where           ment."
potentially affecting licensing and      nuclear waste-bearing canisters              Critics noted DOE has been criti-
safety at the Nevada nuclear waste       would be handled at the site 100          cized repeatedly for shortcomings in
site.                                    miles northwest of Las Vegas.             work documentation and quality
    But DOE officials said the work         Benson said the work suspen-           controls that are important ele-
stoppage suggests new lengths that       sion could take weeks or longer.          ments of nuclear projects. They
the department is undertaking in         The Yucca project has missed self-        maintained the latest development
trying to correct shortcomings.          set deadlines in recent years, and        is more of the same.
    DOE issued an order on Dec. 19       DOE officials have not said when a                          (Continued on page 3)
telling management contractor            repository might be opened. Out-
                                                                                                          WINTER 2006
PAGE 2                                                                                           YUCCA MOUNTAIN NEWS
                                              Energy officials (continued)
(Continued from page 2)                                          According to federal documents     properly implemented its require-
    "This is a stop work order, plain                        and government and nuclear indus-      ments management system, result-
and simple," said Steve Frishman, a                          try officials, the problem was that    ing in inadequacies in the design
full-time technical consultant for                           Yucca management guidelines and        control process," Arthur told work-
the state of Nevada. "It's back to a                         databases were allowed to become       ers by e-mail.
problem they have had for years                              outdated. The guidelines, a staple         DOE officials issued 14 correc-
and years, which is design control.                          in nuclear projects, are the rules     tive actions in November on the
This is a chronic screwup in this                            that lay out in detail how scientists, topic, Benson said. Arthur reported
program."                                                    engineers and analysts need to         on the matter at a Dec. 7 meeting
    DOE officials defended their ac-                         document their activities so they      in Las Vegas attended by DOE
tion, saying the work suspension                             can be traced                                                 managers and
was a tougher response than in the                           back for safety,                                              staffers from
past. They said it reflected a drive                         effectiveness                                                 the Nuclear
by new managers installed by En-                             and consistency                                               Regulatory
ergy Secretary Samuel Bodman to                              with federal                                                  Commission.
fix problems once and for all on the                         regulations and                                               NRC officials
project.                                                     industry prac-                                                expressed con-
    "This is a tough response, when                          tices.                                                        cern.
you tell a contractor they no longer                             Several re-                                               "It appears to
have the authority to submit work                            pository work-                                                be a significant
they are contractually required to                           ers who have                                                  issue," said
submit because they are not follow-                          not been identi-                                              Elmo Collins,
ing procedure," Benson said.                                 fied filed com-                                               an NRC licens-
    Bechtel SAIC spokesman Jason                             plaints with the                                              ing and inspec-
Bohne said there was shared re-                              Yucca Mountain Tunnel opening to Yucca Mountain           tion official.
sponsibility between the govern-                             employee con-                                             The NRC is poised
ment and the contractor.                                     cerns program starting in August       to evaluate a repository application
    "The feds direct us through the                          2004. Complaints also were filed       whenever the Energy Department
contract as to what the require-                             with the Nuclear Regulatory Com-       finalizes one.
ments are," Bohne said. "This is                             mission. A follow-up DOE investiga-        "We believe strong actions are
more of a, 'Let's hold on and collect                        tion substantiated the claims, ac-     required to address the current
where we are, complete our review                            cording to Arthur.                     situation," Arthur said. "It just did-
and move forward on the right                                    The investigation "revealed that   n't get the proper management at-
path. "                                                      our project has not maintained and     tention." Source: Review Journal

                   Radioactive waste recycling criticized
   Reprocessing and other alterna-                             Even if reprocessing is successful     department plans to submit a recy-
tives to the storage of nuclear                              and the amount of nuclear waste is       cling plan to Congress by March 31.
waste may be a diversion, and the                            reduced, permanent disposal of              Kraft and Silberg criticized legisla-
Department of Energy should re-                              some spent fuel still would be nec-      tion introduced last month by Sen.
main focused on developing a re-                             essary at Yucca Mountain, north-         Harry Reid, D-Nev., that would ex-
pository at Yucca Mountain, nuclear                          west of Las Vegas, Kraft said at an      plore alternatives to Yucca Moun-
industry executives were told on                             annual meeting sponsored by the          tain.
January 12.                                                  Institute of Nuclear Materials Man-         Among other things, the bill
   "We can't allow long-term tech-                           agement.                                 would require utilities to move
nology to divert us from our goal                              Jay Silberg, an attorney repre-        spent fuel into above-ground steel
for central storage," said Steven                            senting nuclear power utilities, said    and concrete reinforced casks
Kraft, director of used fuel manage-                         recycling nuclear waste is attractive    within six years after the waste is
ment at the Nuclear Energy Insti-                            to Congress because it's still uncer-    removed from reactors and placed
tute.                                                        tain when Yucca Mountain will begin      in cooling pools.
    Kraft said prospects for new nu-                         storing radioactive spent fuel.             Silberg said it would take money
clear power plants are improving                               "There's not much you can do for       away from Yucca Mountain.
and he would not be surprised if the                         recycling (nuclear waste) on $50         "Hopefully, it will die a short,
United States has 20 new plants by                           million," Silberg said, referring to     painless death," he said.
2025. There has not been an order                            $50 million in the $450 million             Reid spokeswoman Tessa Hafen
for a new nuclear power plant in                             budget for Yucca Mountain in 2006.       said the bill is a realistic alternative
the United States since December                               Chris Kouts, an Energy Depart-         to Yucca Mountain and would up-
1978.                                                        ment analyst who works on the            date security at nuclear reactor
                                                             Yucca Mountain project, said the         sites. Source: Review Journal

L A N D E R C O U N T Y R E P O S IT O R Y P L A N N I N G                                                                             PAGE 3
      U.S. sees resurgence in new nuclear plants
   RALEIGH, N.C. -- With guaran-        and put out a bunch of incendiary        than half as much power as U.S.
teed federal loans and insurance        comments," said Ivan Urlaub, ex-         nuclear plants. But that source is
protection promised to the first        ecutive director of the North Caro-      predicted to grow by 29 percent in
power companies to build a new          lina Sustainable Energy Associa-         2015 and 76 percent in 2030, says
wave of nuclear plants, the race is     tion, a nonprofit advocacy group.        the Energy Information Administra-
on for construction of up to 10 sta-    "We haven't done an honest               tion, the government's energy sta-
tions between Maryland and Missis-      evaluation of the role energy effi-      tistical agency.
sippi.                                  ciency can play in our economic              In an environment where coal,
     At least two utilities plan to an- development and our energy future        oil and gas prices remain unstable
nounce their intended sites within a    as a state. Until we do that we          following recent spikes, nuclear
few weeks. And some communities         think it would be bad policy to ap-      supporters say the world needs a
appear enthusiastic about luring the    prove any new nuclear or coal            variety of power sources that don't
jobs and tax dollars the plants         plants."                                 contribute to global warming.
would bring. One South Carolina             Urlaub's group is working with at        "In a carbon-constrained world
county looking to land a proposed       least half a dozen others in compil-     ... nuclear plants have got to be in
Duke Energy Corp. plant has even        ing data to support their argument       that mix," said Andy White, the
offered a 50 percent break on prop-     -- that environmental and eco-           president and chief executive offi-
erty taxes.                             nomic prudence dictates using ex-        cer of Wilmington-based GE En-
     But even with the nuclear power    isting energy supplies more effi-        ergy, the nuclear engineering and
industry in an apparent resurgence      ciently rather than spending to in-      consulting business of General
in the fast-growing Southeast, one                                                 Electric Corp.
traditional participant in the de-                                                     White expects lots of business
bate over nuclear power has re-                                                    over the next decade until the
mained largely silent. Environmen-                                                 first plants open and beyond the
talists, mostly mum so far about                                                   middle of the century as old
the potential dangers and pitfalls                                                 plants are replaced. After 2015,
associated with this proposed                                                      White said the nuclear industry
round of reactors, say they're just                                                will need to build two plants a
taking a long view.                                                                year to replace the power lost as
     "The nuclear industry has tried                                               aging, first-generation reactors go
to revitalize itself a number of                                                   offline, translating to 60 or more
times in the past," said Stephen                                                   new reactors. The U.S. has about
Smith, executive director of the                                                   100 existing plants.
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy                                                 Progress Energy, which has al-
in Atlanta. "Just because the politi-                                              most 1.4 million customers in
cal climate is favorable for the                                                   North Carolina and South Caro-
next couple of years, these things Shearon Harris—North Carolina                   lina, expects to announce a pre-
take 10 years to build and the cli-                                                ferred site in one of the two states
mate may not be favorable then."        crease supplies. Their report will be    this month, spokesman Keith
    No nuclear reactor has been or-     used to fight plant licensing efforts    Poston said. A site for a second
dered for construction since 1973,      in hearings before state regulators      nuclear plant in Florida, where the
and the partial meltdown of the         across the Southeast, environmen-        company has an additional 1.5 mil-
Three Mile Island nuclear plant in      talists said.                            lion customers, should be an-
Pennsylvania in 1979 killed interest        "The utilities have to demon-        nounced by April, he said.
in anything beyond completing           strate that the facilities are needed.       Before clearing the way for con-
plants then under construction. The     The first step is assessing demand       struction, state regulators are ex-
United States now gets 20 percent       and what are the opportunities to        pected to investigate whether the
of its electricity from nuclear reac-   meet it," said Molly Diggins, execu-     utility can squeeze more production
tors.                                   tive director of the Sierra Club's       out its existing plants.
    In North Carolina, where Char-      North Carolina chapter.                      "Certainly conservation and en-
lotte-based Duke Energy and Ra-             The Energy Department fore-          ergy efficiency has a role to play,
leigh-based Progress Energy Inc.        casts that the consumption of nu-        as does the continuing exploration
expect to announce their preferred      clear energy will increase 5.3 per-      of renewable resources," Poston
sites for nuclear plants within         cent between this year and 2015 --       said.
weeks, environmentalists want to        the earliest date when any of the            Progress added 69,000 homes
have a broader conversation before      proposed new plants might come           and businesses in its three states
getting into a debate over new          on line -- and by almost 11 percent      over the past year, Poston said,
plants.                                 by 2030.                                 and expects to add 600,000 new
    "We do not want to jump the gun         Renewable energy, excluding          customers over the next decade as
                                        hydroelectric, now produces less                             (Continued on page 5)

PAGE 4                                                                                                   WINTER 2006
                                                                                                YUCCA MOUNTAIN NEWS
                                  U.S. sees resurgence (continued)
(Continued from page 4)                                         Duke Energy's utility division,         "There's a lot of organizing going
the population boom continues in                             Duke Power, is preparing to add up     on. I don't think as much of it will
its service area.                                            to 60,000 customers a year in its      be geared around when they make
    The options for the heavy-duty                           two-state service area of North        an announcement. Most of the op-
plants needed to supply all those                            Carolina and South Carolina,           position will come in a phased type
customers come down to natural                               spokeswoman Rita Sipe said.            of way," he said. "It will especially
gas, oil, coal and nuclear, he said.                            Duke will select a site in one of   be geared toward the need for a
    "We think that nuclear may end                           the states soon, but even that mile-   full-blown public debate." Source:
                                                             stone isn't expected to draw much      Associated Press
up as the best option for a variety
of reasons, but we're always going                           response from environmental
to have a mix of fuels to protect                            watchdogs, said Jim Warren, execu-
customers from volatility in supply                          tive director of the anti-nuclear
and price," Poston said.                                     North Carolina Waste Awareness &
                                                             Reduction Network.

New Mexico lab chosen to coordinate Yucca Mountain work
                   ALBUQUERQUE -                             Security Administration, according     lan, came after design changes and
                   Sandia National                           to Craig Stevens, a DOE spokesman      investigations into critics' claims
                   Laboratories has                          in Washington, D.C.                    that the project is based on flawed
                   been chosen as                               "We really see Sandia's involve-    science.
                   the lead federal                          ment as a positive step in making         The Energy Department plans to
                   lab to coordinate                         sure the work done at Yucca is         use Yucca Mountain as a geologic
                   science work on                           based on sound science," Stevens       repository to entomb 77,000 tons of
                   the $58 billion                           said.                                  nuclear waste now stored at more
Yucca Mountain nuclear waste re-                                Shifting lab responsibilities and   than 100 commercial, industrial and
pository in Nevada, the U.S. De-                             so-called post-closure work to San-    military sites in 39 states. Congress
partment of Energy said.                                     dia will affect contract talks with    and President Bush picked the site
    Sandia has done work on the                              Yucca Mountain project contractor      in 2002.
planned repository for 20 years, lab                         Bechtel SAIC Co., said Jason              The project has suffered such set-
spokesman Michael Padilla said.                              Bohne, a Bechtel spokesman in Las      backs as missing its license applica-
The DOE's Office of Civilian Radio-                          Vegas.                                 tion deadline, congressional funding
active Waste Management,                                        Bohne denied the Energy Depart-     cuts and revelations that geologists
OCRWM, made the selection an-                                ment decision showed it plans to       may have falsified data. The gov-
nouncement.                                                  sever ties with Bechtel, which has     ernment also is rewriting radiation
  Project contractor Bechtel SAIC                            some 1,300 contract employees on       safety rules after a federal court
Co. currently oversees the work.                             the Yucca project under a $3.2 bil-    threw out the first ones.
Bechtel will continue to be responsi-                        lion five-year contract that expires      Last year, officials pushed back
ble for above-ground design efforts,                         March 31.                              the target date for Yucca Mountain's
the agency said in a news release.                              There are another 350 laboratory    opening from 2010 to 2012 or later.
  Designating Sandia will give the                           workers on the project in Nevada,      The federal Nuclear Regulatory
federal agency a strong, central                             Bohne said.                            Commission's review of the applica-
leader for the science program and                              Sandia did much of the site work    tion is expected to take several
will increase the project's credibility                      that led to the opening of the DOE's   years.
both with the scientific community                           Waste Isolation Pilot Project near        OCRWM said Sandia will provide
and with federal regulators, the                             Carlsbad, N.M. The nuclear waste       the technical support for the NRC's
DOE said.                                                    dump, which opened in March            review, including assigning work to
  "The independent expert review                             1999, buries plutonium contami-        other national laboratories, subcon-
that the scientists at Sandia will                           nated waste from the nation's de-      tractors, federal agencies, universi-
perform will help ensure that the                            fense work in ancient underground      ties and expert panels.
technical and scientific basis for the                       salt beds.                                Sens. Jeff Bingaman and Pete
Yucca Mountain repository is with-                              Earlier this month, the DOE an-     Domenici praised the selection of
out question," said OCRWM's acting                           nounced a reorganization of federal    Sandia.
director, Paul Golan.                                        offices overseeing the Yucca Moun-        Source: Associated Press
  The contract is in effect, although                        tain project, which would bury the
some final details are being worked                          nation's most radioactive waste.
out with the DOE's National Nuclear                          The reorganization, ordered by Go-

L A N D E R C O U N T Y R E P O S IT O R Y P L A N N I N G                                                                          PAGE 5
                       Bechtel opposes Yucca lawsuits
   WASHINGTON -- Yucca Mountain         The lawsuit alleges that as many as     different jobs, in different locations
workers who claim that exposure to      1,200 to 1,500 employees who            in the seven miles of tunnel, al-
toxic materials made them sick are      worked in an exploratory research       coves and niches cannot be deter-
not eligible for a class action law-    tunnel have been exposed to toxic       mined on a classwide basis," the
suit, Yucca contractor Bechtel Na-      substances, including silica dust.      company said.
tional Inc. argued in court docu-       Exposure can reduce lung capacity           The workers will challenge the
ments recently.                         and can even be fatal.                  Bechtel assertions, their lawyer,
   The workers' lawyer plans to            Bechtel lawyers said the cases       Joseph Egan, said. He plans to ar-
continue pressing for class action      should not be lumped together as a      gue that the court has considered
status.                                 class action because they involve       far more complex cases as class
   Nine workers are named in a          "individual questions of exposure,      actions, including asbestos law-
2004 lawsuit seeking unspecified        injury, medical causation and dam-      suits. "We think this is an easy call
damages from Bechtel and five           ages."                                  for class certification," Egan said.
other contractors working on the           "Liability to individual employees      Source: Las Vegas Sun
proposed nuclear waste repository.      present at different times, doing

                      Lander County Repository Planning and Oversight Program
  This newsletter is a publication of the Lander County Repository Planning and Oversight Program. Lander County is
one of ten affected units of local government involved in the proposed Yucca Mountain Repository. Funding provided
to Lander County is paid by users of electricity generated by nuclear power plants. Under a general contract with nu-
clear generating utilities, the federal government collects a fee of one mill (one-tenth of a cent) per kilowatt-hour
from utility companies for nuclear generated electricity. The money goes into the Nuclear Waste Fund which is used
to fund all program related activities.
  For more information on Lander County’s program contact Deborah Teske at the Community Development Depart-
ment (775) 635-2860 or Joy Brandt at (775) 964-2447 in Austin, NV. Additional information can be obtained from
the U.S. Department of Energy, Yucca Mountain, Site Characterization Project Office at (702) 794-1444 or contact
them at The Nevada Agency for Nuclear Project, Nuclear Waste Project Office, Capital Complex, Car-
son City, NV. 89570, (775) 687-3744 or at their web site Lander County’s Nuclear
Waster Oversight website is at

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