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									BHM Releases ACA Consulting Service Line

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BHM Healthcare, 888-831-1171,

BHM Healthcare Solutions is on the cutting edge of healthcare consulting and adapts to changes in the
marketplace. BHM recently released a new line of service dedicated to the intricacies and nuances of the
Affordable Care Act (ACA), Healthcare Transformation Assistance.

Online PR News – 18-February-2014 – BHM Healthcare Solutions offers a breadth of services covering the
healthcare consulting spectrum. The most recent service line added focuses upon the many issues and areas
of concern surrounding the Affordable Care Act (ACA) – Healthcare Transformation Assistance.
Encompassed in this arena are the sub-categories: Managed Care Organization Conversion, Accountable
Care Organization Conversion, Healthcare Reform Strategic Planning, and Post Conversion Optimization.

The Affordable Care Act is a complex set of regulations pertaining to the healthcare industry with provisions
spanning from 2010 to 2016 and beyond. While BHM has been instrumental in helping many clients work
through their ACA pain points, BHM recently formalized its Healthcare Transformation Assistance line of
service. New healthcare delivery systems are developing rapidly as the US healthcare system transforms
from a volume/quantity focus to one of value/quality.

BHM has been instrumental in providing transformation assistance, specifically but not exclusively in North
Carolina as government entities convert from Local Management Entities (LME) to Managed Care
Organizations (MCOs). Additionally, healthcare delivery systems such as Accountable Care Organizations
(ACOs) are emerging at a rapid pace. The emphasis is on growing the Patient Centered Medical Home
Concept to include groups of organizations working together to increase quality while reducing healthcare
costs, which can certainly be a delicate balancing act. Additional delivery models are emerging to provide
transitions from volume to value with the ultimate goal of achieving full capitation which is, in essence,
transforming risk and the healthcare industry as we know it. BHM recognizes the importance and complexity
of these new delivery systems and has very rapidly become experts in the field. BHM’s ACA expertise
includes but is not limited to: regulations, mandates, incentives and penalties, preventative emphasis,
Accountable Care/Managed Care, access and capacity issues, shifting reimbursement, value based
purchasing, clinical operations change, altered competitive landscape, financial viability, reporting
requirements, predictive analytics/data driven care, care management & integration, shifting reimbursement
structures, and population management.

BHM is responsive to changes in the healthcare industry, one of which is the Affordable Care Act. The
complexities of healthcare regulation can be overwhelming. Those who understand and are able to adapt will
flourish, while those who cannot will be left behind.

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