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									Wild (Birthday) Child
There was a time when planting the feet        inclined) cakes. Kids             15 little ones) rents for free. Party costs   The Cube
of a generic ‘80s cartoon figurine on a        looking for the glamour           are calculated per child depending on         3420 N. Main St.
store-bought cake was enough to leave a        without the glue can have        the activity planned, and can be as little     419-424-7176
kid beaming on her birthday.                   a dress-up session instead,      as $30 total or as extravagant as $300         www.ci.findlay.oh.us
                                               and the party room                                        total (for more
That was then.                                                                                                                 For a (literally) cool party, try putting the
                                               (which can con-                                                complicated
Post-Y2K babies have, like, standards.         tain up to                                                          themes).    guests on ice. The Cube, part of Findlay’s
Their parties will appear in Facebook                                                                                          Sports-Plex, can be host to future Kristi
albums, become the fodder for drinking                                                                                         Yamaguchis and ice skating rookies
fountain chats, earn possible mention                                                                                          alike, offering a party of ten kids pizza,
in a tech-savvy parent’s status update                                                                                         soda, ice skating admissions and rentals,
(“Having a blast at Amy’s party!”).                                                                                            and a private party room where they can
And Findlay-area businesses ranging                                                                                            enjoy the festivities and food. The pack-
from roller-skating rinks to clothing                                                                                          age costs $120, and concession items are
boutiques are ready to answer the                                                                                              available upon request.
call for cool, providing customized
experiences for the birthday boy or                                                                                            Gold Medal Gymnastics &
girl and guests. Findlay Area Fam-                                                                                             Cheerleading
ily guides you through the venues                                                                                              1850 Manor Hill Rd.
worthy of your tyke (or tween).                                                                                                419-425-4653
Kiya Papaya Boutique                                                                                                           Sometimes kids need a more official set-
213 E. Crawford Street                                                                                                         ting for their imitations of the summer
419-957-1743                                                                                                                    Olympic floor routines than the back-
Facebook.com: Kiya Papaya Boutique                                                                                                yard. At Gold Medal Gymnastics and
Fashion darlings can try their hand at                                                                                             Cheerleading, birthday guests can
design at a Kiya Papaya Boutique birth-                                                                                              cartwheel to their heart’s content.
day bash. Kriss Bishop, owner                                                                                                         Different party packages (appro-
of the children’s cloth-                                                                                                               priately named bronze, silver or
ing store, sits down                                                                                                                     gold) range in price from $150
with potential                                                                                                                             to $275 for 20 guests, and
birthday queens                                                                                                                              include staff-supervised
and kings to                                                                                                                                    free play and games in
choose the item                                                                                                                                   the gym. The upstairs
they’d most                                                                                                                                        party room hosts the
like to put                                                                                                                                         budding gymnasts
their (crafty)                                                                                                                                       when they’re ready
stamp on, like                                                                                                                                       to refuel, but guests
tutus, flip flops                                                                                                                                     are responsible for
or (for the                                                                                                                                           providing their
more culinarily                                                                                                                                      own food, cake and
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                      Piper Kimberly Pedersen, her 1st birthday Findlay OH
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tableware. Pricier packages offer themes,     DorAnne’s Gifts & Gourmet
refreshments and staff setup and clean-       327 S. Main St.
up, and can be customized with add-ons        419-425-5510
like additional gym time.                     www.shopdorannes.com
                                              Toy stores are magical places for
Stevi B’s Pizza                               children, and one of the only shop-
7535 Patriot Dr.                              ping locations they’ll willingly explore.
419-427-9999                                  DorAnne’s Gifts & Gourmet brings
www.stevibs.com/Findlay.php                   a touch of that childhood wonder to
The phrase “pizza party” connotes             parents looking for a more intimate, low-
awesome-ness all on its own, but Stevi        key birthday gathering. The store has
B’s Pizza ups the ante by giving kids         a room for a party of a dozen children
unlimited access to the cheesy goodness.      or less and is free to use, but be sure to
Packages there include access to the buf-     make arrangements with owner Doris
fet of pizzas, salads, desserts and drinks,   in advance to reserve the space and
and include a range of options for arcade     iron out details. DorAnne’s also offers a
tokens, games and goodie bags. Prices         Toy Chest Registry, an award program
range from $7.99 to $9.99 per child (with     for tykes that keeps track of purchases,
a minimum of eight children), and larger      awarding $20 gift certificates for every
packages include more swag and a              $125 spent on toys.
private room.

                                                                                                                                           Cohen Levenh
                                                                                                                                                      who turned 2
                                                                                                                                        from Findlay,

                                                                                           Splash Bay Resort                             JuJu Beadz
                                                                                           1705 Tollgate Dr.                             829 Tiffin Ave.
                                                                                           Maumee, OH                                    419-422-4444
                                                                                           419-482-7777                                  www.jjbeads.com
                                                                                           www.splashbayresort.com                       How about a birthday party where
                                                                                           For all those cooler weather birthday         EVERYONE goes home with a beauti-
                                                                                           babies who dreamed of a hot July pool         ful gift they create? The party room at
                                                                                           party, Splash Bay Resort offers a chance      JUJU BEADZ is available for adults and
                                                                                           to smell the chlorine all year long. Lo-      children. This is the perfect place for
                                                                                           cated in Maumee, the complex is part of       your little princess, a girls night out, or
                                                                                           a Holiday Inn hotel and tantalizes kids       even a team-building event with cowork-
                                                                                           with slides that are visible from the out-    ers. Decorations are welcome, and a
                                                                                           side as the minivans approach. Packages       refrigerator and freezer are available for
                                                                                           range from half day to full day and from      refreshments. You’ll be BeaDazzled! Call
                                                                                           $22 to $31 per child depending on the         for details and reservations.
                                                                                           time spent and pizza eaten, and require
                                                                                           a minimum of ten swimmers and seven
                                                                                           days advance booking.

                                                                                                               ez, Findlay,
                                                                                                 Zoey Gutierr             d
                                                                                                              hday at Gol
                                                                                                 her 6th birt
                                                                                                  Medal Gym

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                                                                                                                                             BI RTH n t o u r
          Aidyn Levenh                                                                                                                               DAY R
                                                                                                                                                  o r h o OOM
          age 4, from
                                                                                                                                             BEAD s t a
                                                                                                                                                 PART ING
                                                                                                                                             f or y     Y
                                                                                                                                               big e v ne x t
                                                                                                        ten guests is required, and
                                                                                                        food and decorations may
                                                                                                       be brought in. A goldfish-
                                                                                                       themed Finding Nemo party,

                                                                                                      AMF Sportsman
                                                                                                    616 Trenton Ave.
                                                                                                      Give invitations a snappy al-
                                                                                                     literation (and kids a sporting
                                                                                                     good time) by hosting a bowling
                                                                                                    birthday bash. AMF Sportsman
                                                                                                    Lanes staff helps plan regular
Pirates Cove                                                                                        or themed parties, so those who                 Tues-Sat
Amusement Center                                                                                   want to party in a costume don’t              11am - 6pm
230 E. Front St.                             dresses they                                          have to be born in October. A par-             Sun & Mon
419-423-9999                                 model in a fashion show. It                          ty for $12.45 per child includes two               CLOSED
www.piratescovefindlay.com                   costs $10 to $12 per child (depending               hours of unlimited bowling, shoe
                                             on how many stations are requested)           rental, invitations, pizza and drinks. For    829 Tiffin Ave - Findlay
Kids who’ve dreamed of a more intense
game of tag than their basement can ac-      and can host up to twelve children with       a buck extra per child guests can get a         419-422-4444
                                                                                           milkshake, and additional food items are
commodate will want to party at Pirates      a minimum $60 cost. Other options
                                             include the “Make It Take It” package,        available upon request. The birthday boy        www.jujubeadz.us
Cove Amusement Center. The laser tag                                                       or girl takes home a special bowling pin
center offers the competition of laser       where for $14 per child (for $70 mini-
                                             mum with a max of a dozen kids) can           as a souvenir, and parents are welcome
tag or the unfettered fun of an indoor                                                     to bring their own cake.
bounce house, and an arcade to boot.         rotate through nail painting, beading
Birthday parties are $14 per child, which    bracelets and cookie decorating. Two
covers tokens, laser tag or bounce house     weeks notice and 50 percent down is re-       Rolling Thunder Skating
access, pizza, pop and party room. Extra     quired for a reservation, and parents are     and Family Center
rounds of laser tag, t-shirts and pirate-    encouraged to bring non-messy treats          2225 Keith Parkway
themed cake are available for an extra       (and forks).                                  419-422-7227
charge, but shouting “aargh, me matey”                                                     www.rollingthunder-findlay.com
in delight is free.                          Virginia Motion Pictures                      Let a personal DJ blare pop tunes to the
                                             119 N. Main St.                               birthday host’s content for their dance
Findlay YMCA                                 North Baltimore                               party on wheels at Rolling Thunder
300 E. Lincoln St.                           419-257-4900                                  Skating and Family Center. The indoor
419-422-4424                                 www.virginiamotionpictures.com                skating rink provides the decorations,
www.findlayymca.org                          Wide-eyed movie fans can enjoy the            table settings, a new pair of speed skates
The first cannonball of the party is way     latest movie releases or an old favorite in   for the birthday child, food and shout-
less challenging when the water is warm      the privacy of their own rented screen-       outs over the sound speakers in their
and inviting. Kids can compete to be the     ing room at Virginia Motion Pictures.         $235 “Roller Roos Skates, Cake and Ice
biggest splash-maker in the luxury of the    Party-planning parents have three pack-       Cream Birthday Bonanza” package. The
Findlay YMCA’s heated pool, complete         ages to choose from, and include private      package includes 10 kids (more are ad-
with pool toys and lifeguards on watch       showings or prices for general admis-         mitted at $6 per child), and other party
to make sure the festivities stay safe.      sion with the crowd. A minimum of             packages run from $7.50 to $9 per child.
The West Pool Lounge is available for
those who want to hang out pre- or post-
swim, and can be decorated ahead of
time. Party hosts also supply their own
cake, favors and drinks.The costs vary
depending on the length of the party
and number of guests, so call ahead to
reserve a date and package.

501 S. Main St.
Another option for fashion-forward
kids is TRENDS! On Main’s, where a
birthday bash becomes a stylish affair. In
the “Princess Party” package, kids can
experiment at their new facility with sta-
tions creating funky ponytails, nails and
makeup, and finish it off with fancy

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