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									Gamification Loyalty Rewards
Gamification in the context of this article,
 is referring to the act of rewarding
 customers via a point system for
 interaction on your website. The idea is
 to grow loyalty in your customer base
 and encourage them to continue
 participating in your program.
Our BePro Software Team has created
 WooCube, as a great gamficication tool
 for those on the wordpress cms platform
You can reward customers via activities
 like, comments, forum posts, logging in,
 and othercommunity interations. With
 WooCube, you are also able to allow
 those users to exchange points for actual
 products and services.
WooCube is the key to achieving the
 ultimate in wordpress gamification. If
 your goal is to achieve true Rewards and
 loyalty, then try WooCube today at
WooCube has 3 simple free
 1) You need to be on the wordpress cms
 platform. This is the #1 used cms online
2) You need the woocommerce plugin.
 This is 100% free on and
 is the #1 ecommerce solution for
 wordpres facilitating woocommerce
3) You need the cubepoints plugin. This
 is also 100% free to download at and is the #1 points
 solution for wordpress providing
This winning combination are the oldest
 and most robust combination to use as a
 platform. They provide you with an
 unstopable solution with tons of
 configuration options.
Download to bridge "woocube" today at
With woocube, you can offer customer's
 point packs, 20, 50, or whatever you set.
 You can then set conversion rates and
 max percentage deductions. If you really
 wanted, you can exclude certain products
 from the points program altogether.
There is no other solution this
 configurable and robust. This is the best
 wordpress gamification solution.
Read more about wooocomerce points

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