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									           Zyxel Unified Security Firewall Availability
I bought this router from a competitor but wanted to leave a review here. The amount
of features that you get out of this router is unbelievable for the price you pay. I'll
point out my pros and cons about the unit but I will start by saying that this is not a
dlink/linksys/netgear plug and play router, you need to have a good understanding of
networking in order to use the unit to even half of its full potential. Pros: IPSec VPN
SSL VPN (ridiculously easy to configure, and there is a network extension option so
that you can actually be put on the network and have full access to your resources)
Extensive firewall options (seriously there's a ton of options) Cisco-like CLI Ability to
integrate with Active Directory (I use this with the ssl vpn, can be kind of tricky to
configure though) Bandwidth Management (very flexible options for this, you can
really lock down how much bandwidth devices/programs can have and set priorities
as well) Object based (this is really useful, instead of specifying IP address in
NAT/Firewall/BWM you can create objects and then specify the object so that in case
you need to change it, you only need to change it in one location. You can even
group objects together to consolidate firewall/BWM rules) True DMZ (you can actually
dedicate a port to the DMZ and then just have the others on lan subnets) Free U. S.
based technical support for the life of the unit (I called them before purchasing the unit
to get information on it and the gentlemen was very courteous and knowledgeable.
It's comforting to know that if I have issues I can get a hold of someone, who is
American, within minutes). The firmware updates are free for the life of the unit as
well. Cons: No L2TP/IPsec (Zyxel says this will be available in a firmware update, not
sure exactly when though) Occasionally the user interface will be stuck in a "loading"
state when browsing. It only happens once or twice a week and clearing the cache
usually fixes the issue. The unit does feel a little bit cheap without a metal enclosure,
but it does a pretty good job of getting rid of heat. The unit has the "authentication
policy" option which allows you to force users to enter a username and password
when accessing some or all network resources (including the internet) to further
increase security on the network however I have found that it doesn't work very well.
For example, some times it wont prompt me to enter credentials and other times it will
ask for them and after i enter them the network resource wont come up. Closing
thoughts: The unit does also have content filter/ADP(anomaly detection and
protection)/anti spam but I have not used any of these features though I have heard
good things especially from the content filter. The content filter requires a license that
you must purchase (you are given a 30 day trial) and the ADP and Anti Spam appear
to come with the unit without a license (at least from understanding). I mentioned it
before (and other have as well) but its worth mentioning again that you get a lot of
features for the price you pay. I've been very happy with the router since day one
(I've had it about three weeks now). Hope this review helps somebody out there.
***Update 12-24-2011*** I've had the firewall for about five months now and it's still
running strong. I haven't had any issues so far and after doing a firmware update I
am now able to get the authentication policy to work properly. It also seems that
Zyxel is releasing a major firmware update next month for all their USG series
firewalls which will add IPv6 support as well as L2TP support.

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