; Zyxel Pla407 Homeplug Powerline Wall Plug Report buy best price shop sale 407988
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Zyxel Pla407 Homeplug Powerline Wall Plug Report buy best price shop sale 407988


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									         Zyxel Pla407 Homeplug Powerline Wall Plug
Out of the box, I plugged one into an outlet near my router, and another near my
computer and got instant internet access! The company claims 200 mps max and
currently getting right now according to their utility software between 75 and 80. That
works for me as right now I have Comcast's 50 mps internet service and really don't
do file transfers between my network computers so it's perfect. Okay things getting a
little more tricky if you want: 1. Encryption 2. Setting up a network name.
Encryption; followed the instructions to the letter and I could not get the encryption
setup. Lights wouldn't blink as they should. I was pressing the encryption button on
the controller adapter (the one plugged to the router) and then pressing the encryption
button on the remote (the one plugged into my computer). I have both of them
plugged into outlets next to each other in the same room but I could not get the
remote adapter to pick up on the encryption. After first pressing the encryption on the
remote and then the controller, it seems to take although I don't have a way to verify if
encryption is implemented as there is not indication in the utility software or on the
devices themselves. Would have been nice to let you know that encryption is active.
Setting up a network name; don't do it. After getting the MK Password on the remote
(controller) adapter, I tried to setup a network name but ended up each time making
my remote adapter not being able to join the network because the network name was
not assigned to the remote adapter even though I indicated to apply the network
name to all connected managed devices. I've given up since it is buggy to me. All in
all happy with the HomePlug device and will continue to use them. If it works good for
the next 6 months, I am going to buy more adapters to add to my HomePlug network.
UPDATE: After reading the user guide several times, I finally figured out I was
reseting the adapters by pressing the encryption button for more than 10 seconds,
which would wipe out and reset the network name. I finally figured out both setting up
the network name and the encryption. Press the encryption button only for 2 seconds
on each devices. My take on this, if you do want to setup either encryption or a
network name or both, read the user guide very very carefully. The user guide does
not have the most intuitive directions and before trying to setup security on these
adapters, read the guide very carefully before proceeding, apparently something I will
do in the future.

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