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Zrk Enterprises 100 Zipper Outdoor Report buy best price shop sale 990670


									                Zrk Enterprises 100 Zipper Outdoor
One if those "boy am I glad I stumbled across this" buys! Needed to repair/replace
zippers and sliders in my tent trailer. Hadn't been able to find correct sliders for
various size windows & panels. Was able to fix EVERY zipper using two kits. Third
Zipper Rescue Kit is now in my tent trailer repair box. Instructions are excellent and
actually interesting & entertaining. Canvas repair place installed two window zippers
backward and windows didn't open right way. Took advice in instructions and called
ZRK. What a treat! Lady was extremely helpful. Offered detailed instructions ("I bet
the flat side of the slider is pointed down & the pointy side up" She was right!". And
even said to make sure I called back with any questions.

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