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Zotac Dual Core Barebone System Zboxnano Ad10 U Report buy best price shop sale 545753


									  Zotac Dual Core Barebone System Zboxnano Ad10 U
This PC has a lot going for it, the size is wonderful, it seems solidly built and installing
memory and a hard drive was a breeze. The problem I have is that I bought this for
HTPC use and it really does not have enough power for this purpose. It is no where
nearly as powerful as some of the online reviews would lead you to believe. Yes it
can handle some 1080p video streams as indicated but only barely and using a lot
more CPU than the reviews indicate (and yes I do have all the latest drivers). Flash
Videos at 1080p consume ~80% CPU but do play smoothly - H264 videos (MP4s)
play extremely well at around 20% CPU usage. Amazon Prime videos stream without
issue at 720p, although the CPU usage is pushing 90%. The real issue I have is with
Netflix - the box can only manage SD. With HD video from Netflix one core of the
CPU is solidly pegged and the picture only updates maybe once a second at best -
completely unwatchable. This is probably the fault of Silverlight, the Microsoft
technology that Netflix uses for PC streaming because of its DRM capabilities. The
net result is if you want to stream Netflix look somewhere else.

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