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					                                  Viking Weekly
                                 Issue #16                                                 December 13—17, 2010

Random Fact of the Week:
Kwanzaa is an African Ameri-
can celebration observed from    Message From the Principal
December 26th through Janu-
ary 1st. It was developed by
Dr. Maulana Karenga in 1966      Dear Vikings,                            call it an accident – if she was indeed,
as a way to celebrate and pro-   You have probably heard about the        using her cell phone while driving and
mote the African American
                                 recent pedestrian/car accident in        not paying attention.
culture. Kwanzaa focuses on
seven principles namely unity,   Rohnert Park. An 18-year-old driver      My point is this: if you drive, or when
self-determination, collective   hit a mother and her 2-year-old in       you are a passenger – never, ever let
work and responsibility, coop-   the crosswalk on Snyder Lane. The        anything interfere with your 150% at-
erative economics, purpose,      Press Democrat reported that the         tention to the road. You are driving a
creativity and faith.            driver was using her cell phone, and     2, 000 - 4,000 pound machine. Passen-
                                 was probably distracted. It was          gers have a duty as well. Please take
                                 around 5:30PM, so it was dark. The       good care this winter break. We want
Inside this issue:               little girl was killed and the mother    you all back safe and sound.
                                 is in a medically induced coma in
Vikings Raid Broad-      2       order to have the many surgeries she
Congrats!                2                                                Thor says: Have
                                 This split second inattention to driv-
                                                                          a wonderful
                                 ing changed the lives of these fami-
                                 lies forever. The family of the vic-
                                                                          BREAK! Have
                                 tims will forever mourn the loss of a
                                                                          fun, see family
                                 very young life, and the mother’s        and friends, do
                                 good physical health. The driver, a      something good
                                 young woman who attends SSU, will        for yourself and
                                 never have one day in her life where     others. Thanks for being a great stu-
                                 she will not have a pit in her stom-     dent body – you are why we’re here.
                                 ach about this incident. I won’t even

    Vikings Raid
                                 The DL according to ASB
 Don’t miss this exciting        Good luck on your           The Green Team would
event during the holiday                                     like to wish you happy
                                 finals! Have a won-
  break. Student tickets                                     holidays. Hopefully
   are only $20! Enjoy           derful winter break
                                 & happy holidays            everyone will have a
  food & entertainment                                       gift or two to unwrap.
from Monty alumni who            from ASB!!
                                                             When you’re done un-
 are currently perform-
                                                             wrapping, be sure to
 ing on Broadway! See
                                                             recycle the wrapping
    page 2 for more
Page 2                                                                                     Viking Weekly

Vikings Raid Broadway!
                                     Are you aware that we have      entertainment this side of
                                     former Montgomery grads         Broadway that you'll ever get
                                     who are appearing on and        to experience: our very own
                                     off Broadway? These are         Viking alumni who have been
                                     some of the most talented       performing on Broadway and
                                     performers who have ever        beyond! Many of you may
                                     graduated from MHS….and         know these amazing perform-
                                     they’re coming to a theater     ers: Patrick Varner, Cecilia
                                     near you!                       Senocak, Kelly Brandeburg,
                                                                     Seth Clayton, Tyler Reilly,
                                                                     and Paul Staroba, who is cur-
                                     Tickets are on sale and sell-   rently on Broadway!
                                     ing fast for the phenomenal
                                     benefit show for MHS            Tickets are on sale at the
                                     Drama: VIKINGS RAID             Montgomery Business Office
                                     BROADWAY: A Musical Thea-       (until this coming Friday),
                                     tre Gala, December 27th at 6    Copperfield's in Montgomery
                                     PM at the beautiful Jackson     Village, and online at brown-
                                     Theatre (at Sonoma Country
                                     Day School off of Airport       Grab your friends and join us
                                     Boulevard in Santa              for the fun. This is going to be
                                     Rosa). Included in your $20     a great event!
                                     student ticket will be food,
                                    raffles, and some of the best

It Pays to Use Trash Cans!
Congratulations to the following
Trey Smith
Enca Sanchez
Melissa Revei
Travis Freeman
Cameron Mullen
They won Cold Stone Creamery
Gift Cards for being responsible
students and throwing their trash
in garbage cans, not on the
ground! Way to go Vikes! Re-
member, those who use the
ground as their trash receptacle
will receive detention in return.

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