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									Town centre challenge: Building a
thriving high street for the future

31 May 2012, Liverpool
             Jane Rexworthy

Director of Skills Solutions and Head of the
    National Skills Academy for Retail
 Aims of today

• Introduce how we can
  help towns and cities
  build a more profitable
  and striving retail sector
• Emphasise the need for
  partnership working
  between stakeholders
• Launch our new Retail
  Apprenticeship Training
 Current challenges for locations
• Shop vacancy rates:14.6% (Feb 2012 local Data Company – new
  record high)

• Struggling independents

• Low skill levels in retail: 12% of retail employees have no
  qualifications and 18% of employees have below a Level 2
  qualification (2011)

• High youth unemployment: UK 16-24 yr old unemployment rate is

• Low image of retail as a career of choice: in a recent Skillsmart
  Retail survey of 1000 undergraduates, retail came 12 th out of 21
  work sectors that they would consider getting a career in
 How we can help upskill your retailers

• Research: the importance of knowing your retailers’/towns’
  strengths and weaknesses

• Training: regardless of experience, training can help retailers
  increase efficiency and profitability of their business

• Job creation: opening up the opportunities of retail to young
  people through Apprenticeships

• Encouraging start-ups: building a reputation of supporting
  new businesses through business mentoring (2009 – on
  average 6% (nearly 1500 businesses) of new retail
  businesses across the sector did not survive their first year)
An introduction to Independents’ Day
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About the campaign

Skillsmart Retail and its supporters are teaming up with local
retailers up and down the country to celebrate Independents’
Day on 4th July.

Independents’ Day flies the flag for local retailers: the ones
who help to make our towns and cities so special.

It encourages the public to buy at least one item from an independent
retailer on the day and celebrate diversity on the high street.
Independents’ Day 2012
Why get involved?
            ● Shows your committed support for your
              independent sector
            ● Opportunity to promote the
              entrepreneurial independent businesses in
              your area

            ● Can increase the footfall of shoppers to
              your area

            ● Opportunity for coverage in media

            ● Association with a national campaign
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Independents’ Day 2012
How you can get involved

What does retail mean to local economies and

            Councillor Nick Small

  Cabinet Member for Enterprise and Skills,
           Liverpool City Council
Why ‘shopping centre’ doesn’t mean the
decline of the town centre

SARA CARTHY, HR & Administration Director
31 May 2012

§ Largest regeneration
  project of its kind in

§ 100% privately funded:
  Grosvenor, Broadgate          Ariel shot of
                             Liverpool prior to
  and other key               re-development
§ Created 5000 New Jobs                            Street

§ Foot fall to Albert Dock
  has increased by 42% in
  the time that Liverpool
  ONE has been open

Set Up Stages…

Outreach Events
    §   Raising Awareness of Liverpool ONE

    §   Inclusivity

Guaranteed Interviews in Partnership with Job
Centre Plus
    §   50% of our Cleaning Team came from Long Term Unemployment

    §   20% of Customer Support Team came from Long Term Unemployment

Recruited Behaviours and Attitude and Trained
for Skills

CSR is an integral part of how we do things at
Liverpool ONE…
  Liverpool ONE Foundation
  §   Over £100,000 per year distributed to grassroots charities within Merseyside

  §   Will reach £1 million endowment fund in 2012

  Team Engagement
  §   To identify CSR themes (Young People, Employability, Education)

  §   To chose Charity Partner (The Brunswick Youth & Community Centre)

  §   With our Charity Partner

  §   Fundraising

CSR is an integral part of how we do things at
Liverpool ONE…
  Employability & Enterprise Skills with

  Liverpool Compact
  §   Mock interviews

  §   Enterprise sessions – plan an event at Liverpool ONE

  Collaborative Working
  §   City Centre partners

  §   Educational Resources

  §   City Stars Liverpool City Council and local events

  Environmental Initiatives
  §   Biofuel

  §   Energy Management strategy

    Academy ONE Launch DVD

              “Our staff have been delighted that Debenhams
              is doing something for them and I have received
              nothing but positive feedback about Academy
              ONE’s training. The programme has helped those
              on the course to grow in confidence and to
              develop skills we have not seen previously – it is
              really highlighting their potential and creating a
              better workforce for the store.”
The Y Factor: Keeping young people in your area

 John Browning, National Skills Academy for Retail
         Dianne Wainwright, The Source
 What are Apprenticeships?
• Work-based training programmes

• Designed around the needs of employers

• Leading to nationally recognised qualifications

• Can be used to train new and existing staff

• Effective way to attract and keep people in employment

• Massive economic benefits: over £100million annual benefit
  to the economy*

• Over the last five years, the number of Retail
  Apprenticeships completed has increased by 190%
*Barker Tilly: Social Impact Evaluation using Social Return on Investment
(Skillsmart Retail, Jan 2011)
The majority of Retail Apprenticeships
  are currently being done in large

 Why don’t independent retailers opt
     to offer Apprenticeships?
               The new
Retail Apprenticeship Training Agency
       helps solve these issues
 What is The Retail Apprenticeship Training Agency?

• A simplified way independent retailers or locations can offer Apprenticeships

• Delivered by the National Skills Academy for Retail’s network of skills

• Designed to attract young people 16-18 to choose careers in retail

• The apprentice is recruited, trained and, employed by RATA. This reduces
  the risk, cost, time and administration to retail businesses

• Retailers provide a one-year, full-time job placement and give the
  apprentice the opportunity to experience first-hand, the skills needed to work
  in a retail environment
Retailer benefits

• Helps develop business
• Great way to recruit and mould young talent
• Low cost
• No hassle
• Funding assistance
Young person benefits

• Earning while learning
• Good prospects (wage premium 23% Level 3, 17%
  Level 2)
• Apprenticeship qualification
• Transferable skills
• Make a difference
Town centre model

• Offered by local authority or town centre partnership

• Bring together retailers to offer job placements

• Apprentice may undertake multiple placements

• Scheme could be branded as the town’s own Apprenticeship
  scheme for school leavers

• Scheme could be subsidised to reduce the cost to the retailer
Town centre benefits

• Supports retail sector
• Promotes local economic development
• Reduces youth unemployment
• Develop skills in your area
• Develop a pool of young talent
• Develop the next generation of retailers
• Develop a good reputation as a great place to work
• Great PR Opportunities
Sheffield Showcase here?
 How would you implement a town
Apprenticeship scheme in your area?
      Finding your town’s USP

            Tracy Duggan
National Account and Product Manager
  National Skills Academy for Retail
Working together – building relationships with
               your retailers

               Chair - Jane Rexworthy

        Cllr Nick Small, Liverpool City Council
Sara Carthy, HR and Administration Director, Liverpool
   Dianne Wainwright, Centre Manager, The Source

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