Hospitality and Tourism Administration students start their careers through practical college experience by jasonw93


									Hospitality and Tourism Administration students start their
       careers through practical college experience

Tourism continues to be a fast-growing industry around the world. Canada
expands its hospitality administration sector to assist businesses and
enhance the economy. Professionals with a college background in
administration, specific to the industry, are able to obtain high-quality jobs,
so it is imperative that students learn about the business side of the
hospitality and tourism sector. Centennial College offers an advanced
diploma from the Hospitality and Tourism Administration (1805) program,
which educates young learners early on about the challenges in this field.

 “What makes it unique is that Centennial College offers a four-month
placement program. Students are out for four days a week and they come in
for the fifth day for school just to review what they’ve learned. We find that
this is a great opportunity as the students get to do a lot of networking while
they are out on placements, and they get the opportunity to meet new
people and to get possible job potential positions,” says Shirley Merith,
professor at the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culture.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should enroll in this Tourism
Administration program at Centennial College:

      Tourism ranks fourth in industry growth, according to the World
       Tourism Organization. This would mean many of opportunities,
       including an expansion and creations of jobs.
      Centennial offers an outstanding hospitality program in tourism with a
       mixture of business perspectives, to ensure that students understand
       the operations and strategies of businesses in the industry.
      The program begins in the fall, winter, and summer semesters, giving
       applicants the ability to choose the best time for them to enroll and
      The college infuses real-life examples, case studies, relevant projects,
       and other practical experience into each course, to prepare students to
       communicate and analyze issues in the workplace.
      Students study at Progress campus and it is where Centennial’s
       Horizons Restaurant is also located, where hospitality students can
       practice their service skills.
      Students looking for a part-time job can apply at the Centennial
       College Residence and Conference Centre, where they can earn some
       money while working in the industry. Students can start in front desk,
       housekeeping, sales, and other areas, where they will meet industry
       professionals and network with them.
     Students learn about a variety of administrative and management
      principles within the industry, which enables them to be capable of
      working in a variety of areas, such as food and beverage, human
      resources, events, and hotel and restaurant general management.
     The three-year program includes a senior course called Special Events
      Practicum, dedicated to teach students how to plan and implement a
      real event on school grounds.
     The sixth semester is saved for a field placement, where students gain
      exposure in the industry from an on-the-job training. Many students
      learn a lot from this practical experience and forged relationships with
      professional contacts.
     Graduates have successfully attained jobs in the industry, including
      these employers: Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, Wyndham International,
      Marriott Hotels & Resorts, and Tourism Toronto.

Program graduates have successfully transitioned to another milestone in
their career. Some have continues their studies using credits from their
Hospitality and Tourism Administration program with Centennial university
partners. Others are working in the hospitality and tourism industry as Tour
Coordinators, Sales and Marketing Coordinators, Human Resources
Generalists, Special Events Coordinator, and Service Managers.

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