A Quick Guide on Post Secondary Culinary Management Program

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					     A Quick Guide on Post-Secondary Culinary
              Management Program
A post-secondary culinary management program trains students in
culinary techniques, sanitation practices and management strategies. It’s
a two year diploma course that brings an international perspective to
traditional culinary management.

The program offers a blend of food theory, principles and practices of
nutrition, culinary training and food business management. Students
acquire knowledge of international cuisine and understand the
relationship between cuisine, culture, and religion. The aim is to prepare
students for the world of work by helping them build strong culinary
foundation and specialize in ethnic and international cuisines.

Culinary Management Programs in Canada

A number of colleges in Canada offer post-secondary programs in culinary
management. Unfortunately, not all provide students industry exposure,
which is necessary to build required competencies to seek employment in
this field.

Centennial College’s culinary management – international course is a
comprehensive program that combines classroom learning and hands-on-
experience. A strong emphasis is laid on preparing students to manage
diversity in the workplace by exposing them to the unique relationship
between cuisine, culture and religion in the real-world settings.

The program is designed to help students acquire knowledge of European,
Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Southern Asian, American and South-east
Asian cuisines. They are taught about sustainable food system practices
and nutrition principles and practices.

The program also combines detailed knowledge of sanitation, hygiene and
safety practices while cooking, principles of food and beverage and labour
cost controls, and kitchen or dining room management. It also
incorporates learning of skills required to run and manage a bakery or
restaurant business. In the final semester of the program, the students
are placed in various real-world settings, where they can apply their
classroom learning into practice.

Admission Requirements
A formal education in culinary management may be the right choice for
those students who

     Are keen in upgrading their culinary skills
     Wish to learn the skills required to run and manage a small food
      business establishment
     Are looking to build a career in areas related to culinary
      management, food and hospitality and international cuisine

In order to apply for the program, you will need:

     Secondary school diploma or equivalent
     English Grade 12 C or University or equivalent

Students currently appearing in high school can also apply for a post-
secondary culinary management course in Toronto. Their midterm
and final term grades will be automatically transmitted to the college.

Career Opportunities

The graduates of a culinary management – international are well versed

     Ethnic and international cuisines
     Kitchen/dining room management
     Culinary skills
     Bakeshop practices
     Sanitation, hygiene and safety practices
     Nutrition management
     Sustainable food system practices
     Labour cost control

They can find employment in the areas of cooking, kitchen management
and cost control in a wide range of industries, including hotels,
restaurants, cruise lines, airlines, resorts, country clubs, bakery shops,
hospitals, educational institutes and camps. Apart from this, they also
demonstrate the ability to establish and run their own bakery shop or

The typical work activities include food preparation, customer service,
food service operations, labour cost control, food and beverages
management, and ensuring safety, hygiene and sanitation.
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