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					                                                                                                                                            Feb 2014

                                          K A R L N I B L O C K - B I B L E T R A N S L AT I O N & C H U RC H P L A N T I N G

Welcome to my new newsletter –                                                                         Jehovah Jireh, He is the LORD our provider,
Forging Swords. You may have noticed a              Bible College Placement - Niger                    or more literally “the LORD will see to it”. In
change in title if you had ever received my         Built into my degree course with Irish Bap-        the coming days I am praying for opportuni-
letter in the past. I felt it necessary to re-      tist College is a cross-cultural placement. Be-    ties to share about the ministry in Niger, I do
brand, to better reflect the ministry God has       tween 2nd and 3rd year students take a few         so in the knowledge that He will see to my
given, and how He is guiding as I study and         weeks to minister in another culture. After        need. I trust that He will provide, through His
work for Him. What is “Forging Swords” all          praying over an abundance of options, it           people, but ultimately by His hand.
about?! Read on and find out …                      became very clear that I should seek an
                                                    opportunity to experience the Bible trans-
Forging Swords?                                     lation process “in the field”. I have been
I’d like you to imagine something as you read       reading books on the subject for years now,
this newsletter. Imagine please, that you do        and during my time in England last sum-
not have a Bible, that you have never owned         mer I learnt much about the process; how-
a Bible, and that even if you had one you           ever none of that can prepare you for the
couldn’t read it! How easy do you think you’d       reality of translation out “there”. SIM (Serving
find listening to a sermon? Bible studies           in Mission) were immediately presented as an
would be difficult to follow, wouldn’t they?        option who could facilitate a placement.
Devotions wouldn’t have a focus and let’s           After discussions with the Northern Ireland        We enjoy such a great privilege in having the Bible
face it, just reading the Bible would be totally    Mobilizer, Mike Ewan, it was clear that in         in our heart-language
impossible.                                         order to have a comprehensive experience
This isn’t a problem that most of us face.          of Bible translation the placement would           In sharing about the opportunity to minister
Many of us have a multitude of Bibles at            have to be months, not weeks. In light of that     for God in Niger, I will be asking people to
hand. We can lift God’s Word off the shelf at       information I began the application process        join me in the work; by prayer and support.
any time or even get it on our phone!! For          to be an associate missionary with Serving in      SIM blessed me when they told me of the re-
billions of people around the world the Bi-         Mission. Shortly before Christmas I was ac-        quirement to have “prayer partners”, people
ble remains an inaccessible book of myster-         cepted into SIM to work in Niger, West Africa.     who have agreed to dedicate themselves to
ies only seen in the hands of a missionary or                                                          praying for me while I am in Niger. At every
evangelist. Brothers & sisters, this ought not      After an orientation week with SIM in              opportunity I am asking people to consider
to be the case, and there is no reason why it       their UK Headquarters, I felt encouraged,          this partnership, stepping out to Africa with
must be.                                            equipped and renewed in my dedication to           me in a response of faith. If this is of interest
So why Forging Swords? Well, that’s exactly         the task ahead. The Spirit of God spoke so         to you, I have provided details of how to do
what Bible translation is all about. Every          clearly and He reassured me of His presence        this on the back of the newsletter.
time the Bible is translated into the heart         and help.
language of a people, the Sword of the Spirit
is forged for them.                                 What’s happening now?                                                                  SIM’s
                                                    A renewed sense of the purposes of God                                        logo features a
                                                    would prove vital in light of the task ahead.                         ball of clay, this speaks to
                                                    Having been given my budget for the 3                            us of our need to be shaped
                                                    months in Niger, I was accutely aware of my
                                                                                                                  by God, and of willingness to be
                                                    need of dependency upon God. Of course
                                                                                                                moulded by Him. We must be what-
                                                    we must never seek to live our Christian lives
                                                    in our own strength, at all times we should                ever He needs us to be, for His glory.
                                                    strive to live in such a way that we show
                                                    our need of Him. The budget did serve as a                    My personal motto is simply
Every Bible translated is another door opened for   prompt to throw myself upon His provision. I       f
                                                                                                             “For His Glory”. There is nothing that
the gospel                                          take such comfort in His promise and name,               I should refuse to do if it is for Him.
                                                                                                                    Consider 1 Peter 4:11
What will I be doing?
While in Niger my ministry will be centred on Bible Translation. I will be working along-
side the translators of Fulani & Manga. The Fulani, a nomadic Muslim people, are esti-
mated to number between 30 and 40 million, approximately 5-10 thousand are believed
to be Evangelicals. The Fulani can be found as far west as Guinea and as far east as Sudan.
Evangelism among the Fulani is terribly stunted by the lack of Scripture in their own
language. God willing, I will be working alongside one of the translators of Fulani in a      Pray for
                                                                                              guidance and help
town called Maradi in south Niger. The Niger field have informed me that I may visit the
Kanuri-Manga translation project in eastern Niger a significant journey from Maradi. The
Manga number around half a million resident in Niger, and as yet, there is no significant
Evangelical presence, officially they remain 100% Islamic.
                                                                                              as I seek
                                                                                              opportunities to
There will be other varied opportunities but at this time I must pray for arrangements to
be made by the Niger field.                                                                   share about the
How To be involved
If you are interested in joining me in this time of ministry by prayer
or support or both; I invite you to use one of the following methods.                         Pray for my
                                                                                              learning; of French
On the Web:                                                                                   and Hausa
To become a prayer partner                                                                  Ask that the
To donate to the ministry
                                                                                              Spirit of God will
                                                                                              be strengthening
Send your details by post or phone:                                                           me in preparations
285a Woodstock Road                                                                           Pray that God
Belfast                                                                                       would lay it on the
N Ireland                                                                                     hearts of His people
                                                                                              to be prayer
Tel:028 90 451451                                                                             partners
                                                                                              Pray for the
Contact me:                                                                                   provision of                                                                          financial support
Mob: 07595298570
                                                                                              Pray for my studies
35 Falcon Avenue                                                                              at IBC, that I will
Newtownards                                                                                   finish 2nd year well
N Ireland                                                                                     for Him
BT23 4GE

All prayer partners and supporters who provide an address
will recieve a prayer card and prayer fridge magnet.
                                                                                              For His Glory
My prayer is that God would encourage and bless you all as you seek Him.
Remember His great promise that those who hunger and thirst after righteous-
ness shall be filled. May He have the preeminence in all things.


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