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									Five Secrets to Conquering
       Weight Loss
Losing weight is not always easy.
 However, there are plenty of tricks that
 can help shed the pounds. Here are the
 top five weight loss tips.
Turn Off The TV
 Watching too much television takes away
 from the body staying active. Spending
 only two hours each day watching
 television will make some extra time for
 going to the gym, taking a walk, or other
 physical activity. Watching television can
 also lead to mindless eating.
Studies find that people wind up eating
 three or more portions when given
 snacks while watching television.
Limiting the number of hours in front of
 the TV will reduce the number of snacks
 that are consumed.
Get Back On Track As Soon As
 Overindulging is part of life, and it does
 not mean that days or weeks of healthy
 eating have been completely sabotaged.
 Getting back on track as soon as possible
 will yield the best weight loss results.
Eat Low Calorie, Bulky Foods
 Eating foods with high water content like
 vegetables and soup will keep the body
 feeling full without consuming a ton of
 calories. Adding a salad or soup to meals
 will ward off hunger which can help battle
 against overeating throughout the day.
 The same holds true for airy foods like
Keep A Food Journal
 This tip may sound old fashioned, but it
 works. Recording meals and calories on
 paper will hold the individual accountable
 for their eating habits. Many times,
 people do not realize how many calories
 they are actually consuming in a day
 until they write it down.
Once they see it with their own eyes,
 they will start to make small changes
 that will yield big results in terms of
 weight loss. In the age of modern
 technology, there are several apps and
 websites that are designed to help count
 calories consumed and calories burned to
 help users stay on track and reach their
Camp Out
 Over the years, residential weight loss
 camps have changed the lives of
 members that have completed their
 programs. Weight loss camps help people
 lose both pounds and inches by providing
 a healthy, structured environment for
 people to focus on their weight loss
Nutritionists and fitness experts work
 with the attendees to teach them healthy
 eating habits and push them past their
 current fitness level.

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