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									                             Cybersafe Topsecret
Utilities :: Security & Encryption

All you can imagine about encryption. MS CSP, GOST (legal), Open PGP . That
means S/MIME, Public Key Infrastructure (recipient based) encryption, AES, Blowfish
448 bit, GOST 34. 10-2001, digital signatures, encrypted zip . Fully compatible with
all email clients ( Outlook Mozilla, The Bat!), Gung, PGP, Russian Crypto Arm .
Hiding files and folders with fully new concept: no stupid folders like "My hidden files",
"My protected folder". CyberSafe Top-secret is invisible on your PC. Not speaking
about your hidden files. You won't find any traces of it even in safe mode. Not
enough? Go ahead. Skype encryption, Encrypted (on-the-fly) volumes . Still want
more? How about totally secured, encrypted on-line backup using famous Amazon S3
with auto-scheduling, data compression, encryption, access rights.

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