IT Business Confidence Report Q1 2014 by kablemarketintelligence


									 IT Business Confidence Report – Q1 2014

Reference code: KG4025PR
Published: February 2014


Section 1: Economic overview

• Methodology and sample size

• Confidence indexes

• State of the economy

• Growth prospects and customer confidence

• Supplier prices and levels of expenditure

• Organizational outlook and strategy

• Appendix

  Methodology and sample size

Online Survey

This report is the result of an extensive survey drawn from Kable’s exclusive panel of industry executives. These respondents
are drawn from the Kable Industry Insight Panel, an exclusive industry panel covering business professionals worldwide. These
business communities are made up of highly engaged, qualified professionals who rely on our flagship media brands in their
respective markets, enabling Kable to access knowledgeable and informed industry opinion.

The research source in this report is based on the surveyed
opinions and expectations of 108 global IT industry executives
surveyed in January 2014.

Comprehensive desk research was also conducted across the
IT industry sources, with a focus on examining the current state
of economy, effect of ICT product and services prices, industry
growth prospects, customer confidence, and market trends
currently affecting the industry, as well as discussing examples
of the latest products or market expansion plans within the
industry to validate primary research observations. In addition,
this report presents comparative analysis of survey results with
Q4 201
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