Introduction to Ratio Word Problems #1 by CarlosLemus


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Introduction to Ratio Word Problems #1

Short Answer

      1. Gummy Bears costs $2.60 for 3 lb. At that rate, how many pounds of Gummy Bears can you buy for $5.20?

      2. A dozen cookies costs $2.55. At this rate, how much would 7 cookies cost?

      3. Kathy believes that 4 pounds of chicken wings will feed about 15 people at her Super Bowl party. How many
         pounds of chicken wings should she prepare if she is expecting 60 people?

      4. To make 7 dozen cupcakes, you must use 3 eggs. How many eggs are needed to make 49 dozen cupcakes?

      5. At the Farmer’s Market customers can purchase 4 lbs of bok choy for $2.60. If a customer only has $7.80,
         how many lbs of bok choy can they purchase?

      6. A 6 ounce conatiner of Red Bull provides 202.5 milligrams of taurine. How many fluid ounces of Red Bull
         provide 100.0 milligrams of taurine? Round to the nearest tenth.

      7. The East Whittier sports teams ratio of the number of games won to the number of games the teams have
         played is 6 to 8. If he teams have played 36 games, how many games have the teams won?

      8. A person who weighs 126 lbs on Earth weighs only 21 lb on the moon. If Mr. Lemus weighs 38 lbs on the
         moon, what is his weight on Earth?

      9. If a student takes 3.6 hours to complete 9 chapters in a book, how many chapters can the student complete in
         35.6 hours at that rate?

     10. If a U.S. dollar is worth 0.72 Lemus dollars and you are exchanging 234 Lemus dollars, how many U.S.
         dollars would you receive?

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Introduction to Ratio Word Problems #1
Answer Section


      1.   6 lb
      2.   $1.49
      3.   16 lbs
      4.   21 eggs
      5.   12 lb
      6.   3.0 fluid ounces
      7.   27 games
      8.   228 lbs
      9.   89 chapters
     10.   $325.00


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