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									                                            Zeus J. Cordero Pino
               Ave Agustin Ramos Calero #7479  Isabela PR, 00662  787-517-7979  zeuscordero@gmail.com

   To obtain an internship or full time position in the software industry where I can use my programing and mathematical
    skills to solve problems in an environment that will help me expand the knowledge I have acquired in my field, while
    helping the company grow and prosper in the most efficient way possible.
    University of Puerto Rico- Mayagüez Campus
    Bachelor in Science in Computer Science
    Expected Graduation Date: Dec 2012
    GPA: 2.70
           Proficient in: C++, C#, Java, Objective C
           Familiarized in: android and iPhone sdk, html,aws sdk,css, XML, php, my sql, amazon EC2 cloud, python, assembly
            language, mathlab, blackberry sdk, oracle db modeler, oracle sql developer, Google charts api, Data warehouses
           Development in: Xcode, Eclipse ide, Microsoft visual studio, Adobe Photoshop, python idle,ec2 command line tools
           Skillful in: mac os x, windows, Microsoft office, pages, numbers and keynote, Ubuntu Linux. free bsd
           Communication Skills: Fluent in English & Spanish
           Interpersonal Skills: Leader, Teamwork, Hard worker, Good Interpersonal Relationships

           C++ Programming                        Python programming               Operating Systems
           System Administration                  Software Engineering             C# Event Programming
           Data Structures (in C++)               Assembly Programming             Programming languages

-Lockheed Martin Virtual Institute for Innovation (Sponsored by Lockheed Martin) (January 2010 - May 2011)
     Feasibility research of a virtual computing laboratory in the UPRM campus where the students could run certain
    inaccessible software for studying purposes
-Bullmtin Caribbean Computing Center for Excellence (Sponsored by NSF and Ana G. Mendez University System)(June 2011 –September 2011)
     An Android project to create an alternative to the ineffective use of the bulletin boards as solution to advertisements in
    campus. The creation of a mobile application named Bullmtin to replace the functions of the bulletin boards and thus allow
    for an easier, more efficient and eco-friendly solution to advertisements in campus
-Cloud Image Synchronization Service (Jan 2012- May 2012)
     Creation of a cloud based service for android, its purpose is to produce automatic image synchronization for the
    phone’s camera to an image gallery online where the images are stored for safe keeping. The service will automatically
    create an account using each phone’s unique ID with no need to add any information and will relate the images to each used
Mayagüez Puerto Rico                                                                                              July- August 2010
- Data management and entry at the 2010 Central American and Caribbean games
     Was in charge of managing the information for athletes and personnel and validating their ID’s and adding them to the
    database via custom software.
University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus                                                                        August-December 2011
-Visual amazon ec2 client c#
     Create a visual client that through the users account information allows him to get basic information as well as perform
         basic tasks on his amazon ec2 cloud computing instances.
Internship at Honeywell Aerospace (Aguadilla PR)                                                                  July-August 2012
-Tim_dim time data table optimization
     Optimized a Table in an sql database to improve its performance and deliver better query results
-Noc Mobile monitoring proof of concept
     Develop a mobile solution to prove possible the delivery of business critical data via a blackberry application
       ACM-CS Activities director (2011)
       Lockheed Martin Scholar (2008-2012)
       University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez Track and field team long distance runner (2008-2010)
       Programing marathon in the math department of University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez (2009)
       Programing challenge sponsored by Lockheed Martin (2009)
       Skillsoft courses in (java fundamentals, web development fundamentals, Cisco Design, Sap business Objects BI and WI)(2012)

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