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					                                                                          Home Water Report
                                                                          This rep ort is not a b ill. W e are p roviding this information to help you save water and money.
                                                                          Serv ice Address: 123 Main Street
                                                                          Account Number: 12345678          See More: www.ebmud.com/mywater
                                                                          Report Period: 12/21/12-02/20/13 Registration Code: XXX234

  Your WaterScore
  Hi, Salvador! Thanks for
  learning more about your                                                                               Salvador Bloom
  water and ways to use it
  wisely.                                                                                                123 Main Street
                                                                                                         Everytown, USA
  Your household uses 181
  gallons of water per day.
                                  Take Action

               You                                                         181 gpd                     It's Easy to Control Your Water Use

      Average                                                                                          Go online and explore ways you can take action.
                                                       127 gpd
      Efficient                          84 gpd
                        Approximate gallons of water per day (gpd) used in the last 2
                   You used 3,370 more gallons than the average
                   2-person home, on a similar-sized property, in
                   EBMUD's service area.
                   Want to change the number o f o ccupants we estimated fo r                         Visit www.ebmud.com/mywater
                   yo ur ho useho ld? Go o nline o r give us a call.                                  Registration Code: GAC77B

  3 Suggestions For You

Stop a Leaking Toilet                                 Seasonal Irrigation Tune-up                                       Choose Plants Wisely
Did you know a silent toilet leak could waste         Check for:                                                        When you're choosing new plants, choose
up to 7,000 gallons of water per month?                                                                                 ones that require a low amount of water.
                                                         Sprinklers that aren't popping up
To check for leaks, put food coloring in the             Shrubs blocking your pop-up nozzles                            Low water-use plants are adapted to local
tank. Do not flush. Check the toilet bowl ten             Broken or clogged nozzles                                      conditions and generally require less
minutes later. If you see color in the bowl,             Sprinklers that are spraying sidewalks                         maintenance and less water, fertilizers and
the tank has a leak - most likely from a worn            Punctured hoses or leaky valves.                               pesticides. In addition, water-wise plants are
flapper valve.                                         Leaks can waste thousands of gallons                              more drought-tolerant.
                                                      each month.                                                       With your 8,200 sq. ft. yard, you can save
                                                                                                                        about 11,000 gallons per year.

Check today. It's quick, easy,                        Don't wait. Check today!                                          For help, visit our online
and can save you a bundle.                                                                                              gardening resources.

             Contact us: 1-866-40-EBMUD or wtrcserv@ebmud.com or www.ebmud.com/mywater

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