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					Phase 2/Unit 1—Sentences—Post Test Review of Key Terms
•   Sentence parts                       •   Sentence forms
     –   Complete subject                     – Independent clause
     –   Complete predicate                   – Dependent clause (not on test)
     –   Simple subject                       – Simple sentence (SV)
     –   Simple predicate                     – With a compound subject (SSV)
                                              – With a compound predicate (SVV)
•   Ideas to remember
                                              – With a compound subject and
     –   Vertical line                          compound predicate (SSVV)
     –   End marks of punctuation             – Compound sentence (SV + SV)
     –   Fragment                             – Complex sentence (not on test)
     –   Run-on                               – Compound/complex sentence (not
     –   Comma splice                           on test)
     –   Comma rule with compound        •   Parts of speech
         sentences and simple sentence
         with compound predicate              –   Verb phrase
                                              –   Helping verb
                                              –   Main verb
                                              –   Proper noun
                                              –   Subject pronoun
                                              –   You understood (you)
                                              –   Prepositional phrase
                                              –   Coordinating conjunction
       Phase I/Unit 2—Sentences—Post Test Review Sentences
GENERAL DIRECTIONS: After you write the requested sentences, use a vertical line(s)
   to separate the subject and predicate parts. Then underline once the simple subject,
   and underline twice the simple predicate.
1. Write a simple sentence with a simple predicate whose verb phrase that has
   a helping verbs with the main verb.
2. Write a declarative sentence where the simple subject ends the sentence
   and follows the simple predicate.
3. Write a simple sentence with a compound subject using a proper noun and a
   subject pronoun.
4. Write a compound sentence using a coordinating conjunction other than and,
   but, or.
5. Write a simple sentence with a compound predicate. Make the subject of
   your sentence a character from your PCR book.
6. Write a compound sentence where one of the independent clauses has a
   compound subject.

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