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									                     Exwick Community Centre Booking Form 2013

             Name of Hirer

 Name of representative
    for the group/ hirer

           Postal Address

            Email Address

 Contact phone number
    Secondary contact
number during the event
                                          Rooms required
                                              Main Hall
                                   Kitchen and Servery
                                         Meeting Room
                                         About the booking
                Type of Event

   Age Range of Attendees
         Approximate No. of
                             Date of booking
                                       Times required
                      Current Costs (these may change without notice)
                                                                    Only in multiples of 1 hour
        Main Hall                  £12 per hour
                                                      NB Only £8 per hour 12noon-5pm weekdays

Meeting Room or It Suite          £15 per session               Morning/afternoon/evening
                             No Charge for room
  Kitchen and Servery                                     Note: Priority goes to Main Hall hirer.
 Crockery and Kitchen        No Charge for room      Any crockery, cutlery, etc. must be washed and
      Equipment                    hirers                 cleaned and left in usable condition.
                                            Office use only
                        Deposit          Payment
 Deposit received                                    Invoice sent        Receipt sent       Booking ref
                       Returned          Received

    Revised 11/02/2014
                        Notes for Hiring Exwick Community Centre
 No alcohol can be consumed on the premises. There is no licence.
 All parties for under 18's must be supervised by the appropriate number of adults.
 There is no exclusive right to use the car park. It is shared with the shop.
 Smoking is prohibited in the whole building including the toilets and patio area.
 No bouncy castles or ball games in the building.
 All rubbish must be removed from the site including the patio and car park area. Do
  not leave black sacks of your rubbish in the kitchen. Please tell the person opening
  up if there is rubbish in the building.
 We encourage all hirers to sort waste and send as much as possible for recycling.
 A £50 refundable deposit against non-cleaning/damage is required from all hirers.
 Cheques should be made to Exwick Community Association with your address
  details on the back and need to clear 14 days before the hire starts.

Hirers are responsible for first aid and contacting the emergency services if they are
required while on site. It is wise for hirers to have a working mobile phone with them.
To ensure problems are identified there is an Incident Book kept in the kitchen for
hirers to record any accidents.

                              Maintenance Problems
To ensure problems are identified there is the Incident Book kept in the kitchen for
hirers to record any Maintenance Issues.

Hirers need to provide their own insurance if they want it. Although the building is
insured and the Community Association has its own insurance for its own events.

                                          Fire Limit
Although there is not a fire limit set by the Fire Service ECA feel the building should not
have more than 80 people in it. For events of more than 40 people please discuss your
plans with ECA and get advice on fire precautions.

The building and any equipment needs to be left in a clean and tidy condition. If the
building or any equipment needs cleaning at the end of a let the cost of this will be
taken from the deposit paid by the hirer.
There are some cleaning materials and equipment in the kitchen (cupboards labelled).
If the building is not clean at the start of the let please let the person opening up know
or communicate with the committee.

    Exwick Community Association Registered Charity 1043677
    Exwick Community Centre, Kinnerton Way, Exeter, EX4 2PR

    Revised 11/02/2014
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Revised 11/02/2014

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