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									We make you money
online. This is our mantra,
this is what we do. It’s
what we stand for, and
we settle for nothing less.
Our ethos

Together we can...
That’s how we work with you to get results.
Customers are the people who pay your bills as well as ours.
We treat everyone the same because it makes simple business
sense. In that respect we’re a little old-fashioned. We’ve taken
the fundamentals of small business retailing – getting to
know people, attention to detail, going the extra mile, making
someone’s day – and extended them to our clients’ national
and global markets.
Our point is this: the service ethos that brings customers back to a well-
run small business also draws them back to a multi-national or an online
store. People are people; they want to be valued, entertained, made to
feel good. They want to believe that they are part of something great.
That’s why we love this business. Online, there are so many more ways to
win people over. And they’re changing by the day. What’s red-hot right
now will be mainstream in six months’ time. Change keeps us on our
toes. It fills us with enthusiasm for the day ahead.

Online retailing is a total experience. It’s not just about the look or the feel
or the speed. It’s about pure, simple delight. Everything working exactly as
it should; an entire site speaking with a single voice. Right now, while your
customers are in the mood. Right now, because they’re ready to buy.
The skills to make that happen are here at drivebusiness. We revel in the
opportunity to turn a casual visitor into a regular buyer, and the technology
that turns a click into a next-day delivery.
There are over 100 of us (and growing), split between offices in the UK and

We deliver a range of
services that drive more
site traffic, create more
customer engagement
and convert more sales.
Our services

International eCommerce stores
Mobile applications & services
Online marketing & PR
Web hosting
In-store kiosks
Photography & video services
Creative design & branding
Digital planning & strategy
Technical development
Business analysis
CRM & data mining
eFulfilment & logistics
Customer contact centre
We’re retailers,
designers, strategists,
coders and ideas people
with proven eCommerce
expertise. All focused
on generating you sales
and profits.
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Operations                                                                                     Design

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enrich is our dynamic

& adaptable platform
for eCommerce,
mobile apps, content
management & online
marketing. It does great
things for your sales &
profit too.
The enrich® eCommerce platform

enrich® lies at the heart of some of the slickest online retailing operations.
The platform is as popular with customers as it is with brand owners. Both
groups find the technology effortless to use, which is why it encourages
frequent seasonal and tactical refreshes, and masses of repeat business.

enrich® grows with your brand. It’s built for connectivity with existing
and legacy systems, and with third-party applications such as secure
payments, warehousing, fulfilment and digital marketing tracking
technologies. It’s also hugely scalable and readily adaptable. It takes
sales, discounts and range revamps in its stride. It gives you the power to
update content as often as you wish. Plus, as enrich® is modular, it’s easy
to incorporate specific modules such as mobile sites, iPhone or iPad apps,
in-store kiosks or marketing modules without the need to have the entire
suite of modules active.

Above all, enrich® is the public face of your brand. It lets you set your own
retailing agenda and establish your own authoritative style.

Key client               International eCommerce stores

                         The simplest way to reach a global market is to go online. And the
                         easiest way to encourage international customers to buy is to make
                         them feel at home. Which is exactly what enrich®, our suite of online
                         store applications, does.

                         enrich® sells and delivers your goods to global audiences. You can
                         run a multilingual site using the CMS module, or we can create local
                         language copies of your site for a fully localised sales experience.
                         GeoIP address look-up ensures that customers are directed to the
                         appropriate language and prices, or redirected to their own local site.

                         Everything can be customised to the markets in which you trade.
                         enrich® can incorporate local sales taxes or link into your local sales
                         systems. It also integrates with your local payment partner and the
                         dispatch processes within your preferred national, regional or global
                         distribution centre.

             For global sales, go online.
             drivebusiness takes you to a
             worldwide market and gets them
             to buy what you have to offer.

                         Generating the traffic that keeps the online tills ringing is just as
                         targeted. Our marketing team plans, delivers and optimises local,
                         regional, national and global campaigns across Paid & Natural
                         Search, Social, Email, Affiliates, Mobile and Display channels, all tied
                         into your overall marketing strategy.

Key client               Mobile applications & services

                         Your customers love their mobile phones. They respond well to any
                         marketing message that uses the medium intelligently. Creativity
                         counts in this market – strong ideas and inventive content (text
                         messages, display advertising, branded content, vouchers, original
                         music, event tickets, etc) often generate instant responses.

                         Before we start a B2B or B2C campaign, we investigate the market
                         through desk research, focus groups and interviews. Our aim is to
                         increase customer satisfaction and acquisition through product-
                         usage analysis, market positioning, commercial strategy and
                         customer segmentation.

                         To maximise your reach, we work with all the major mobile networks
                         as well as off-portal (i.e. from outside the network) service providers.
                         In partnership with them, we plan your campaign and measure
                         the results.

             Our mobile apps are multimedia
             marketing tools that generate
             instant and repeat business.

Key client                Online marketing & PR

                          People are now exposed to more information in a single day than
                          previous generations would have seen in a lifetime. Global news,
                          social interactions and marketing messages bombard them
                          constantly. For brands, the challenge is to ensure that the right
                          message gets through to the right person at the right time.

                          This is where the skills and experience of the drivebusiness
                          marketing team really make a difference. Digital marketing activity
                          is directly measurable, and our continuous ‘Test, Learn & Optimise’
                          methodology across the core online marketing channels - Paid &
                          Natural Search, Social, Email, Affiliate, Mobile and Display - delivers
                          an unprecedented level of interaction with both existing and potential

                          At drivebusiness, we’re experts in the digital marketing space. Our
                          research, insight, data, creative solutions, strategic planning and
                          systematic optimisation processes ensure that we help you deliver
                          effective and cost-efficient multi-channel digital marketing activity
                          that produces exceptional results.

             Our online marketing delivers over
             60% of our clients’ web traffic, &
             over 70% of their online revenue.

Key client                Web hosting

                          In the 24-hour world of eCommerce, you need always-on technology
                          and round-the-clock support should the unexpected happen. So we
                          place client websites on servers within a cool, dust-free and secure
                          facility that’s just a few minutes away from our own engineers.

                          Our facilities management company knows how to maximise
                          uptime because it manages more than 125 data centres in 45
                          countries. It protects your data with CCTV, manned security, card-
                          swipe access, resilient power using industrial-strength UPSs and air
                          conditioning with environmental controls.

                          Furthermore, redundant networks, fault tolerant systems, top quality
                          bandwidth and BGP4 routing mean that your site makes lightning-
                          speed transactions.

             drivebusiness hosting ensures your
             online store remains open 24/7,
             so you make money 24/7.

Key client                In-store kiosks

                          An in-store kiosk is a robust, touch-screen version of an eCommerce
                          store. It lets your customers search for products, colours and sizes
                          that aren’t on the shelves.

                          The enrich® eCommerce platform creates in-store kiosk technology
                          as easily as it generates online stores. The platform is so flexible, we
                          can easily adapt the navigation and layout of your website for touch-
                          screen and kiosk technologies.

                          A recent project initially saw bespoke kiosks installed in two AllSaints
                          flagship stores. Using high-resolution touch screens, swipe-card
                          readers, tracking balls and keyboards, we created bespoke kiosk
                          consoles that complemented each store’s unique shopfit.

             enrich ®-powered in-store kiosks
             ensure your customers continue
             to buy, even if you don’t have the
             item in the shop.

                          Customer reaction was instant. Sales increased as customers began
                          to order and pay for sizes and colours that weren’t available in-store
                          at the time, avoiding potentially lost business. With a virtually instant
                          return on investment, in-store kiosks are now rolling out to each of
                          AllSaints’s stores.

            Photography & video services

            Great product imagery is your most powerful online sales tool. It
            replaces the ambience of a high-street store and the persuasiveness
            of a sales person. It fills your customers with desire.

            Dull, uninspiring pictures do nothing for your brand or your sales.
            If you want prospects to click the ‘buy now’ button, they have to
            love what they see. In your online store, they have to see a
            reflection of the person they want to be.

            It’s the same with video. Sound and movement are irresistible;
            they add depth to a product and bring the online experience to life.

            Our team of photographers, stylists, editors and video makers can
            manage the whole process, from styling and shoot through to image
            editing, to create imagery that brings your brand and product range
            to life.

Photography is worth more than a
thousand words: our photography
is your sales person online.

Key client                Creative design & branding

                          We’re about business here, so we don’t encourage creativity for its
                          own sake; it has to flow within the context of the brand, the budget
                          and the business brief. Within those parameters, we set our designers
                          free to invent an online world in which your brand can flourish.

                          As well as websites, we can develop your presence in social media, or
                          in the social media landscape by creating interactive games, virals,
                          videos, animations, posters and banners, and illustrate it all with
                          stunning photography.

                          The results are in the numbers: increased transactional values, more
                          repeat visits, growth fuelled by word-of-mouth recommendation,
                          better profitability and a three-, four- or fivefold return on investment.

                          We’re an open book at drivebusiness. We tell you what we think you
                          need and what we think is achievable.

             Our creativity can take you
             in unexpected directions, but
             expect the same result: customer
                          A stunning online and offline presence starts here. If you’re starting
                          out, rethinking your image or looking to create a sub-brand, we
                          can develop an identity that resonates with your target market.

                          We tackle the project in stages, from initial brand research and
                          concept development to brand development and guideline-setting,
                          for a smooth roll-out across all online and offline channels.

“This is our first venture in
eCommerce in the US and this
was a big, complicated build,
due to the different set up for
trading in the US and we were
working to very challenging
timescales, therefore not an
easy project”
Eve Henrikson
Head of eCommerce

Key client                Digital planning & strategy

                          Can you know your online customers as well as you know those
                          that walk through your door? Yes. And usually more intimately.
                          Which means you also know how to sell to them.

                          We can segment your market according to propensity to purchase,
                          spend levels and product knowledge. We can plot the seasonality
                          in your customers’ buying behaviour and identify the promotional
                          activities that trigger buying activity.

                          When we know what persuades your customers to buy, we generate
                          content that encourages sales, and a promotional calendar that hits
                          them just when they’re most likely to buy.

                          We also link your online store with search, affiliate, media, social and
                          email campaigns, making sure that all destination pages and
                          follow-up creative support the traffic-generating activity.

             We lock on to what your market
             wants, so you know our solution
             will work.

“This could not have
happened without your
extraordinary efforts,
persistence and dedication.”
Ruby Victor
Head of Brand Communications

Key client                 Technical development

                           Online customers are as fickle as any other. They like freshness
                           and innovation. So we keep our ears to the ground, our applications
                           inventive and our coding sharp.

                           Technical development of enrich® is a non-stop process. We take
                           ideas from inside and outside retailing, from our own research into
                           customer behaviour and from the insights of our retailing clients.
                           In this respect, they are as inventive as us. If we can see that a
                           piece of bespoke work has a wider appeal, we make it available
                           to all enrich® users.

                           Continuous development maximises your return on investment.
                           It means you don’t just buy into an application that’s right for now,
                           but into a development process that will be at the forefront of
                           online retailing for many years to come.

             We can adapt our technology
             just as quickly as your customers
             change their buying habits.

                           Web development services

                           Out-manoeuvre the competition with our custom web development
                           and website portal development services. Challenge us to make
                           your web presence do something that your competitors’ can’t.

                           Application development services

                           Don’t let your business fall behind the technology. We can identify,
                           design and build applications that simplify or speed up the way
                           you work.

                           IT consulting services

                           Not sure where your business IT should be? Our cross-industry IT
                           consulting services will help you create your own technological
                           vision and a framework for turning it into reality.

Key client
                          Business analysis

                          We’re intent on building a partnership for success, which is why
                          everyone knows exactly what’s expected of them, and why every
                          step is documented in advance.

                          Our business analysis team sets the parameters for your online
                          project. They look at everything – the assumptions, expectations,
                          variables, business processes and areas of risk. They define the
                          timescales and the project deliverables. And they make sure
                          everyone knows what the risks are. The more that both we and our
                          clients know in advance, the better prepared we are to deal with it.

                          You know where you stand when you work with us.

             Our analysts ensure you minimise
             the risks and optimise what you
             can get from the internet.

Key client               CRM & data mining

                         Customer data is constantly flowing into your organisation: phone
                         numbers, email addresses, product preferences, buying channels,
                         average spend and responsiveness to offers. At every online and
                         offline touch point, your customers and potential customers interact
                         with your brand in a way that yields a bit more useful data.

                         It’s valuable information, and we can help you exploit it. Our CRM
                         (customer relationship management) software captures, manages
                         and sorts data in ways that give you fresh insights into customer
                         preferences. You might find, for instance, that people you meet at
                         trade shows tend to respond to subsequent offers, or that Sunday
                         evening is the peak time for ordering homewares.

                         Or you could find something completely unexpected. That’s the
                         power of data mining: it helps you understand your customers.

             We help you know your customers
             better and use that knowledge to
             win their loyalty.

Key client                Intranets

                          An intranet can by anything you want it to be: a calendar, project
                          manager and scheduler, company notice board, shared workstation,
                          HR tool, ideas bank, time manager, training suite, conference room,
                          source of all relevant customer, supplier or manufacturing data and
                          more. No matter what it’s use, when you link everything together in-
                          house, everyone has access to every relevant scrap of information.

                          Your intranet is an all-embracing tool for gathering, managing and
                          sharing knowledge. The key to making it work for you is the way you
                          link it to existing internal systems such as finance, manufacturing,
                          project management and HR.

                          We can make those connections without compromising security or
                          confidentiality, and present the data in a way that makes it easy to
                          boost productivity.

             Energise the way your colleagues
             communicate & do business
             with tailored intranets
             from drivebusiness.

                          Wherever you are in the world, you’ll have the information you
                          need to answer customer queries, plan campaigns and improve

Key client               eFulfilment & logistics

                         It doesn’t matter how slick your website or checkout procedures
                         are: if the goods don’t arrive when your customers expect them,
                         they’ll pass on the bad news to everyone they know.

                         So we make sure the whole operation is fully integrated. When a
                         customer clicks your ‘buy now’ button, stock, funds and data start
                         to move. Not just in the UK, but anywhere in the world.

                         If you don’t have the warehousing space or the facilities for
                         eFulfilment, we can plug you into a tried-and-tested global network.
                         Our warehousing and fulfilment partner is a multi-channel lifestyle
                         and fashion logistics company. It operates in over 40 countries
                         and controls more than 600,000 square feet of logistics space
                         throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In the UK, it has
                         facilities in London, Heathrow and the Midlands.

             We make sure your stock keeps
             moving, because timely and
             accurate deliveries generate
             repeat business.

Key client               Customer contact centre

                         Automation is fast and efficient, but it should never be soulless.
                         At drivebusiness, we still believe in the friendly face of retailing.
                         Better still, we practise what we preach.

                         Our customer services staff do whatever it takes to keep your
                         customers happy. They answer queries, resolve problems, offer
                         reassurance where it’s needed and turn complainants into
                         brand champions.

                         But they’re not just reactive. They cross-sell related products, follow-
                         up abandoned carts, track order progress, keep a trained eye out for
                         suspicious activity and provide weekly activity reports. This is the
                         kind of upbeat customer service you’d offer yourself if you had the
                         resources in-house. Not that your customers mind. They think they
                         are dealing directly with you, and are delighted with the experience.

             Our dedicated customer support
             ensures Bench customers stay

Key client                  eTicketing

                            Once upon a time, tickets had to go in the post. Now they’re instant
                            – sent by email or SMS to the people who will make your event go
                            with a swing.

                            eTicketing involves sending out a unique set of data in the form of a
                            machine-readable 2D barcode. The barcode can contain anything:
                            a weekend pass to a festival, 56 tickets to a night club, a free drink, a
                            two-for-the-price-of-one meal, 20% discount off a trade-show pass
                            plus a free T-shirt to be reclaimed inside, and more.

                            Every movement or transaction is trackable. You know who
                            responded to your offer and who didn’t, who made it to your event
                            and who needs to be chased. You even know the exact time they
                            redeemed their ticket or voucher, which gives you all the data you
                            need to manage event attendance or stock turnover.

             Freebies, event passes, festival
             tickets, discounts, special offers –
             an eTicket gives your customers
             instant access to the best places
             and the best deals.

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