Mainland Home Inspections In Vancouver BC Provides Quality Home Inspection Solutions

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					Mainland Home Inspections In Vancouver BC Provides Quality Home Inspection Solutions

Vancouver BC, 10-FEBRUARY-2014 - Mainland Home Inspections and Angelo Agaloy, CHI, of the
Vancouver BC licensed home inspectors firm, are proud to announce that home inspections for a
variety of purposes are available to local homeowners, buyers and sellers. There are a number of
occasions where it is important to obtain a quality home review. A complete inspection should be done
prior to listing, before submitting a purchase agreement, and before closing for maximum benefit.

Speaking for the Vancouver BC licensed home inspectors firm, Angelo Agaloy explained, "The British
Columbia Legislature set out operating standards in the ASTTBC-PI. We have found that a
comprehensive inspection completed prior to the finalization of the sale can uncover expenses related
to the home that could prove very costly to the new owner. It is better for the home inspection to be
completed even before placing it on the market. This will prevent the sale from falling through due to
unreported issues that show up when the buyer does a pre-closing inspection."

He continues, "We use a specific checklist when inspecting properties. It is not a casual process, but a
detailed inspection looking for elements such as drainage systems, stability of railings and steps and
failure to meet property code standards. The client is provided with a full report once the inspection is
completed. This can require as much as five hours to perform."

When sellers arrange for a home inspection as part of their marketing package, buyers are often able to
make a better purchase offer, since they know that they won't be hit by unexpected repair costs during
the first months after the purchase. In addition to the report provided to the client, there are
photographic images that detail the issues that should be fixed. The home inspection company can also
offer information about solutions for the problems.

Learn more about the advantages of utilizing Vancouver BC licensed home inspectors services by
visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and
others with queries regarding the contents of this specific press release are invited to contact Angelo
Agaloy at the location presented below.

Contact Person Name: Angelo Agaloy, CHI, BPCPA License: 47066
Company Name: Mainland Home Inspections
Address: 602 - 114 Keith Road, North Vancouver, BC V7M 3C9
Contact Telephone Number: Office: (604) 986-6000 ; Cell (604) 719-6000
Contact Fax Number: (604) 986-6007

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Description: Mainland Home Inspections offers certified home inspection services for townhouses, single family homes and condominiums. A comprehensive check list and report is completed for each inspection.
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