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Lake Mary FL Chiropractor, Dr. Kenneth Ross, Provides Back Spasm Pain Relief Solutions


Lake Mary Health & Wellness offers a range of pain solutions to local residents. Muscle spasm pain is addressed through chiropractic techniques rather than prescription compounds.

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									Lake Mary FL Chiropractor, Dr. Kenneth Ross, Provides Back Spasm Pain Relief Solutions

Lake Mary FL, 10-FEBRUARY-2014 - Lake Mary Health & Wellness and Dr. Kenneth Ross, Lake
Mary FL chiropractor, are pleased to announce that back spasms and associated pain can be relieved by
the chiropractic solutions available here. The health and wellness methods of Dr. Ross combine
expertise and skill gained over nearly three decades of professional practice. Local patients are
encouraged to achieve a better way of life and better health.

According to Dr. Kenneth Ross, Lake Mary FL chiropractor, "One of the main causes of pain and
disease in the human body can be traced to improper alignment of the vertebrae in the spinal column
called a subluxation. With properly applied pressure and manipulation of the vertebrae and joints, the
pressure is relieved allowing the body to return to its natural state."

"As chiropractors" he explains, "we look for clues about your condition to properly assess your
problem. During the examination you will be asked to do a series of simple and easy activities. These
activities will provide information about your motor skills, range of motion, balance, muscle strength,
gait, and the integrity of your nervous system, and the alignment of your spine."

The human body has a built-in natural pain removal capacity to repair symptoms when something
happens. Pain and muscle spasms are considered to be a symptom of a greater problem. When pain
persists, finding a professional who can address the issue is critical. Lack of exercise and daily activity
is another cause for muscle spasms. The chiropractor can recommend simple and effective solutions to
improve activity levels and improve overall health.

Learn more about pain from back spasms and how they can be relieved by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have further questions about the
contents of this press notice are encouraged to contact Dr. Kenneth Ross at the location provided

Contact Person Name: Dr. Kenneth Ross, DC
Company: Lake Mary Health & Wellness
Address: 870 S. Sun Drive #1030, Lake Mary, Florida 32746
Contact Telephone Number: (407) 936-7999 or (407) 875-2000
Contact Fax Number: (407) 682-3408

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