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                                                                                           Partner Advisors
                                                                                           Capabilities Overview
                                                                                           February 2013

                                                                                           Payment Strategy ∙ Contract Negotiation ∙ Program Marketing
                                                                                           Revenue Optimization ∙ Product Development
Advisory Background

 ü Founded in 2002, with offices in Wellesley, Massachusetts.
 ü PA has over 50 program partners across the cobrand, financial institution, college/university and
   membership marketplace.
 ü Our partner base represents 3 million credit card holders with $15B in annual spend; 1.2 million deposit
   accounts with deposit balances of $6.5B; over $100 million of mortgage and other secured loans; and over
   $325 million in annual partner compensation and rewards funding. In aggregate, PA clients represent a
   marketing universe of over 140 million individuals.
 ü All PA personnel come from the financial services industry and have been involved in hundreds of
   partnership programs. We now apply our experience, insight and know-how to provide value to our
   partners and their programs.
 ü Areas of expertise:
 Cobranded and Affinity Payment Products                  Banking & Wealth Management
 • Cobrand Credit & Charge Cards                          • Demand Deposit/Checking Accounts
                                                          • CD & Money Market Programs
 • Small Business Credit & Charge Cards
                                                          • Goal-based Savings & Investment Programs
 • Traditional Debit & Decoupled Debit                    • Wealth Management Services
 • Reloadable/Open Loop Prepaid Cards                     • Mortgage and Lending Programs

 Rewards Programs                                         Insurance & Fee-Based Services
 • Reward Program Strategy & Development                  • Insurance (Auto, Home, Term Life)
 • Value Proposition Strategy                             • ID Protection Programs
 • Merchant Funded Rewards Networks
                                                          • Other Specialized Products
 • Discount Programs
Partnership Clients
   colleges &         membership

     United States
    Naval Academy

Our Advisory Process

  We manage sponsored financial service programs through an ongoing process:

   1.   Define a financial services program strategy with unique
        solution packages for various segments within a consumer
        base and leveraging key marketing channels;                                      Define

   2.   Source best-in-class providers to offer the most
        comprehensive and well-suited products per target market;        Optimize                   Source

   3.   Structure the deal terms to align with overall partnership
        goals, and;

   4.   Optimize program performance on an ongoing basis,
        develop and source new marketing channels, and
        continuously investigate new products.

  Our approach to constructing and managing partnership programs is:
    ü    Unique in the industry
    ü    Enables the program partner to achieve its own strategic and financial goals
    ü    Focuses on the end-customer experience and value
    ü    Drives program growth throughout the partnership life cycle

    Partner Advisors Added Value

In addition to our process, there are other services that we provide to support our partner’s program needs:

     Compensation & Deal Development                                       Partner Benefits
§    Opportunity assessment                                 §   Significant increases in program
§    Contract negotiation                                       compensation and annual program earnings
§    Counsel support                                        §   Cost reduction
§    Portfolio valuation and sale
                                                            §   Reduced exposure to risks and costs
§    Industry intelligence
                                                                associated with programs

            Product Development
§    Product and rewards strategy                           §   Increased penetration and persistency
§    Loyalty program development                            §   Program differentiation
§    Program benchmarking                                   §   Increased engagement
§    Financial modeling                                     §   Drive brand awareness and “front of
                                                                wallet” usage

             Marketing & Loyalty
§    Program marketing plans                                §   More effective use of “owned” partner
§    Digital & social media management
                                                                marketing channels
§    Cross sell assessment and strategy                     §   Product cross sell training and integration
§    Marketplace research                                       into new customer experience
§    Channel optimization & training programs               §   More effective use of purchasing behavior
                                                                information                                    ‹#›
Financial Product Provider Network

Our clients benefit from Partner Advisors’ unconflicted relationships with product providers.

2013 Endorsements

                        •   4,500 Stores
                        •   $3.5 billion in revenue (corporate)
                        •   20 million ACE Rewards members
                        •   PA designed, structured, and have grown the new ACE
                            Rewards VISA card since its 2008 launch (US Bank)

     “Partner Advisors has remained a key member of the Ace Rewards team after the 
     launch of the VISA cobrand program.  They provide critical program and product 
     development leadership that we wouldn’t have had without them.  

     By combining their industry knowledge, understanding of Ace customers, Ace stores, 
     and the industry we are in a better position than if we managed the program by 

     Jody Allen, 1:1 Marketing Channels, Ace Hardware, January 2013

2013 Endorsements

                          • 122 Stores
                          • $1.8 billion in revenue
                          • 4.7 million REI Cooperative members
                          • PA led restructuring with US Bank via program redefinition
                            and a comprehensive RFP process
                          • PA continues to help REI restructure its core loyalty
   “Partner Advisors (PA) proved to be a valuable partner for REI as we sought to understand 
   the value of our co-brand portfolio.  It was really important for us to gain a market 
   perspective of the co-brand landscape and how the REI portfolio benchmarked within that 

   The PA team demonstrated a broad knowledge base of the payments industry and their 
   approach was unique because they were very involved but they maintained their objectivity 
   so that decisions were grounded in analytics and made without emotion.  

   PA demonstrated competency in every area of the valuation process from financial modeling 
   and legal compliance to portfolio management and strategic planning.”

   Alisa Jackson, Loyalty Marketing, REI, January 2013

2013 Endorsements

                          • 52 Properties
                          • $8.8 billion in revenue
                          • 8.6 million active Total Rewards members (46 million total)
                          • PA redesigned card program within industry leading loyalty
                            “Total Rewards” program
                          • PA moved program to a new issuer with 2013 launch date

   “Partner Advisors did an extraordinary job helping Caesars find the right partner and deal 
   structure for the new Total Rewards co-brand credit card.  

   Their insight, professionalism and dedication to our strategic objectives have surpassed my 
   already-high expectations.  

   I would be happy to speak with anyone considering Partner Advisors.”

   Joshua Kanter, SVP Revenue Acceleration, Caesars Entertainment, January 2013

Broad Financial Services Experience

  PA clients offer insurance, high yield deposits, merchant processing, insurance, and
  other financial services. PA provides directly relevant expertise to drive much more
  value from these programs.
    Co-brand Debit and Prepaid Programs
    •   Multiple projects including largest prepaid strategy and RFP in 2012
    •   “Green Banking” Offer and Gift Card Expansion
    •   Debit 2.0 (multiple projects)
    Banking and Deposit Programs
    •   PA structured the largest third party CD/MM program
    •   Comprehensive direct banking and mortgage strategy, product design, and implementation
    •   Self issuance and bank charter evaluation
    Insurance (P&C and Life)
    •   Single endorsement program structuring and RFPs
    •   Multi-carrier marketplace and quote engine development
    Comprehensive Financial Services Marketplaces
    •   Multiple client projects to evaluate customer engagement and financials
    •   Proprietary development effort (Cinch Financial) for white label implementation


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