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									Employee Carpool Policy
This Employee Carpool Policy can be used by companies and small businesses that
want to provide employees with small stipends for carpooling to work. Carpooling is
environmentally friendly and saves employees time and money. This policy can be used
individually or included as part of an employee handbook. Customize the information of
the company, the carpooling requirements, the benefits of carpooling, and more. This
policy can be used by small businesses that want to encourage employee carpooling.
                                 EMPLOYEE CARPOOL POLICY

We at ______________________ [Instructions: Insert the Company’s name] (hereinafter
referred to as the “Company”) have established this Employee Carpool Policy (hereinafter
referred to as the “Program”) to provide support for the creation and operation of carpools. All
employees that commute to work are eligible for the Policy benefits. The Program assists
employees in the formation of carpools for the purpose of ridesharing from home to our office.
Our carpool benefits are subject to the following terms:

1.       CARPOOL

       a.     A carpool shall be defined as rideshares in which a vehicle is used by at least
__________ (___) [Instructions: Insert the number of employees required in a vehicle]
employees who are traveling together between their residences and our office. Participants must
rideshare on a regular basis (at least __________ (___) [Instructions: Insert the minimum
number days each week employees must carpool] days a week)

      b.     To be eligible for benefits, each participant must fill out all required registration
paperwork with Company’s supervisors.

       c.       One carpool parking permit will be issued per carpool group. It is the
responsibility of the group to ensure that the permit is properly displayed on the vehicle.

         d.       Misuse of a carpool permit will result in cancellation of all carpool benefits.

       e.    In the event that the carpool is dissolved, the former participants of the carpool
must immediately provide Company’s supervisors with notice and return the carpool permit.


       a.      Reserved carpool parking spaces in close proximity to Company’s office will be
only available to vehicles with carpool permits. The reserved spaces will be designated with a
sign and controlled for carpool permits only.

         b.       Vehicles with carpool permits will not have to pay for parking.

        c.     Employees that participate in the Program shall be entitled to a transit subsidy of
__________ Dollars ($___) [Instructions: Insert the monthly subsidy carpool participants
will receive] per month.


        a.     All participants enrolled in the Program understand and acknowledge that
Company, in facilitating the formation of carpools, makes no warranty or representation as the
training or ability of carpool drivers, the condition of cars used in the carpool, the safety of
carpool members while riding in the carpool, the status of any vehicle insurance policy

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maintained by any carpool member, or any other matter related to the actual conduct of the
carpool. All participants in the Program acknowledge that their decision to participate in the
carpool is solely theirs, and is not made a reliance on any act, representation or promise by
Company. All participants in the Program accordingly agree to waive and relinquish any rights
they may have against Company, and Company’s employees or agents, regarding any claim for
personal injuries or other damages arising from any incident, accident or injury which occurs
during their participation in the Program. Should Company be named as a defendant in any
lawsuit or other action arising from any incident, accident or injury which occurs involving a
carpool, the carpool driver at the time of such event shall be responsible to defend, indemnify
and hold Company harmless with regard to the claim.

        b.     Carpool participants agree that Company is providing the Program as a service to
its employees. Company shall have no other responsibilities. Company reserves the right to
change or terminate the Program at any time, with ____________________ [Instructions:
Insert the length of advance notice Company will provide if they intend to cancel this policy
e.g. 30 days] prior notice.

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