Deed of Reconveyance


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									Deed of Reconveyance
This Deed of Reconveyance is executed by a mortgage holder or a lender indicating
that the borrower has fully paid the mortgage debt. Upon the full payment of a mortgage
debt, the lender reconveys the property to the borrower. This document requires a legal
description of the property so it can be adequately indentified in the county’s records.
Customize the information of the parties, the information of the property, the legal
description, and more. This document can be used by individuals or small businesses
that want to reconvey or receive property after a mortgage has been fully paid.
                                    DEED OF RECONVEYANCE

THIS DEED OF RECONVEYANCE (hereinafter referred to as the “Deed of Reconveyance”)
is hereby made as of _______________________ [Instructions: Insert the date this deed] by
_______________________ [Instructions: Insert the Trustee’s name] (hereinafter referred to
as the “Trustee”).

WHEREAS, on ____________________ [Instructions: Insert the date of the original deed] a
deed of trust (hereinafter referred to as the “Deed of Trust”) was executed by
___________________________ [Instructions: Insert the Trustor’s name] (hereinafter
referred to as the “Trustor”), in which ____________________ [Instructions: Insert the
Beneficiary’s name] was named as beneficiary (hereinafter referred to as the “Beneficiary”) and
Trustee was named as trustee, with regard to the following described real property (hereinafter
referred to as the “Property”) situated in the County of ____________________, [Instructions:
Insert the county where the property is located] State of _______________________,
[Instructions: Insert the state where the property is located] to wit:

                  Property Address: ______________________________________
                  [Instructions: Insert the address of the property]

                  Legal Description: ______________________________________
                  [Instructions: Insert the legal description of the property]

WHEREAS, the Deed of Trust was recorded on _____________________, [Instructions:
Insert the date the original deed was recorded] as Instrument No. __________ [Instructions:
Insert the instrument number] in Book __________ [Instructions: Insert the book number]
Page __________, [Instructions: Insert the page number] of the Official Records of the
County of ______________________, [Instructions: Insert the county where the original
deed was recorded] State of ____________________. [Instructions: Insert the state where
the original deed was recorded]

WHEREAS, having received a written request from the Beneficiary of that Deed of Trust,
reciting that all sums secured by the Deed of Trust have been fully paid, and said Deed of Trust
and the note(s) secured thereby having been surrendered to Trustee for cancellation.

NOW, THEREFORE, Trustee of the Deed of Trust does hereby reconvey to the person or
persons legally entitled thereto, without warranty, all of the estate and interest derived to the
Trustee in and to the Property.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Trustee has duly executed this Deed of Reconveyance as of the
date first written above.

___________________________ [Instructions: Insert the Trustee’s name]

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