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									             How You Can Get an AA Degree in Fitness Training Online!
!      Do you have a passion for fitness and have always wanted to make it your
profession? Or are you at a stand still in your life or career and do not know where to go
next? Well, Wexford online University offers you the opportunity to obtain the tools and
knowledge for success in the Fitness training field. Getting your Associate of Arts
degree in Fitness Training is more obtainable than you thought. Wexford University can
give you what you need to kick start your dream career and to be successful. !
!      By participating in this program, you can earn the skills necessary for your
profession in fitness training. The purpose is simple, just what you need, and what you
have been looking for: to prepare you to enter into the health/fitness and/or wellness
industries. You could have an amazing career as a personal fitness trainer, a wellness
coach, or even become a group exercise instructor. You will be able to show your skills
in the ability to motivate and push people to be their best. !
!       The online AA degree in fitness training is designed especially for you to prepare
you for further education as well. It can help you better participate in other programs
such as a BS program in health, fitness, and human performance. There is nothing
better than being able to feel well prepared and prepped. Why go into something
clueless when you can easily obtain the knowledge and skills through this special
program. Today, you can gain the appropriate tools to have confidence in yourself in this
particular field. Have the belief in you to help many improve their fitness, sports
performance, general nutrition and especially their overall wellness and health. You can
have the opportunity through this program to continue with Wexford to achieve even
higher skills for even more success. Give yourself a more diverse knowledge base and
many more opportunities. The possibilities are absolutely endless. !
!       !
!       The objective of the program are exactly what you need and have been looking
for. Give yourself the fundamental knowledge of the human body and how it adapts to
the stress of exercise. With this particular knowledge you can broaden your
understanding and know what you are doing. You will understand basic nutrition and
know its ultimate importance to a persons health and overall wellness. Learn all about
the topic and execute it in your career for your own professional achievement. The
degree will also give you an understanding of psycho-social factors that greatly affect an
individual’s ability to ultimately achieve their health and wellness goals. Obtain the tools
needed to help others reach their particular goals. !
!       The degree contains many useful and appropriate courses. Over twenty courses
are made available to you though this program. Some are “Intro to Biology”, “Lifestyle
Fitness Coaching”, “Introduction to Nutrition”, “Weight Management”, “Introduction to
Wellness Training”, and many more. Discover what you want to focus on in your career
through the many diverse classes that are offered to you. Learn what it is exactly you
want to specialize in and thrive in. Apply now to discover your passion in a career. Click
the link below to start and be on your way to the life you have always dreamed of. !
Wexford University

Online Degrees in Fitness, Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, Sport Psychology

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA!
Dr. John Spencer Ellis!
Choose your degree program and learn more.!
    Associate of Arts Degree in Fitness Training (AA)!
    Bachelor Degree in Health and Fitness (BS)!
    Master of Science in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology (MS)!
    Master of Arts in Applied Sport and Fitness Psychology (MA)!
    Doctor of Sport Psychology (EdD)!

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