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Central Kentucky SGNA Newsletter March 2009 CKSGNA Board Members 2009
Linda Amick BSN, CGRN President Email: Phone: 859-272-0798 Roberta Perraut RN Secretary Email: Holly Minder Past President/Advisor Email: PLEASE, feel free to contact any of us through these email addresses! We will try to respond in a timely manner to questions, etc. (I, Linda Amick, will be out of contact until March 16th. If I have a chance, will check my email). Betsy Matthews RN President - Elect

Jo Ann Wright RN Treasurer/Vendor Liaison

Important Announcement !!!!!!!!
Chicago SGNA is offering our region a scholarship to attend the National SGNA Conference in St. Louis this May. Up to $1500!!!
If driving from Kentucky, or you can pay part of airfare, two CKSGNA members could attend the National Conference, if they room together, on this generous scholarship offer from Chicago SGNA. Registration this year is: $410 per member, with Early Bird registration before April 3 rd. Hotel rate at the Holiday Inn/Downtown is $600,60 for the 4 nights, double occupancy (Saturday, May 16 thru Tuesday May 17). So, that leaves $79.40 for traveling there. The conference begins on Sunday, May 17th. Chicago will reimburse receipts paid for this. This is a wonderful opportunity for our members! CKSGNA wants you to be an active member. We are looking for nurses who will step up and help keep a regional SGNA in Kentucky. After plotting our membership’s locations, we found that most members live around Louisville, Lexington, northern Kentucky (Ohio river area), with a strong membership in Ashland, Kentucky. We do not want to forget our rural members either, because they are spread out all over the state. Who is interested??? Would you like to go for the education and networking with GI nurses around the country, to SGNA’s National Conference? Please respond ASAP to the all the email addresses above, and we will let you know by March 20th. I, Linda Amick – President of CKSGNA, also have a bed available in my room at the Conference!

CKSGNA Dinner Talk April 9th at Holiday Inn North
Have a nice dinner and educational speaker on April 9th, 2009 at 7pm. 1 CE offered. Registration of: Nurses: $10 and Techs $5 is being asked to confirm your commitment to attend. (CKSGNA has to pay for the dinner, whether you attend or not). Confirm with this registration and check to: Linda Amick 3265 Maddenhurst Ct. Lexington, KY 40517 Cut this out and send. Name:______________________________________________________________________________ Address:

SGNA membership # or non-member:___________________________________________________

What can CKSGNA do for YOU??
Last year CKSGNA offered two conferences to our members (a half day conference and a whole day conference) and less than 11 interested parties registered! We had to cancel both conferences! CKSGNA had to pay a penalty of over $1300 for breaking of contract with the hotel. And we had to give back all the monies that our vendors had paid to supporting CKSGNA. What do you want/need from your regional SGNA??? Please email us, as we cannot give what you need or want, unless we know!!!

CKSGNA Financial Report
Checking account as of Feb 7, 2009: $8930.15 CD “ : $4162.86 $12093,01

This is CKSGNA money. CKSGNA does support the Board members to attend the National Conference, to represent our region, and do pay for travel, registration, and hotel, for the president and one other Board member that wish to go. Myself and Roberta Perraut will be attending and representing CKSGNA this May. This year, the Multi-Regional SGNA Conference is being held in Columbus, Ohio in October, 2009. It is not that far away. It is a 1½ day conference that we have scholarships to offer, you our members. We just ask that you help support your own regional SGNA in return for a scholarship. You may apply for any conference that you may want to go to. The Board will evaluate and give you a decision.

SGNA members have many questions about SGNA’s Standards, Role Delineations, etc, from you the members. In May, I will be representing our Region (CKSGNA) to vote on what Kentucky members feel about these proposals for change. I need your help, to decide to vote YES or NO on these resolutions. Below are the basics of the resolutions that will be discussed, debated and voted on. With email to me ( ), let me know how you wish to vote. Just put: Resolutions: 1, 2, 3, etc and Yes or No, to give your voice on these matters.

1. Resolve: that SGNA’s Practice Committee will define the qualification for the RN PEG tube assistant in the role of delineation statement. 2. Resolve: that SGNA will develop criteria to establish initial competency and on-going competency requirements, including a live training course, and certification for nurses in the extended role of RN PEG tube assistant. 3. Resolve: that SGNA create a national educational course scholarship designated especially for LPN/LVN’s and associates/technicians. 4. Resolve: that SGNA will develop educational tools for its members on healthy GI tract in the form of a brochure or pamphlet, that identifies indicators on what is considered a normal GI tract and what is considered abnormal and the questions nurses and/or technicians should ask for each scenario. 5. Resolve: that SGNA develop an award format to recognize the outstanding “Regional Website”. 6. Resolve: that SGNA Practice Committee will research and establish practice guidelines to define procedure start, procedure end, start of recovery period and end of recovery period in the care of the endoscopy patient. 7, Resovle: that SGNA offer a live forum such as a panel of experts or a roundtable discussion to address regional concerns, share best practices and brainstorm ideas for successful regional leadership. This live forum could take place at the Annual Course.

8. Resolve: that SGNA provide the service of a consultant/facilitator to regional societies. Regional would have the option of paying for this service. 9. Resolve: that SGNA should offer financial assistance in the form of a scholarship for associates/technicians to obtain the Associates Program. 10. Resolve: that SGNA remove the criteria for leadership roles and awards to exclude certification for the LPN/LVN.

To see the backgrounds and rationals for these proposals, go to website and look at the resolutions to be presented in May to the House of Representatives. Personally, I need your thoughts and feelings. Thank you, CKSGNA President 2009.

Our Website! Coming, April 1, 2009
This will be our website!!! It will have announcements, dates of conferences, scholarship availabilities, deadlines for certification and renewals, help lines, links to various organizations and their nurse and patient educational materials, etc. As I sit here typing this newsletter out, and contemplate having to go out and have over 100 copies, folded and stuffed in envelopes, with members address labels put on, stamps, return address, etc………… I think, get in the 21st century!!! So…..after April 1, 2009, go to our website or contact myself or Betsy Matthews (President 2010) for information about CKSGNA. We may do a very generic post-card later this year and at the beginning of next year, to remind you to go to to get information about our regional events, news, etc. BUT, LOOK FOR IT TO HAPPEN. Sincerely, and I care, Linda Amick BSN, CGRN 24 years SGNA member (Sure has helped me). 2009 CKSGNA President

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