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									Teacher: Ms.Jacqueline&Ms.Sunny          Pre-Kindergarten Lesson Plan                                    Week of :           February 10-14, 2014
Subject/             Monday                                         Tuesday                           Wednesday                          Thursday                                           Friday
9:00 –                                                               Arrival, attendance and getting ready for the day.
9:30       Objective: Change shoes, put coat and backpack away nicely, put water cup and spoon case away, Listen for Name to be called.

9:30 -                     Grammar                                   Math                             Grammar                                                                             Grammar

                                                                                                                                          Field Trip: Marionette Puppet Show
10:00      Objectives: plural verbs               Objectives: How can you use          Objectives: Do not/Does Not                                                             Objectives: Do /Does
           Procedures:                            models to extend growing             Procedures:                                                                             Procedures:
                        How to make              patterns?                                         How to make                                                                         How to make
                        How to use               Procedures:                                       How to Use                                                                          How to Use
                        Listen and choose                 Essential Question                      Listen and choose                                                                   Listen and choose
                        Read and match                    Listen and Draw                         Complete the questio                                                                Complete the ques
                        Look and complete the             Model and Draw                           ns                                                                                   tions
                         sententeces                       Share and Show                          Look and write                                                                      Look and write
                                                           On Your Own
                                                           Problem Solving            Text/Materials:Grammar Juice
           Text/Materials:Grammar Juice Book                                           Book pg 60-61; WB pg.                                                                   Text/Materials:Grammar Juice
           pg 56-57; WB pg.                       Text/Materials:SB pgs. 473-476;                                                                                              Book pg 64-65; WB pg
                                                  WB pgs.
10:15 –                   Grammar                                   Science                           Grammar
10:45      Objectives: plural verbs               Objectives: What do Animals need?    Objectives: Question/Answers

           Procedures:                            Procedures:                          Procedures:
                        Look, choose and write            Essential Question                      Look and compete th

                        Correct the mistakes              Discuss Vocabulary                       e sentences
                        My family                         Read Chapter                            Correct the mistakes
                                                           Sum It Up                               Animal Planet
                                                           Brain Check
           Text/Materials:Grammar Juice Book                                           Text/Materials:Grammar        Juice
           pg 58-59; WB pg.                            Text/Materials:Fusion Science   Book pg 62-63; WB pg
                                                       Book pgs.258-271

10: 50 -                     Reading                            Reading                               Reading                                                                                 Gym
11:20      Objectives:                            Objectives:                          Objectives:                                                                             Objectives: Exercises and Play
           To develop fluency                     To develop fluency                   To develop fluency                                                                      Games
Spelling   To read high-frequency words           To read high-frequency words         To read high-frequency words
Words      To use picture walk                    To use picture walk                  To use picture walk                                                                               Conducted by Gym
given on   To develop comprehension               To develop comprehension             To develop comprehension                                                                           Teacher
previous   Procedures:                            Procedures:                          Procedures:
Friday              Introduce the Theme                   August Afternoon                    August Afternoon
for                 August Afternoon                      Discuss Story                       Think Critically
Testing.   Text/Materials:                        Text/Materials:                      Text/Materials:
Teacher: Ms.Jacqueline&Ms.Sunny Pre-Kindergarten Lesson Plan                           Week of :              February 10-14, 2014
11:25-              Banana book                     Banana book                      LIBRARY                                                   Musical
11:55                  :Cake Test                    :Cake Test           Objectives:                                                   :Beauty and the Beast
          Objectives:                     Objectives:                      To promote reading, both as a                             Objectives: Learn about
          Introduce target vocabulary in  Read and understand the story   group and independently.                                   Music
          context                         well                            Procedures:                                                Procedures: Conducted by
          Procedures:                     Procedures:                           bring students down t                               Music Teacher
                Introduce new words fro * remind the story we read                o the library
                   m the story.           * do WB page9-11                      Teacher will read a st
                Learn from the book cov * take a quiz                             ory and ask questions
                   er.                    Text/Materials:                          /discuss.
                Build background.          storybook and CD, workbook,         Students will then hav
                Complete the sentences          pencils, Smart board              e the remainder of th
                   using the word box.                                             e time to select a boo
                Trace the words and line                                          k and read quietly to t
                   s to match with synony                                          hemselves.
                   ms.                                                          Students will be able t
                Rearrange the letters to                                          o pick out two books t
                   match the picture.                                              o bring home. Studen
          Text/Materials:                                                          ts will tidy up prior to
            storybook and CD, workbook,                                            heading back upstairs.
                 pencils, Smart board                                     Text/Materials: Library Room,
                                                                          Library books
Teacher: Ms.Jacqueline&Ms.Sunny Pre-Kindergarten Lesson Plan                          Week of :        February 10-14, 2014
12:00-                Fun science                        Gym                       cooking                                           Musical
12:30                 : Mice Race          Objectives:                         :chocolate tart
          Objectives:                      Exercise and Play games     Objectives:
          Make a shoe brush to move by     Procedures:                 Learn hands on activity
          the vibration.                   Conducted by P.E. Teacher   Procedures:
          Procedures:                                                       Cut bread into circle s
                Attach the motor.                                              hapes with cookie cut
                Attach the battery holde                                       ters.
                   r.                                                       Bake the bread in the
                Insert the battery.                                            preheated oven for t
                                                                                welve minutes until g
                Attach the mouse pictur                                                                                      Music class continued
                                                                            Top with the almond i
                Insert the vibrating weig
                                                                                nto the cooled tart ca
                Connect the wire.                                          Chill for twenty minut
                Observe the movement.                                          es.
          Text/Materials: shoe brush,                                  Text/Materials:
          battery, mice picture, vibrating                                Butter, bread, chocolate,
          weight, motor, battery holder                                  chocolate pen, microwave,

Teacher: Ms.Jacqueline&Ms.Sunny Pre-Kindergarten Lesson Plan                                  Week of :       February 10-14, 2014
1:25-1:55                 Orda                           Craft                                Orda                            Orda                             Orda
             Objectives: Add numbers to            : Decorate a fish            Objectives: Find the hidden      Objectives: Find the patterns.    Objectives: Find the missing
             make nine.                  Objectives: To develop Craft skills    shapes                           Procedures:                       piece.
             Procedures:                 Procedures:                            Procedures:                           Talk about patterns         Procedures:
                  Different ways to mak       Cut out pattern                      Talk about shapes               Do worksheets                    Talk about shapes
                     e numbers                                                       Do worksheets                                                     Do worksheets
                                               Color, use stickers,
                  Do worksheets                                                                                  Text/Materials: Orda sheets
                                                    decorate pattern
                                                                                Text/Materials: Orda sheets                                            Text/Materials: Orda
             Text/Materials: Orda sheets                                                                                                               sheets

2:00-2:30              Raz Kids                            Starfall                          Starfall                    Show and Tell
            Objectives: Read and understand

            the story well                    Objectives: To help improve       Objectives: To help improve      Objectives:For students to talk
            Procedures:                       reading skills                    reading skills                   and share items from home

                  Read a stories in class    Procedures: We will work on       Procedures: We will work on
                     together                 phonics and reading with          phonics and reading with         Procedures:Each child comes to
                  Take a quiz                Starfall.                         Starfall.                        present their item. They talk
            Text/Materials: storybook and     Text/Materials:                   Text/Materials:                  about it and answer
            CD, workbook, pencils, Smart                                                                         questions.
            board                                                                                                Text/Materials:

                                                                            Wrap up and Home Time

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