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					Teacher: Ms. Jacki and Ms. Nicole                                      Lily Class                                  Feb 10-14

 Subject/Time               Monday                         Tuesday                       Wednesday                       Thursday                            Friday
9:00 –9:30                                                             Arrival, attendance and getting ready for the day.
                                              Objective: Change shoes, put coat and backpack away nicely, put water cup and spoon case away.
9:30~10:00        Circle Time                 Circle Time                        Circle Time                     Circle Time                      Circle Time
Circle Time       Objectives: Morning         Objectives: Morning                Objectives: Morning             Objectives: Morning              Objectives: Morning
                  Routines; Class             Routines; Listen to a story,       Routines; Listen to a story,    Routines; class conversation     Routines; Show and Tell
                  Conversation                national geographic day            sing a song                     Procedures:                      Procedures:
                  Procedures:                 Procedures:                        Procedures:                     -Teacher will talk about how     - Sing the calendar song,
                  -teacher and students will  - Sing the calendar song,          - Sing the calendar song,       their night was                  discuss today’s date.
                  have a conversation         discuss today’s date.              discuss today’s date.           -students will respond           - Sing the weather song,
                  -each student will ask any  - Sing the weather song,           - Sing the weather song,         - Sing the calendar song,       discuss today’s weather.
                  question -students will     discuss today’s weather.           discuss today’s weather.        discuss today’s date.            -students will bring in a show
                  respond                     - Discuss what we are doing        - Discuss what we are doing - Sing the weather song,             and tell and talk about it with
                  - Sing the calendar song,   today (look at class timetable) today (look at class               discuss today’s weather.         the students
                  discuss today’s date.       -Show letters students say the     timetable)                      - Discuss what we are doing      -The students will bring in
                  - Sing the weather song,    letter                             -Show letters students say      today (look at class timetable   something special to them
                  discuss today’s weather.    -show letters students say the     the letter                      -review letters and sounds       -talk about the weekend
                  -review sight words we have sound                              -show letters students say      -Review of sight words           Text/Materials: Whiteboard,
                  learned                     -review sight words                the sound                       -have students find something    songs, calendar, children’s
                  -Show letters students say  - Read a themed story to the       -review sight words             around the class that begins     show and tell
                  the letter                  children from discovery            - Read a themed story to the    with “the ea sound”
                  -show letters students say  channel kids about squirrels       children                        -teacher will go over rhyming
                  the sound                   -teacher will ask                  -count by2, 10’s and 5’s        words with flash cards
                  -teacher will show sight    comprehension questions            -syllable counting              Text/Materials: Calendar,
                  words and ask students to   Text/Materials: Whiteboard,        Text/Materials:                 songs, numbers, sight words,
                  say the word.               songs, calendar, book,             Whiteboard, songs, calendar, rhyming flashcards,
                  -have students find         national geographic                book, national geographic
                  something around the class
                  that has a long a sound
                  -sing from head to toe”
                  -count by 2’S 10’s and 5
                  -counting syllables
                  Whiteboard, songs,
                  calendar, sight words,

Teacher: Ms. Jacki and Ms. Nicole                                           Lily Class                  Feb 10-14

10:15~10:45       Journal                           Story town-An elephants 3                                       Library
                  Objective: Write an entry         Ts’                                                             Objectives: Have interest
                  and illustrate what is written.   Objectives: story town story                                    with story books
                  Procedures:                       – An elephants 3 t’s?                Performance                Procedures:

                  -The students will write about    Increase vocabulary and                                         -students will choose a book
                  their favorite field trip they
                  went on in Lily class.
                                                    enhance reading skills.
                                                                                          “Lion King”               to read silently for 10
                  -the students will draw a         -The teacher will ask the                                       -the students will choose a
                  picture about what they wrote     students what are the three t’s                                 book to read to their reading
                  about                             on an elephant                                                  buddy.
                  Text/Materials: white board,      -the students and teacher will                                  -students will listen to a
                  journals, pencils                 read the story                                                  themed story from the
                                                    -the students will complete a                                   teacher
                                                    story map                                                       Teacher will ask
                                                    -the students will read the                                     comprehension questions and
                                                    story on their own                                              discuss story
                                                    -the students and teacher will                                  -students will choose a
                                                    relate it to other animals.                                     library book to bring home
                                                     Text/Materials: Practice                                       - Text/Materials: Library
                                                    book, story town, words to                                      folder, story books
                                                    know, story map
10: 50 ~ 11:20     Science –How a Pully works       Art-A cake decoration                                           Cooking class-Chocolate
                   Objectives: Make a pully         Objectives: To develop the                                      fondue
                   and know the principles how      ability of decorations                                          Objectives: Can make and
                   the pully works                  Procedures:                                                     taste the chocolate fondue
                   Procedures:                      -Talk about when you eat                                        using strawberries and
                   -Talk about what a pully is      cakes                                                           bananas
                   -Talk about where you can        -Talk about various tastes of                                   Procedures:
                   find them                        cakes                                                           -Ask what day is it today
                   -Think creatively where you      -Show different shapes and                                      (Valentine’s day)
                   can put a pully and why          sizes, colors of cakes                                          -Talk about valentine’s day
                   -Show a short video about the    -Students will draw on their                                    (Meaning, what you do etc)
                   use of pully                     sketchbook                                                      -Show what we are going to
                   -Show the completed pully        -Teacher will hang it in class                                  make today
                   and explain how it moves         to share with classmates                                        -Introduce the materials
                   -Teacher shows how to make       Text/Materials: sketchbook,                                     -Talk about the steps
                   it by modeling                   color pencils, various kinds                                    -Make the fondue together
                   -Students make it by             of decorated cakes                                              -Students will taste the
                   themselves                                                                                       fondue what they made
                   -Do the student book together                                                                    Text/Materials: chocolate,
                   Text/Materials: Science kit,                                                                     strawberries, bananas
                   Student book

Teacher: Ms. Jacki and Ms. Nicole                                         Lily Class                                   Feb 10-14
11:25~11:55       Music                            English Travels –                                                               Portfolio:
                  Objectives: Practice the         Community workers                                                               Objectives: The students
                  musical “Lion King”              Objectives: Can review the                                                      will create something to put
                  Procedures:                      target words and sentences                                                      in their portfolio
                  - Follow the instructions from   about Community workers                                                         Procedures:
                  Musical teacher                  Procedures:                                                                     -The students will do a
                                                   -Sing the Community                                                             creative writing piece for
                                                   workers song together                                                           their portfolio.
                                                   -Do the worksheet                                                               Text/Materials: color
                                                   -Make a small book about                                                        papers, color pencils etc
                                                   community workers
                                                   Text/Materials: worksheets,
                                                   construction papers
12:00~12:30       Music                            Math                              Math                                          Spelling Test
                  Objectives: Practice the         Objectives: Chapter 10-           Objectives: Chapter 10-                       -Words from Story time
                  musical “Lion King”              identify and describe cubes       identify and describe cones                   -Phonics words
                  Procedures:                      Procedures:                       Procedures:                                   -give the students their
                  - Follow the instructions from   -The students will use the        -The students and teacher                     spelling test sheet.
                  Teacher.                         blocks in our classroom to        will walk about cones.                        -say the word and the
                                                   make a cube                       -the students and teacher                     students will write it on their
                                                   -the students will stand in a     will complete pg. 465-472                     paper
                                                   group and describe their cube - Text/Materials: Go math                         -correct the tests, if the
                                                   -the students will complete                                                     students get any wrong put a
                                                   pg 457-464                                                                      correction paper on the back
                                                   - Text/Materials: Go math                                                       for homework.

1:25~1:55         Phonics                          Phonics                          Phonics                          Free Gym      Phonics
                  Objectives: -ar –or –ar-, -or-   Objectives: -ar –or –ar-, -or-   Objectives: -ar –or –ar-, -or-                 Objectives: -ar –or –ar-, -or-
                  Procedures:                      Procedures:                      Procedures:                                    Procedures:
                  -The students will learn the     -The students will watch an      -The students will play a                      -The students will review all
                  flash cards                      alpha blocks on these letters    game in the hall using these                   of the words.
                  -the teacher will write the      -the teacher will review the     sounds.                                        -the students will work in
                  sounds on the white board        sounds with the students.        -the students will use their                   centers
                  -the students will be given a    -the students will complete      listening to go to the right                   1. reading
                  card and have to write under     pg 40-41 in workbook 2           word.                                          2. writing
                  which one it belongs to          Text/Materials: Spotlight on     -the students will complete                    3 game
                  -the students will complete      phonics workbook 2, Phonics      pg. 78-81 in workbook 1                        -the students will complete
                  pg.74-77 in the workbook         story, flashcards,               Text/Materials: Spotlight                      pg. 42-43 in workbook 2
                   Text/Materials: Spotlight                                        on phonics workbook 1,                         Text/Materials: Spotlight on
                  on phonics workbook 1,                                            Phonics story, flashcards                      phonics workbook 2, Phonics
                  Phonics story, flashcards,                                                                                       story, flashcards,

Teacher: Ms. Jacki and Ms. Nicole                                        Lily Class                                       Feb 10-14
2:00~2:30         Sight words                     Brain Bank- My pet rabbit          Sight words                      Brain Bank- My pet rabbit         Reading buddies
                  Objectives: identify sight      Objectives: The students will Objectives: identify sight            Objectives: The students will
                  word “well”                     increase their vocabulary.        word “went”                       increase their vocabulary.
                   Procedures:                    Procedure:                         Procedures:                      Procedure:
                  -The students will do a         -The students will partner        -The students and teacher         -The students will read the
                  review of all of the sight      read the story                    wil talk about a trip that they   story on their own
                  words                           -the students will watch the      went on                           -The students will act out the
                  -the students will learn the    rabbit video                      -the students will identify       story
                  new sight word well             -the students will complete       the sight word went.              -the students will complete pg.
                  -the students will complete     page 7-9 in workbook.             -the students will complete       10-11
                  the sight word page well        - Text/Materials: Brain bank the went page                          - Text/Materials: Brain bank
                    Text/Materials: sight word,   book.                             Text/Materials: sight word,       book.
                  flash cards                                                       flash cards

                                                                           Wrap up and Home Time


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