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									Teacher: Ms. Erin & Ms. Ann                                                Pre-Kindergarten Lesson Plan                           Week of : 2014.2.10-2014.2.14
 Subject/Time                 Monday                        Tuesday                        Wednesday                      Thursday                          Friday
9:00 –9:30                                                             Arrival, attendance and getting ready for the day.
                               Objective: Change shoes, put coat and backpack away nicely, put water cup and spoon case away, put name on self-attendance chart.
9:30~10:00       Circle Time
Circle Time      Objectives: Learn about the calendar and the days of the week. Discuss today’s weather. Specially learn a new song (on Mondays, talk about the weekend).
                 Introduce and review the letter of the week and words that start with that letter.
                 Text/Materials: n/a
                  Calendar
                  Days of the week
                  Music & Dance Time
                 Evaluation: Observation

10:15 – 10:45    PHONICS                          PHONICS                         PHONICS                                                       PHONICS

SUBJECT..        Objectives: review of units      Objectives: introducing short   Objectives: reinforcing short                                 Objectives: Reinforcing the
                 7-8                              vowel u phonics                 vowel u phonics                                               letter r through making a
                 Procedures:                      Procedures:                     Procedures:                                                   craft
                 -Listen to the word chant        -Listen to the word chant       -Listen to the word chant                                      Procedures: -listen to the
                 -review words and phonics        -introduce new words and        -introduce words and phonics                                  letter r song
                 with flashcards
                 -check sts understanding
                 -complete pgs 80-82 together
                 -sts will complete their own
                                                  phonics with flashcards
                                                  -check sts understanding
                                                  -show how to complete pg
                                                  85, 86 and complete together
                                                                                  with flashcards
                                                                                  -check sts understanding
                                                                                  -play a game to reinforce the
                                                                                                                   trip                          - have sts identify words
                                                                                                                                                that start with r
                                                                                                                                                - Show sts how to make the r
                                                                                                                                                craft step by step
                                                                                                                                                 -Sts will make their own
                 books.                           -sts will complete their own    -complete pgs 87 88 together                                  crafts
                 Text/Materials: Phonics cue      books.                          -sts will complete their own                                  Text/Materials: , Youtube
                 book 2, CD                       Text/Materials: Phonics cue     books.                                                        Video, craft material
                 Evaluation: Observation          book 2, CD                      Text/Materials: Phonics cue                                   Evaluation: Observation
                                                  Evaluation: Observation         book 2, CD
                                                                                  Evaluation: Observation

10: 50 ~ 11:20     SPOTLIGHT ON LITERACY                     Math                   SPOTLIGHT ON LITERACY                                         SPOTLIGHT ON LITERACY

                 Objectives: reinforcing story       Learn to add, subtract       Objectives: wriritng the                                      Objectives: understanding
                 vocabulary and matching          Objectives: Count numbers       word “very” and “I am”                                        happy/sad/angry and creating
                 pictures to sentences            1-100 & talk about a plus /     Procedures:                                                   a project
                 Procedures:                      minus sign                      - listen to the story song and                                Procedures:
                 - listen to the story song and                                   review vocabulary words                                       - listen to the story song and

                 review vocabulary words          - Sing number song.             -check sts understanding                                      review vocabulary words
                 -check sts understanding         - Show how to complete          individually                                                  -check sts understanding
                 individually                     worksheet                       -show how to complete pgs                                     individually
                 -show how to complete pgs 6,                                     8,9                                                           -show how to complete pgs
                 7                                                                -sts complete their own                                       10,11
                 -sts complete their own                                          books.                                                        -sts complete their own
Teacher: Ms. Erin & Ms. Ann                                                 Pre-Kindergarten Lesson Plan                             Week of : 2014.2.10-2014.2.14
                  books.                                                          - Text/Materials: textbook,                                      books.
                  - Text/Materials: textbook,                                     smartboard, CD                                                    - Text/Materials: textbook,
                  smartboard, CD                                                                                                                          smartboard, CD

  11:25~11:55              ORDA                               GYM                           ORDA                                                            Library

                         Star Travel             Objectives: Participate                 Country Villas                                            Objectives: Have interest
                  Text/Materials: Crayons,       willingly in a variety of         Text/Materials: Crayons,                                        with story books
                  paper                          physically active activities to   paper                                                           Procedures:
                                                 develop gross-motor skills.                                                                       - Talk about rules in the
                                                 Demonstrate health and

                                                 safety practices for                                                                              - Listen to a story
                                                 themselves and others.                                                                            Text/Materials: Library
                                                 Procedures:                                                                                       folder, story booksbg
                                                 Teacher will bring students
                                                 downstairs, using the
                                                 elevator, and supervise while
                                                 students participate in gym
                                                 class with the Gym Teacher.
                                                 Text/Materials: N/A (Gym
                                                 toys and equipment)
                                                 Evaluation: Observation

12:00~1:20                                                                                    Lunch
1:25~1:55         Faces                          Faces                             Faces                           Faces                           Faces
Course Book       Objectives: unit 8 review       Objectives: Introducing unit     Objectives: matching clothes    Objectives: reinforcing         Objectives: language and
Faces 2:          Procedures:                    9 vocabulary and “what are        to jobs                         language use through            vobulary reveiw
Unit 1            -review unit 8 vocabulary      you wearing? I’m wearing a        Procedures:                     completing activities.          Procedures:
                  -show activity book pgs 71-    …                                 -introduce the vocabulary       Procedures:                     -pass out flashcards and have
                  73                             Procedures:                       using flashcards                -review the language and        sts I’m wearing a ….
                  -complete with sts on the      -introduce the vocabulary         -check sts understanding        expressions                     -check sts understanding
                  smartboard                     using flashcards                  individually                    -check sts understanding        individually
                  -sts will complete their own   - show pgs 68-69                  -complete lesson 3 in the       individually.                   -complete lesson 4 in the
                  books                          -complete lesson 1 and 2          faces book together             -show how to complete pgs       faces book.
                  Text/Materials: activity       together.                         - sts will complete their own   74-76 in the activity book      - sts will complete their own
                  book , flashcards CD,          -sts complete their own books     books                           - sts will complete their own   books
                                                 Text/Materials: textbook ,        Text/Materials: activity        books                           Text/Materials: activity
                                                 flashcards, CD                    book , flashcards CD,           Text/Materials: activity        book , flashcards CD,
                                                                                                                   book , flashcards CD,

2:00~2:30                  RAZ-KIDS                             Art                            Craft                            Gym                            Science
                      Where plants grow           An Airplane With Strange              My Own CD Doll             Objectives: Get exercise,         Touching & feeling in a
                  Objectives: Students are                    Wings                Directions :                    socialize and play together.                pocket
                  going to talk Where plants     Objectives : To develop               a. CD disk is going to      Procedures:                     Goal : Learn about the
                  grow                           skills of the imagination.                be a face of your CD    -Free play with the gym         feelings through the hand.
Teacher: Ms. Erin & Ms. Ann                                               Pre-Kindergarten Lesson Plan                       Week of : 2014.2.10-2014.2.14
                                                 Ideas :                                 doll.                   equipment                 Procedures:
                                                     a. Look at various             b. Make your own CD                                    - Touch the materials and
                 Procedures:                             shapes of airplanes             doll by taping the                                remember the what they feel
                 -Listen to a story talk Where           without wings                   given materials on                                like.
                 plants grow                             drawn on the                    the CD disk.                                      -Put the materials in the
                 -Talk about Where plants                sketchbook.                c. After completing                                    pocket.
                 grow                                b. Imagine the kinds                your CD doll                                      -Put your hand in the pocket
                 - Show how to complete                  of airplanes and                display it with your                              to guess the object.
                 worksheet                               people on the                   friends’ CD dolls                                 -Make your guess with the
                 - Complete worksheet                    airplanes.                      together. Place them                              feeling from you hand.
                                                     c. Draw wings that go               on the wall in a row.
                                                         well with the given    Text/Materials: Craft kit
                                                 Text/Materials: Crayons
                                                                          Wrap up and Home Time

         Independent Centers:                    Songs: (It is possible to find all the songs below on www.youtube.com)
Blocks                                           Days of the week                              If you’re happy                  Skeleton dance
Puzzle                                           BINGO                                         10 Little numbers                5 little speckled frogs
Library                                          Wheels on the bus                             Shape song                       Twinkle, twinkle little star
Manipulatives                                    I am a pizza                                  Good Morning                     Hokey Pokey

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