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					                                   Venture Capital Funding Survey, Fourth Quarter 2013

This is a listing of many of the Bay Area firms that received venture capital financing between
Oct. 1 and Dec. 31, 2013. Most of the data was compiled from a survey conducted by
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Thomson Venture Economics and the National Venture Capital Association
in conjunction with the Mercury News.

In the case of some investments there may have been other participants in the round who are not
credited. Also, the amounts listed may not include all venture funding the company received during
the quarter.

*Indicates this is a seed or first-round infusion of money from venture capitalists. These
companies may have received money previously from other investors and aren't necessarily startups.

             Name               City         Stage          Amount            Investors         Description
                                                                       Frazier Healthcare,      Treatments for cancer
                                                                       OrbiMed Advisors,        and autoimmune
Acerta Pharma*             San Carlos     Startup/Seed     $13,000,100 undisclosed firm         diseases
                                                                       5AM Venture
                                                                       Management, ARCH
                                                                       Venture Partners, Alta
                                                                       Partners, Domain
                           South San                                   Associates, Versant      Biopharmaceutical
Achaogen                   Francisco      Later Stage      $10,000,000 Ventures                 company
                                                                        Domain Associates,      biopharmaceutical
Afferent Pharmaceuticals   San Mateo      Expansion          $6,500,000 Pappas Ventures         company
                                                                        Longitude Capital       Treatment of peripheral
Ajax Vascular*             Menlo Park     Startup/Seed        $500,000 Management Co.           vascular disease
                                                                        OrbiMed Advisors,
Alector*                   San Francisco Startup/Seed        $5,999,000 Polaris Partners        Biotech company
                                                                       Longitude Capital
                                                                       Management Co.,          Solutions to food allergy
Allergen Research          San Mateo      Early Stage      $12,000,000 undisclosed firm         sufferers
                                                                       Bio*One Capital Pte,
                                                                       Charter Life Sciences,
                                                                       undisclosed firms,       Bio-absorbable stents
                                                                       Venstar Capital          for peripheral and
Amaranth Medical           Mountain View Later Stage       $20,000,000 Management Pte           coronary application

                                                                       Duff Ackerman &
                                                                       Goodrich, Kleiner Perkins
                                                                       Caufield & Byers,
ARMO Biosciences*          Palo Alto      Early Stage      $20,000,100 OrbiMed Advisors          Biotechnology company
                                                                                                 Vascular access
Arstasis                   Redwood City   Later Stage      $16,500,000 Undisclosed firm          devices
                                                                                                 Implant system for
Articulinx                 Cupertino      Early Stage        $700,000 U.S. Venture Partners      osteoarthritis

                                                                       Amgen, Domain
                                                                       Associates, Duff
                                                                       Ackerman & Goodrich,
                                                                       Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Drug development
Atara Biotherapeutics      Brisbane       Early Stage      $38,500,000 Byers, undisclosed firms company

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                               Venture Capital Funding Survey, Fourth Quarter 2013

                                                                       Social+Capital             Athletic apparel to
Athos Works*            Redwood City   Startup/Seed       $3,500,000 Partnership                  measure fitness
                                                                    5AM Venture                   Gene therapies for
                                                                    Management, Versant           orphan muscle
Audentes Therapeutics   San Francisco Startup/Seed      $12,000,000 Ventures,                     diseases
                                                                    Doll Capital Management,
                                                                    Intel Capital, Mayfield
                                                                    Fund, Norwest Venture
                                                                    Partners, Peninsula
                                                                    Ventures, Stanford       Connected health and
                                                                    University, undisclosed  heart-rate monitor
Basis Science           San Francisco Early Stage       $11,750,400 firm, iNovia Capital     wearable on the wrist

                                                                    5AM Venture
                                                                    Management, F Hoffmann        Systems to analyze
                                                                    La Roche AG, Pfizer           protein function for
Biodesy*                Burlingame     Early Stage      $15,000,000 Venture Investments           clinical applications
Butterfly Health        Los Gatos      Early Stage       $4,022,000 Canaan Partners               Products and services
                                                                                                  Scientific solutions for
Cabochon Aesthetics     Menlo Park     Later Stage         $164,000 Morgenthaler Ventures         aesthetic procedures
                                                                    Advanced Technology
                                                                    Ventures, Delphi
                                                                    Ventures, Longwood
                                                                    Founders Management,
                        South San                                   Morgenthaler Ventures,
Calithera Biosciences   Francisco      Early Stage      $27,150,200 undisclosed firms             Therapeutics company

                                                                                                  Biological gas-to-liquids
                                                                       Pangaea Ventures,          and biological gas-to-
Calysta Energy*         Menlo Park     Early Stage        $3,000,000   undisclosed firm           chemicals technology
                        South San                                      Morgenthaler Ventures,     Engineers therapeutic
Catalyst Biosciences    Francisco      Later Stage          $52,000    Sofinnova Ventures         protease products
                                                                       5AM Venture
Cellular Research*      Menlo Park     Startup/Seed       $1,300,000   undisclosed firm           Research services
                                                                       SV Life Sciences
                                                                       Advisers, undisclosed      Medical device
Cibiem                  Hayward        Early Stage        $5,000,000   firm                       incubator
                                                                       Alta Partners, Bay City    Drugs for metabolic
CymaBay Therapeutics    Hayward        Later Stage        $3,321,000   Capital, Venbio Partners   diseases

                                                                     Aurus Gestion de             Interprets medical
                                                                     Inversiones SPA, Harris      images involving mental
EchoPixel*              San Jose       Startup/Seed       $2,350,000 & Harris Group               spatial calculations
                                                                     Advanced Technology          Surgery solutions for
                                                                     Ventures, Canaan             gastroesophageal
Endogastric Solutions   Redwood City   Later Stage        $1,269,000 Partners                     reflux disease
                                                                                                  Medical device
Foundry Newco XI        Menlo Park     Expansion            $12,000 Morgenthaler Ventures         company

                                                                    Decheng Capital,
                                                                    undisclosed firms, Yingfu
GenapSys*               Redwood City   Early Stage      $36,487,000 Taike Venture Capital Co      Sequencing systems
                                                                    Kleiner Perkins Caufield &    Treatment solutions for
                                                                    Byers, U.S. Venture           ear, nose and throat
Intersect ENT           Menlo Park     Later Stage       $2,599,000 Partners                      patients

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                                 Venture Capital Funding Survey, Fourth Quarter 2013

                                                                     Genesys Capital
                                                                     Partners, Thomas
                                                                     Mcnerney and Partners,          Genetic diagnostics
InVitae                  San Francisco Early Stage       $39,999,800 undisclosed firms               company
                                                                     BioMedPartners AG,
                                                                     Seventure Partners SA,
                                                                     undisclosed firm,               Medical device
Middle Peak Medical      Palo Alto      Early Stage       $3,000,000 Wellington Partners             company
                                                                     Aisling Capital, Domain
                                                                     Associates, Foundry
                                                                     Group, Morgenthaler             Medical device
Miramar Labs             Sunnyvale      Expansion        $10,008,000 Ventures                        company
                                                                                                     Medical technology
NeuraLieve               Sunnyvale      Later Stage         $490,000 Undisclosed firm                company
                                                                        Morgenthaler Ventures,
Nexis Vision             Menlo Park     Early Stage         $750,000 undisclosed firm                Ophthalmic solutions

                                                                      Amgen, Domain
                                                                      Associates, Duff
                                                                      Ackerman & Goodrich,       Therapies to combat
                                                                      Kleiner Perkins Caufield & cachexia in cancer
Nina Biotherapeutics     Brisbane       Startup/Seed       $2,502,800 Byers, undisclosed firms patients
                                                                                                     Glucose monitoring
Optiscan Biomedical      Hayward        Later Stage         $492,000 Morgenthaler Ventures           systems
                                                                     Ignition Capital Partners,
                                                                     Ignition Partners,
PaxVax                   Menlo Park     Early Stage      $22,746,000 undisclosed firms               Biotechnology company

                                                                     Management, Lightspeed
                                                                     Venture Partners, Mohr
                                                                     Davidow Ventures,
Personalis               Menlo Park     Expansion        $22,078,000 undisclosed firm       Biotechnolgy company

                                                                        Amgen, Domain
                                                                        Associates, Duff
                                                                        Ackerman & Goodrich,         Therapies to reverse
                                                                        Kleiner Perkins Caufield &   protein energy wasting
Pinta Biotherapeutics    Brisbane       Early Stage      $17,999,000    Byers, undisclosed firms     in renal disease
                                                                        Easton Hunt Capital          Medical device
Precise Light Surgical   Campbell       Early Stage        $4,490,000   Partners                     company
                                                                        5AM Venture                  Clinical-stage
                                                                        Management,                  biopharmaceutical
Relypsa                  Redwood City   Expansion        $15,000,000    undisclosed firm             company
                                                                        Angels' Forum & the Halo
                                                                        Fund, Astia Angel,
                                                                        Golden Seeds, Sand Hill      Medical solutions and
RenovoRx                 San Jose       Early Stage        $1,140,000   Angels                       services
                         South San                                                                   Therapeutics for a
Reset Therapeutics       Francisco      Early Stage      $14,796,000 Bay City Capital                variety of diseases
                                                                        Clarus Ventures,             Robotic technology for
Restoration Robotics                    Later Stage        $5,000,000 undisclosed firm               aesthetic surgeries

                                                                     Amgen, Domain
                                                                     Associates, Duff
                                                                     Ackerman & Goodrich,
Santa Maria                                                          Kleiner Perkins Caufield &
Biotherapeutics*         Brisbane       Early Stage      $17,999,000 Byers, undisclosed firms Biotechnology company

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                                    Venture Capital Funding Survey, Fourth Quarter 2013

                                                                        Relay Ventures,
                                                                        undisclosed firm,         Personalized health
Scanadu*                  Moffett Field    Early Stage      $10,500,000 VegasTechFund             electronics
                                                                                                  Minimally invasive
                                                                                                  devices to treat heart
SentreHEART               Redwood City     Later Stage        $4,500,000 U.S. Venture Partners    disease
                                                                         Clarus Ventures,         Pharmaceutical
SFJ Pharmaceuticals       Pleasanton       Expansion        $22,767,000 undisclosed firm          company
                                                                        Alta Partners, Amgen,
                                                                        Celgene, Lilly Ventures
                                                                        Management Company,
                                                                        SV Life Sciences
                          South San                                     Advisers, Skyline
Sutro Biopharma           Francisco        Later Stage      $26,000,000 Ventures                  Protein pharmaceuticals
                                                                        Delphi Ventures, Kaiser
                                                                        Permanente Ventures,
                                                                        Kearny Venture
                                                                        Partners, MPM Capital,
                                                                        New Enterprise
                                                                        Associates, , Rock
                                                                        Spring Ventures,
Trivascular               Santa Rosa       Later Stage      $39,643,900 undisclosed firm          Endovascular grafts

                                                                        Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Therapies that inhibit
                          South San                                     Byers, MPM Capital,        the complement system
True North Therapeutics   Francisco        Startup/Seed     $10,300,000 undisclosed firm           to treat rare disease
                                                                                                   Capillary force
                                                                                                   vaporizer (CPV)
Vapore                    Concord          Later Stage       $1,120,000 Undisclosed firm           devices
                                                                        Advent Venture
                                                                        Partners, Aisling Capital,
                                                                        Index Ventures, New
                                                                        Leaf Venture Partners,
                                                                        Sofinnova Ventures,
Versartis                 Redwood City     Early Stage      $10,000,000 undisclosed firm           Biotechnology company
                                                                        New Enterprise             Markets cardiac medical
Vytronus                  Sunnyvale        Early Stage         $701,000 Associates                 devices
                                                                        Aperture Venture
                                                                        Partners, Ascent
                                                                        Biomedical Ventures,
                                                                        Charter Life Sciences,
                                                                        Prism Ventureworks,        Therapeutic endoscopy
XLumena                   Mountain View Expansion           $20,604,000 Third Point Ventures       products
Zosano Pharma             Fremont          Early Stage         $111,000 Phase4 Ventures            company

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                            Venture Capital Funding Survey, Fourth Quarter 2013

            Name         City         Stage         Amount            Investors            Description
                                                               StarVest Partners,          Cloud service
AppDirect           San Francisco Expansion        $13,000,000 undisclosed firm            marketplace company
                                                               Bain Capital Venture
                                                               Partners, Hummer
                                                               Winblad Venture
                                                               Partners, InterWest
                                                               Partners, Tugboat
                                                               Ventures, undisclosed       On-demand billing
Aria Systems        San Francisco Later Stage      $40,000,200 firm, Venrock               solutions
                                                                                           Web application to
                                                                                           visualize and
Datahero            Palo Alto      Early Stage       $3,156,000 Foundry Group              understand data
                                                               Cendana Capital GP, IA
                                                               Ventures, Insight
                                                               Venture Partners,
                                                               Northgate Capital, Scale
                                                               Venture Partners,
                                                               undisclosed firm, Upfront Social data platform
Datasift            San Francisco Expansion        $42,000,000 Ventures                  company
                                                                                           Links local business
                                                                                           with local online video
ExtendTV*           San Francisco Early Stage        $2,400,000 U.S. Venture Partners      inventory
                                                                                           Machine data analytics
Glassbeam*          Sunnyvale      Expansion         $3,320,000 VKRM                       company
                                                                Comcast Ventures, DFJ
                                                                Frontier, Draper Fisher
                                                                Jurvetson International,
                                                                Norwest Venture
                                                                Partners, Panorama         Mobile advertising and
Jiwire              San Francisco Later Stage        $5,000,000 Capital, Trident Capital   data platform

                                                               500 Startups, Amplify
                                                               Partners, Pelion Venture
                                                               Partners, Rincon Venture
                                                               Partners, undisclosed
Keen Labs           San Francisco Early Stage       $2,350,200 firm, XG Ventures        Data analytics company
                                                                                        Online advertising
                                                               Rembrandt Venture        solutions from offline
Liveramp*           San Francisco Early Stage       $1,000,000 Partners                 data
                                                                                        Real-time analytics
                                                               IA Ventures, Khosla      solutions for online
Metamarkets Group   San Francisco Early Stage       $5,000,100 Ventures, True Ventures advertising
                                                               Allen & Co, Benchmark
                                                               Capital Management,
                                                               Technology Crossover     Online marketplace for
                                                               Ventures, undisclosed    independent design and
Minted              San Francisco Expansion        $41,000,000 firm                     art
                                                               Adams Street Partners,
                                                               Giza Venture Capital,    Automated acquisition
Mintigo             San Mateo      Expansion        $9,999,900 Sequoia Capital          solution
                                                                                        Internet protocol
                                                               Advanced Technology      address infrastructure
Nominum             Redwood City   Later Stage        $290,000 Ventures                 solutions to companies

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                           Venture Capital Funding Survey, Fourth Quarter 2013

                                                                  Ecomobilite Ventures
                                                                  SAS, Fontinalis Partners,
                                                                  IncWell, Total Energy
                                                                  Ventures International      Mobile parking payment
QuickPay           San Carlos     Early Stage        $5,499,900   SAS, undisclosed firms      solutions
                                                                  Toba Capital, undisclosed   Backup, recovery and
QuorumLabs         San Jose       Expansion          $9,999,900   firms                       continuity solutions
                                                                  Catamount Ventures,
                                                                  Matrix Partners,            Retail intelligence
Quri*              San Francisco Early Stage         $9,999,900   undisclosed firm            platform
                                                                  North Bridge Venture
                                                                  Partners, undisclosed       Social video advertising
Sharethrough       San Francisco Expansion           $8,325,000   firm                        company

                                                                  Javelin Venture Partners, Tracking and finding
Shoptap            San Francisco Early Stage         $5,500,000 undisclosed firm            specific items
                                                                  Altair Capital
                                                                  Management GmbH,
                                                                  undisclosed firm, Y       Online health insurance
SimplyInsured*     Mountain View Early Stage          $750,000    Combinator                manager
                                                                  Focus Ventures, Industry
                                                                  Ventures, Norwest
                                                                  Venture Partners,
                                                                  Triangle Peak Partners,   Traveler engagement
Sojern             San Francisco Expansion         $10,000,200    Trident Capital           platform
                                                                  Sigma West,
                                                                  Social+Capital            Enterprise social media
                                                                  Partnership, undisclosed customer service
Sparkcentral       San Francisco Early Stage          $750,000    firms                     platform
Sparks Mobile*     San Francisco Startup/Seed        $1,950,000   Greylock Partners         Products and services

                                                                                              Online products and
Super Evil Mega*   San Mateo      Startup/Seed       $3,800,000 Crosscut Ventures             services

                                                                Hitachi, Sand Hill Angels, Anubator that backs
The Fabric*        Palo Alto      Early Stage      $10,500,000 undisclosed firm            networking startups
                                                                                           Software solutions to
                                                                Norwest Venture            the online advertising
Turn               Redwood City   Later Stage        $3,000,000 Partners                   industries

                                                               Highland Capital Partners,     Online payment service
                                                               Ignition Partners,             for groups and
WePay              Palo Alto      Expansion        $13,453,000 undisclosed firm               organizations
                                                               Lightbank, undisclosed         Online English
Wordnik            San Mateo      Expansion         $2,300,000 firm                           dictionary services
                                                               Atomico Ventures,
                                                               Battery Ventures, Draper
                                                               Fisher Jurvetson
                                                               International, Duff
                                                               Ackerman & Goodrich,
                                                               Greylock Partners, Index
                                                               Ventures, QuestMark
                                                               Partners, T. Rowe Price
                                                               Threshold Partnerships,
Yub*               Mountain View Early Stage       $11,999,700 undisclosed firm               Offline affiliate network

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                                Venture Capital Funding Survey, Fourth Quarter 2013

             Name            City         Stage         Amount             Investors            Description
                                                                    Clean Pacific Ventures      Web and mobile-
American Efficient      San Mateo      Early Stage       $2,500,000 Management                  enabled platform
                                                                    Baseline Ventures, First
                                                                    Round Capital, Harrison     Online bootcamp for
                                                                    Metal Capital, Learn        teaching people to build
Bloc                    Palo Alto      Early Stage       $2,000,000 Capital Venture Partners    web applications

                                                                   500 Startups, Atlas
                                                                   Venture Advisors,
                                                                   Crosslink Capital, Morado
                                                                   Venture Management,
                                                                   Social Leverage,             Online tuition for English
Colingo                 San Francisco Early Stage       $2,400,300 undisclosed firms            language
                                                                   Learn Capital Venture
                                                                   Partners, undisclosed        Online education
Coursera                Mountain View Early Stage      $20,000,100 firms                        company
                                                                   Andreessen Horowitz,
                                                                   Doll Capital Management,
                                                                   Felicis Ventures, SV
                                                                   Angel II Q, undisclosed      Allows groups to pool
Crowdtilt               San Francisco Early Stage      $22,999,800 firm                         funds online
                                                                                                Online platform for
                                                                                                materials and
Cuyana                  San Francisco Early Stage        $1,000,000 Canaan Partners             accessories

                                                                    Javelin Venture Partners, Online streaming radio
DeliRadio*              Emeryville     Early Stage       $9,350,000 undisclosed firm          website
                                                                    Undisclosed firm, Upfront Online orders from a
Deliv                   Palo Alto      Early Stage       $4,507,000 Ventures                  retailer's website

                                                                    Bertelsmann Digital Media
                                                                    Investments, Google
                                                                    Ventures, Kima Ventures
                                                                    SAS, Social+Capital
                                                                    Partnership, SparkLabs
                                                                    Global Ventures,
Established Tomorrow*   San Francisco Early Stage        $1,199,800 undisclosed firms           Kitchen tools
                                                                    Juniper Networks, New       Platform for cable
Gainspeed               Sunnyvale      Early Stage       $3,339,000 Enterprise Associates       networks
                                                                    Norwest Venture
                                                                    Partners, undisclosed       User personality profile
Good.Co*                San Francisco Early Stage        $1,300,000 firms                       test for the workplace
                                                                                                Network of online
                                                                    Khosla Ventures,            videos from experts
Grokker                 San Jose       Early Stage       $5,500,000 undisclosed firm            that target consumers
                                                                   First Round Capital,
                                                                   Google Ventures,
                                                                   Redpoint Ventures,
Homejoy                 San Francisco Early Stage      $38,000,000 undisclosed firm             Cleaning service
                                                                                                Online social platform
                                                                    D E Shaw & Co.,             for sharing life
Kanjoya                 San Francisco Expansion          $4,046,000 Floodgate Fund              experiences

                                                                    Data Collective, Google
LendUp                  San Francisco Early Stage      $14,000,100 Ventures, QED Investors Loans provider

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                               Venture Capital Funding Survey, Fourth Quarter 2013

                                                                     General Catalyst
Listia                 Mountain View Expansion          $9,000,000 Partners                       Online auction site
                                                                  Norwest Venture                 Home hair care
Madison Reed           San Francisco Early Stage      $12,000,000 Partners, True Ventures         products
                                                                  I2Bf Global Ventures,           Movie-streaming
MUBI                   Palo Alto      Expansion        $5,096,000 undisclosed firm                services online

                                                                     Benchmark Capital
                                                                     Management, Comcast
                                                                     Ventures, Greylock
                                                                     Partners, Kleiner Perkins
                                                                     Caufield & Byers, Shasta     Private social network
Nextdoor.com           San Francisco Expansion        $60,000,000    Ventures, Tiger Global       for the neighborhood
                                                                     Greylock Partners,
                                                                     Kleiner Perkins Caufield &   Online personal
Path                   San Francisco Early Stage         $146,000    Byers                        network
                                                                     GSV Capital, True            Cash transaction
PayNearMe              Sunnyvale      Expansion       $20,000,000    Ventures                     network
                                                                     Andreessen Horowitz,
                                                                     Bessemer Venture
                                                                     Partners, Fidelity
                                                                     Investment Funds II,         Vision board-styled
                                                                     FirstMark Capital,           social photo sharing
Pinterest              San Francisco Expansion       $225,000,000    undisclosed firm             website
                                                                     Artis Ventures, Band of
                                                                     Angels, Industry
                                                                     Ventures, Longitude          Web-based electronic
                                                                     Capital Management Co.,      medical record system
Practice Fusion        San Francisco Later Stage      $15,450,000    Qualcomm Ventures            to physicians
                                                                                                  Real estate technology
RealScout              Sunnyvale      Early Stage       $7,000,000 Doll Capital Management        company
                                                                   Huron River Venture
                                                                   Partners, undisclosed          Commuter bus system
RidePal                San Francisco Early Stage        $2,400,000 firm                           for companies

                                                                     Google Ventures, Khosla
                                                                     Ventures, TriplePoint
Rumble Entertainment   Redwood City   Early Stage     $17,500,000    Capital, undisclosed firms   Online games
                                                                     500 Startups,
                                                                     Resolute.VC, Sierra
                                                                     Ventures, undisclosed        Platform for finding
Runnable*              Palo Alto      Early Stage       $2,000,000   firms                        reusable code
                                                                     Benchmark Capital
Stitch Fix             San Francisco Early Stage      $12,000,000    Management                   Personal styling service
                                                                     Base Ventures, FUEL
                                                                     Capital, undisclosed         Automated kiosks to
Swapbox*               San Francisco Early Stage         $800,000    firms, VegasTechFund         receive packages
                                                                     Azure Capital Partners,
                                                                     Draper Fisher Jurvetson
                                                                     International, Felicis
                                                                     Ventures, Lumia Capital,     Video discovery
Telly                  San Francisco Expansion          $7,408,200   undisclosed firms            service

Threefold Photos       Corte Madera   Early Stage       $6,500,000 Undisclosed firm               Photos sharing platform
                                                                  American Express,
                                                                  Founders Fund, The,             User-curated
                                                                  Khosla Ventures, New            experiences with
                                                                  Enterprise Associates,          luminaries in the select
Traina Interactive*    San Francisco Early Stage      $12,000,000 undisclosed firms               fields

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                                    Venture Capital Funding Survey, Fourth Quarter 2013

                                                                        Collaborative Fund, SV         Online workplace
                                                                        Angel II Q, undisclosed        operating a marketplace
UpCounsel*               San Francisco Early Stage           $1,500,000 firms                          for legal services
                                                                                                       Apartment search
Vertical Brands Media*   San Francisco Early Stage         $13,655,000 Matrix Partners                 engine
                                                                                                       Divorce through a web-
                                                                          Foundation Capital,          based technology
Wevorce*                 San Mateo         Early Stage       $1,700,000 undisclosed firm               platform
            Name              City            Stage         Amount               Investors             Description
                                                                          Kleiner Perkins Caufield &
                                                                          Byers, SAIF Partners,
                                                                          Stanford University,
                                                                          Trident Capital,
                                                                          undisclosed firms,
                                                                          VantagePoint Capital
                                                                          Partners, Yingfu Taike
Amprius                  Sunnyvale         Expansion       $30,000,000    Venture Capital Co           Lithium-ion batteries
                                                                          Structure Capital,           Smart-phone
Breathometer*            Burlingame        Early Stage       $2,000,000   undisclosed firms            breathalyzer
                                                                          Andreessen Horowitz,
                                                                          Correlation Ventures,
                                                                          Greylock Partners, New
                                                                          Enterprise Associates, ,
                                                                          North Bridge Venture         Consumer light field
Lytro                    Mountain View Expansion           $46,000,100    Partners                     camera
                                                                          Draper Fisher Jurvetson      Laser-producing
Raydiance                Petaluma          Later Stage       $9,400,000   International                technology
                                                                          New Enterprise               Multitouch interface
Sentons                  Sunnyvale         Early Stage     $18,000,000    Associates                   technology
                                                                          Angeleno Group
                                                                          Investors, GE Capital,       Energy solutions
Stem                     Millbrae          Expansion       $15,000,000    undisclosed firm             company
            Name              City            Stage         Amount               Investors             Description

                                                                                                       Software-defined cloud
                                                                                                       networking solutions
Arista Networks          Santa Clara       Later Stage       $4,776,000 Summit Partners                for data center
                                                                       Grandbanks Capital, IDG
                                                                       Ventures, Lighthouse            White-label messaging
                                                                       Capital Partners, Nexit         software systems for
HDmessaging*             Burlingame        Early Stage      $3,000,000 Ventures Oy                     mobile operators
                                                                       Khosla Ventures, New
                                                                       Enterprise Associates,
Kumu Networks            Santa Clara       Early Stage     $15,200,000 Third Point Ventures            Wireless systems
                                                                                                       Cross-device video
                                                                                                       analytics and
Ooyala                   Mountain View Expansion           $43,000,000 Telstraoration                  monetization solutions

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                                       Venture Capital Funding Survey, Fourth Quarter 2013

                                                                           Capricorn Venture
                                                                           Partners NV, Data
                                                                           Collective, Draper Fisher
                                                                           Jurvetson International,
                                                                           Felicis Ventures, First
                                                                           Round Capital, Founders
                                                                           Fund, Industry Ventures,
                                                                           Innovation Endeavors,
                                                                           Lux Capital, OReilly
                                                                           AlphaTech Ventures,       Space and analytics
Planet Labs                 San Francisco Early Stage          $52,000,400 undisclosed firms         company
                                                                           TL Ventures,
Skycross                    Fremont           Later Stage       $1,500,000 undisclosed firm          Antenna services
                                                                                                     Application for smart
Soundhawk                   Cupertino         Early Stage       $5,700,000 True Ventures             hearing
                                                                           Four Rivers Partners,     Adaptive private
                                                                           Menlo Ventures, Silver    networking (APN)
Talari Networks             San Jose          Later Stage      $15,000,000 Creek Ventures            technology
           Name                   City           Stage          Amount             Investors           Description
                                                                             Clean Pacific Ventures    modules for water
HydroNovation               San Francisco Expansion             $2,574,000 Management                  treatment
                                                                           Firelake Capital
                                                                           Management, Monitor         Water management
HydroPoint Data Systems     Petaluma          Later Stage       $1,813,000 Venture Associates          solutions
                                                                                                       Electric motors for
                                                                           Firelake Capital            industrial and
NovaTorque                  Fremont           Later Stage       $3,200,000 Management                  commercial applications

                                                                           McNally Capital, Rockport
                                                                           Capital Partners,
Project FROG                San Francisco Expansion            $24,300,000 undisclosed firm          Building systems
                                                                           Air Liquide SA, New
                                                                           Enterprise Associates,
Terrajouleoration           Redwood City      Expansion        $10,047,900 undisclosed firm          Energy company
                                                                                                     Smart modules and
                                                                                                     optimizers for
                                                                                                     photovoltaic solar
Tigo Energy                 Los Gatos         Expansion         $2,200,000 Undisclosed firm          installations
Zero Motorcycles            Scotts Valley     Expansion        $10,000,000 The Invus Group           Electric motorcycles
           Name                   City           Stage          Amount              Investors          Description
                                                                             Benchmark Capital
                                                                             Management, Comcast
                                                                             Ventures, North Bridge
                                                                             Venture Partners,
                                                                             Pitango Venture Capital
Compass Electro Optical                                                      Management Israel,
Systems                     Milpitas          Expansion        $42,000,000   undisclosed firms         Electro-optical systems
                                                                             Azure Capital Partners,   Computer data storage
Coraid                      Redwood City      Later Stage      $14,289,000   undisclosed firm          products
                                                                             Crescendo Venture
                                                                             Management, Khosla
eASIC                       Santa Clara       Later Stage         $390,000   Ventures                  ASIC devices
                                                                             Firelake Capital          Scifiniti materials
Integrated Photo Voltaics   San Jose          Expansion        $12,000,000   Management                company

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                             Venture Capital Funding Survey, Fourth Quarter 2013

Kaiam               Newark          Expansion           $700,000 U.S. Venture Partners        Optical components
                                                                                              Solid-state autofocus
LensVector          Sunnyvale       Expansion         $7,912,000 Undisclosed firm             devices
                                                                 Translink Capital
                                                                 Partners, undisclosed
Luxul Technology*   Santa Clara     Early Stage       $3,000,000 firm                         Lighting products
                                                                 Founders Fund, Horizons
                                                                 Ventures, IncTANK,
                                                                 Khosla Ventures,
                                                                 Norwest Venture
                                                                 Partners, OReilly
                                                                 AlphaTech Ventures,
                                                                 TenOneTen Ventures,
                                                                 Translink Capital
                                                                 Partners, undisclosed      Wearable computing
Misfit Wearables    Redwood City    Early Stage      $15,200,200 firms                      products
                                                                 Horizon Ventures, Sutter   Real time asset visibility
Pinc Solutions      Alameda         Later Stage       $1,000,000 Hill Ventures              solutions
                                                                                            Fabless semiconductor
R2 Semiconductor    Sunnyvale       Early Stage       $2,600,000 Morgenthaler Ventures      company
                                                                 Kleiner Perkins Caufield & CMOS-based transistor
                                                                 Byers, New Enterprise      and enabling circuit
Suvolta             Los Gatos       Later Stage       $1,520,000 Associates,                technologies
                                                                 CID Group, Doll Capital
                                                                 Management, Norwest
                                                                 Venture Partners,
                                                                 undisclosed firm, Verizon
                                                                 Ventures, Woodside         Fabless semiconductor
Zenverge            Santa Clara     Expansion        $11,188,200 Fund                       company
             Name        City          Stage          Amount             Investors            Description
                                                                 True Ventures,
                                                                 undisclosed firm, m8
955 Dreams          Mountain View Early Stage         $7,200,000 Capital                      Mobile event app

                                                                 Amidzad Partners,
                                                                 CrunchFund, CyberAgent
                                                                 Ventures, First Round
                                                                 Capital, Google Ventures,
                                                                 Greylock Partners,
                                                                 Maverick Capital, SV
                                                                 Angel II Q, undisclosed   Product advertisements
AdLast*             San Francisco Early Stage         $3,100,800 firms, Y Combinator       for mobile applications
                                                                                           Platform to share live
                                                                 Freestyle Capital,        television shows with
Afterlivetv*        San Francisco Early Stage           $759,000 undisclosed firm          friends
                                                                                           Security information
                                                                                           and event management
Alienvault          San Mateo       Later Stage       $3,478,000 Intel Capital             (SEIM) solutions
                                                                 Tugboat Ventures,         Mobile calendar app for
Alminder*           Palo Alto       Early Stage       $1,500,000 undisclosed firm          iPhone
                                                                 Mission Ventures, Robert
                                                                 Bosch Venture Capital
                                                                 GmbH, Sierra Ventures, Big Data predictive
Alpine Data Labs    San Francisco Early Stage        $16,000,000 UMC Capital               insight
Altia Systems*      Cupertino     Early Stage         $6,700,000 Naya Ventures             Panacast solution
                                                                 Runapark OOO,             IT infrastructure
Anturis*            San Francisco Early Stage         $2,000,000 undisclosed firm          monitoring services

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                                Venture Capital Funding Survey, Fourth Quarter 2013

                                                                                                  Mobile application
Appthority            San Francisco Early Stage          $2,000,000 U.S. Venture Partners         security provider
                                                                                                  Connected product
                                                                      Doll Capital Management, platforms for consumer
Arrayent              Redwood City     Later Stage      $11,900,100   Intel Capital, Opus Capital products
Audioscribe           Emeryville       Early Stage       $1,396,000   Undisclosed firm            Transcription service
                                                                      Cowboy Capital, Industry
                                                                      Ventures, Maveron, Rho
                                                                      Capital Partners, Softtech Lock and access
August                San Francisco Early Stage          $8,000,000   VC                          system software
                                                                                                  Web and mobile
                                                                      500 Startups, Burrill &     applications for doctor
BetterDoctor*         San Francisco Early Stage          $2,600,100   Co., Softtech VC            search
                                                                                                  Software for data
                                                                      Horizons Ventures,          storage across
Bitcasa               Mountain View Early Stage         $11,000,000   Pelion Venture Partners different devices
                                                                      Norwest Venture
                                                                      Partners, Social+Capital Customer success
Bluenose Analytics*   San Francisco Early Stage         $10,000,000   Partnership                 platform
                                                                      Bessemer Venture
                                                                      Partners, Draper Fisher
                                                                      Jurvetson International,
                                                                      Mail.Ru Group,
                                                                      Partnership, undisclosed
Box                   Los Altos        Later Stage      $99,999,900   firms                       Cloud storage company
                                                                      Claremont Creek
                                                                      Ventures, Formation 8
                                                                      Partners, Google
                                                                      Ventures, Navitas
                                                                      Capital, Red Swan
                                                                      Ventures, undisclosed       Software for people in
Building Robotics*    Oakland          Early Stage       $1,140,000   firm                        commercial buildings
                                                                                                  Analytics and
                                                                      Almaz Capital Partners,     monetization
Cinarra Systems*      Santa Clara      Early Stage       $4,500,000   undisclosed firms           technologies
                                                                      Sequoia Capital,            Online learning
Clever                San Francisco Early Stage         $13,328,000   undisclosed firm            software
                                                                      Andreessen Horowitz,        Storage for the cloud
Coho Data             Sunnyvale        Early Stage      $25,000,000   Ignition Partners           generation
                                                                      Andreessen Horowitz,        Web-based e-wallet
                                                                      Ribbit Capital, Union       used for sending and
Coinbase              San Francisco Early Stage         $24,999,900   Square Ventures             receiving bitcoins
                                                                      Battery Ventures, Ignition
                                                                      Partners, undisclosed       Big Data application
Continuuity           Palo Alto        Early Stage       $5,000,000   firm                        platform
                                                                      General Catalyst
                                                                      Partners, Social+Capital
Cozy Services         San Francisco Early Stage          $5,030,000   Partnership                 Online rental application
                                                                                                  Networking products
Cumulus Networks      Mountain View Early Stage          $6,436,000   Battery Ventures            and services
                                                                      Foundation Capital, Matrix Advanced threat
                                                                      Partners, Trinity           monitoring and
Cyphort               San Jose         Expansion        $15,500,000   Ventures                    mitigation platform

                                                                                                  Cyber defense
Cyvera                San Francisco Later Stage          $2,970,000 Battery Ventures              solutions
Danville Group        San Ramon        Expansion         $1,500,000 Cross Atlantic Partners       enterprise software

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                                    Venture Capital Funding Survey, Fourth Quarter 2013

                                                                          Citi Ventures, Kleiner
                                                                          Perkins Caufield & Byers,
                                                                          Next World Capital,
                                                                          Redpoint Ventures,
Datameer                    San Mateo      Expansion        $19,000,200   undisclosed firms           Data analytics solutions
                                                                          Acceleprise, Madrona
                                                                          Venture Group,              Customer service
Digital Manufacturing*      Berkeley       Early Stage       $1,500,000   undisclosed firms           solutions
                                                                          Andreessen Horowitz,
                                                                          Google Ventures, Lerer
                                                                          Ventures, Shasta
                                                                          Ventures, undisclosed       Video consultation
Doctor On Demand*           San Francisco Early Stage        $3,000,000   firm, Venrock               services
                                                                          Aster Capital Partners
                                                                          SAS, Claremont Creek
                                                                          Ventures, Rockport
                                                                          Capital Partners,
Ecofactor                   Redwood City   Expansion        $10,000,000   undisclosed firm            Home energy services

                                                                        CenturyLink, Google
                                                                        Ventures, Kleiner Perkins
                                                                        Caufield & Byers,
                                                                        Northgate Capital, Polaris
                                                                        Partners, Seagate          On-demand file server
Egnyte                      Mountain View Expansion         $29,500,100 Technology PLC             solutions

                                                                        Inventus Capital Partners Reactive programming
Espresso Logic*             Santa Clara    Early Stage       $1,600,000 Fund I, undisclosed firm  solutions
                                                                        Norwest Venture
                                                                        Partners, Redpoint
                                                                        Ventures, Shasta          Referral marketing
Extole                      San Francisco Expansion          $5,000,000 Ventures, Trident Capital platform
                                                                                                  Credit card payments
Flint Mobile                Redwood City   Early Stage       $8,000,000 Verizon Ventures          processing app
                                                                        Goldman Sachs & Co.,
                                                                        Index Ventures, Insight
                                                                        Venture Partners, Kleiner
                                                                        Perkins Caufield & Byers,
                                                                        Rizvi Traverse
Flipboard                   Palo Alto      Early Stage      $50,000,000 Management                Digital social magazine

                                                                        Crosslink Capital, Draper
                                                                        Fisher Jurvetson              Mobile application
                                                                        International, First Round    analytics and a data-
                                                                        Capital, InterWest            powered advertising
Flurry                      San Francisco Later Stage       $11,105,000 Partners, Menlo Ventures      platform
                                                                        Bain Capital Venture
                                                                        Partners, Carmel
Garantia Data               Santa Clara    Early Stage       $9,000,000 Ventures Fund                 Redis cloud provider

                                                                        Battery Ventures,
                                                                        Benchmark Capital
                                                                        Management, Duff
                                                                        Ackerman & Goodrich,
                                                                        Sutter Hill Ventures, Tiger   Global jobs and career
Glassdoor                   Sausalito      Expansion        $44,100,100 Global, undisclosed firm      community
Global Education Learning                                               TL Ventures,                  Education technology
Holding                     Redwood City   Early Stage       $1,300,000 undisclosed firm              company

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                                    Venture Capital Funding Survey, Fourth Quarter 2013

                                                                          Acero Capital, GGV
                                                                          Capital, Ncb Ventures,      Optimized storage
                                                                          ONSET Ventures,             solutions for windows
Gridstore                   Mountain View Expansion         $11,000,000   undisclosed firm            servers and Hyper-V
                                                                          Khosla Ventures,
                                                                          Resolute VC,
GymPact*                    San Francisco Early Stage        $1,550,100   undisclosed firm            Mobile application
                                                                          Draper Fisher Jurvetson
                                                                          International, Highland
                                                                          Capital Partners, Webb      Open-source,
Hexagram 49                 Mountain View Expansion          $8,000,000   Investment Network          distributed database
                                                                          Accolade Capital
                                                                          Management, Adams
                                                                          Street Partners, Alloy
                                                                          Ventures, Emergence
                                                                          Capital Partners, Sevin
                                                                          Rosen Funds, Sigma          Internet file-sharing
Hightail                    Campbell       Later Stage      $33,999,700   Partners, Western Digital   service

                                                                                                      Supplier risk and
                            South San                                     Draper Fisher Jurvetson     management in the
ICIX Pty                    Francisco      Later Stage      $20,261,000 International                 cloud
                                                                                                      User interfaces for
                                                                          Benchmark Capital           mobile and desktop
Imimtek                     Sunnyvale      Startup/Seed      $1,000,000 Management                    devices
                                                                          819 Capital, Alberta
                                                                          Investment Management,
                                                                          Innovation Endeavors,       Index retail software
Index*                      San Francisco Early Stage        $7,000,000   Khosla Ventures             company
                                                                          Accel Partners & Co,
                                                                          Lightspeed Venture
                                                                          Partners, Wing Capital
Jut*                        San Francisco Startup/Seed      $20,000,100   Group                       Big data solutions
                                                                          New Enterprise              Live web and mobile
Kaazing                     Mountain View Expansion          $5,383,000   Associates                  communication
                                                                          Costanoa Venture
                                                                          Capital, Softtech VC,       Mobile marketing
Kahuna*                     Mountain View Early Stage        $2,000,000   undisclosed firm            automation solutions
                                                                          Formation 8 Partners,
                                                                          Menlo Ventures,
                                                                          NewSchools Venture          Education and
Kidaptive*                  Palo Alto      Early Stage      $11,382,000   Fund, undisclosed firms     technology services
                                                                                                      Mobile data
                                                                                                      synchronization and
Kii*                        San Mateo      Early Stage       $7,300,000 Fenox Venture Capital         backup space

                                                                        GGV Capital, Morningside
                                                                        Technologies, Shunwei         Software development
Kingsoft Office Software*   Palo Alto      Later Stage      $50,000,100 Capital Partners              company
                                                                        Greylock Partners,
                                                                        InterWest Partners,
                                                                        Lightspeed Venture
                                                                        Partners, undisclosed         Mobile application and
Knotch*                     Redwood City   Early Stage       $1,500,100 firms                         software

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                         Venture Capital Funding Survey, Fourth Quarter 2013

                                                               BV e ventures,
                                                               CrunchFund, Data
                                                               Collective, Greycroft        Open communications
                                                               Partners, SV Angel II Q,     platform to add
Layer            San Francisco Early Stage          $6,000,000 undisclosed firms            messages
                                                               Correlation Ventures,        Software services for
LeanData*        Sunnyvale        Early Stage       $5,000,000 undisclosed firm             business data
                                                                                            Location and
                                                                 Duchossois Technology communication
Life360          San Francisco Expansion            $7,000,000   Partners                   application for families
                                                                                            Technology treatment
                                                                 Rock Health, undisclosed for tremor and
Lift Labs        San Francisco Early Stage            $925,000   firm                       Parkinson's disease
                                                                 Asset Management
                                                                 Ventures, Blumberg
                                                                 International Partners,
                                                                 Earlybird Venture Capital Software and
LiquidM*         San Francisco Early Stage          $6,774,900   GmbH & Co KG               technology company
                                                                 Accel Partners & Co.,
                                                                 Andreessen Horowitz,
                                                                 Greylock Partners, Index
                                                                 Ventures, Khosla
                                                                 Ventures, Mithril Capital
                                                                 Management, Qualcomm
                                                                 Ventures, undisclosed      Software for mobile
Lookout          San Francisco Expansion           $55,000,000   firm                       security
                                                                 Google Ventures, Great
                                                                 Oaks Venture Capital,
                                                                 Tencent Collaboration
Loom*            San Francisco Early Stage          $1,400,000   Fund, undisclosed firm     Software company
                                                                 Novel TMT Ventures,        E-commerce gifting
Loop Commerce*   Mountain View Early Stage          $6,999,900   undisclosed firms          platform
                                                                 Anthem Venture
                                                                 Partners, Correlation
                                                                 Ventures, Crosslink
                                                                 Capital, True Ventures,    Digital graphic novel
Madefire         Berkeley         Early Stage       $1,700,000   undisclosed firm           platform
                                                                 Benchmark Capital
                                                                 CrunchFund, Draper
                                                                 Fisher Jurvetson
                                                                 International, undisclosed Social networking
MathCamp         San Francisco Early Stage          $4,000,000   firm                       application
                                                                 500 Startups,
                                                                 Andreessen Horowitz,
                                                                 CMEA Capital, Google
                                                                 Ventures, Raptor Capital Product placement
                                                                 Management,                platform for social and
MediaSpike       East Palo Alto   Early Stage       $5,089,000   undisclosed firms          mobile games
                                                                 Norwest Venture            Security and
                                                                 Partners, Sequoia          management solutions
Mobile Iron      Mountain View Expansion              $500,100   Capital, Storm Ventures for mobile applications
                                                                 GE Capital, Shasta
                                                                 Ventures, Southern
                                                                 Cross Venture Partners
                                                                 Pty, Symantec, Trident     Security software
Mocana           San Francisco Later Stage         $15,000,000   Capital                    company

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                                  Venture Capital Funding Survey, Fourth Quarter 2013

                                                                       Bessemer Venture           Cloud-based mobile
Mojave Networks*        San Mateo        Early Stage       $5,000,000 Partners, Sequoia Capital security for enterprises
                                                                      Lightspeed Venture
                                                                      Partners, Social+Capital    Cloud app analytics and
Netskope*               Los Altos        Early Stage      $21,000,000 Partnership                 policy company
                                                                      Bloomberg Beta, Draper
                                                                      Fisher Jurvetson
                                                                      International, Lerer
                                                                      Ventures, Maveron,
                                                                      Transmedia Capital,         Software that mines
Newsle                  San Francisco Early Stage           $200,200 undisclosed firms            online news for reports
Nexenta Systems         Santa Clara      Later Stage       $1,000,000 Sierra Ventures             storage solutions
                                                                      BV e ventures, MSD
                                                                      Capital, New Enterprise     Products, solutions and
                                                                      Associates, Runapark        services for its open-
Nginx                   San Francisco Early Stage         $10,000,000 OOO, undisclosed firm       source software

                                                                                                  Intuitive productivity
Nitro PDF               San Francisco Later Stage          $3,100,000 Starfish Ventures Pty       solutions
                                                                      Accel Partners & Co.,
                                                                      First Round Capital,
                                                                      Forerunner Ventures,        In-store optimization
Nomi Technologies       San Francisco Early Stage         $10,000,000 Greycroft Partners          software
                                                                      Lightspeed Venture
                                                                      Partners, undisclosed       Cloud analytical
Numerify*               Cupertino        Startup/Seed      $8,000,000 firm                        solutions company

                                                                                                  Converged compute
Nutanix                 San Jose         Early Stage       $4,951,000 Battery Ventures            and storage appliances
                                                                      Translink Capital
                                                                      Partners, undisclosed       Developer of multiplayer
nWay                    San Francisco Early Stage          $5,000,000 firm                        web and mobile games
                                                                      Acadia Woods Partners,      Informatics systems
                                                                      Artis Ventures, Bay City    that interpret human
Omicia*                 Oakland          Expansion         $6,800,000 Capital, undisclosed firm   genome sequences

Palantir Technologies   Palo Alto        Later Stage     $177,514,000 Founders Fund               Data analysis software
                                                                      Andreessen Horowitz,
                                                                      General Catalyst          Reimagining the way
                                                                      Partners, Google          people communicate at
Parlay Labs*            Palo Alto        Startup/Seed     $13,500,000 Ventures                  work
                                                                      Accel Partners & Co.,     An adaptive data
Paxata                  Redwood City     Early Stage       $8,000,000 undisclosed firm          preparation platform
                                                                                                Cloud-based energy
                                                                      Greener Capital Partners, management software
People Power Co         Palo Alto        Expansion           $855,000 New Cycle Capital         and hardware
                                                                                                  Mobile marketing
Phizzle                 San Francisco Expansion            $4,900,000 Alsop Louie Partners        software
                                                                                                  Digital home integration
Pie Digital             Palo Alto        Later Stage       $4,000,000 Foundry Group               management solutions

                                                                      Andreessen Horowitz,
                                                                      Rothenberg Ventures,     Solutions to create and
                                                                      undisclosed firm, X/Seed manage user-generated
Pixlee*                 San Francisco Early Stage          $1,500,000 Capital Management       photo/video campaigns

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                                    Venture Capital Funding Survey, Fourth Quarter 2013

                                                                        BV e ventures, Sequoia Social trivia platform
                                                                        Capital, Tencent       Quizup for mobile
Plain Vanilla             San Francisco Early Stage         $24,000,000 Collaboration Fund     device
Platfora                  San Mateo     Early Stage          $2,444,000 Battery Ventures       Software company
                                                                                               Games and cross-
                                                                        JAFCO Investment (Asia platform game engine
Playnery                  San Jose         Early Stage       $2,800,000 Pacific)               technology
                                                                        Hummer Winblad Venture
                                                                        Partners, U.S. Venture Network infrastructure
PLUMgrid                  Sunnyvale        Early Stage      $19,000,000 Partners               software vendor

                                                                                                     A tool that integrates
Preact*                   San Francisco Early Stage          $3,800,000 Trinity Ventures             into existing workflows
                                                                        Data Collective, Intel
                                                                        Capital, Presidio Stx (fka
                                                                        Presidio Venture
                                                                        Partners), Triangle Peak     Visually understanding
                                                                        Partners, undisclosed        and optimizing offline
Prism Skylabs             San Francisco Early Stage         $15,000,000 firm                         commerce
                                                                        Newbury Ventures,
                                                                        Technology Ventures,
Quanergy Systems*         Sunnyvale        Startup/Seed       $810,000 undisclosed firms             Technology company

                                                                        COREST GmbHorate
                                                                        Restructuring, Dgubation,    Real estate software
Reesio*                   San Francisco Early Stage          $1,096,000 undisclosed firms            industry
RichRelevance             San Francisco Later Stage         $20,000,000 Draper Fisher Jurvetson      Software developer
                                                                        Andreessen Horowitz,
                                                                        Index Ventures,
                                                                        Rothenberg Ventures,
                                                                        Social Leverage,
Robinhood Financial*      Redwood City     Early Stage       $3,000,000 undisclosed firm             Broker-dealer
                                                                                                     Graphics processing
                                                                          Intel Capital, undisclosed unit (GPU)-based logic
Rocketick Technologies*   San Jose         Expansion         $3,000,000   firms                      simulation software
                                                                                                     Tools for doctors and
                                                                          Morgenthaler Ventures, patients to monitor
Savveo                    Mountain View Expansion           $10,153,000   Subtraction Capital        signs between visits
                                                                          Alchemist Accelerator,
                                                                          Draper Fisher Jurvetson
                                                                          International, undisclosed Mobile applications
Selligy*                  Belmont          Early Stage       $2,824,000   firms                      marketer
                                                                          Menlo Ventures, Sigma
Sherlock Data Science*    Palo Alto        Startup/Seed      $7,000,000   West                       Software services
ShowEvidence*             Santa Clara      Early Stage       $1,000,000 Flywheel Ventures            assessment
                                                                        Benchmark Capital
                                                                        Management, Carmel
                                                                        Ventures Fund,
                                                                        Rembrandt Venture
                                                                        Partners, Susquehanna        Cybersecurity
Skybox Security           San Jose         Later Stage       $3,299,900 Growth Equity                management software
                                                                        DN Capital, Sand Hill
                                                                        Angels, Tandem Capital
                                                                        Gestion, undisclosed         iPad shopping
Smartshoppr*              Burlingame       Early Stage       $1,999,800 firms, Unity Ventures        application

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                                   Venture Capital Funding Survey, Fourth Quarter 2013

                                                                       Kleiner Perkins Caufield &
                                                                       Byers, Novak Biddle          Electronic surveillance
Ss8 Networks            Milpitas          Later Stage       $1,900,000 Venture Partners             solutions
                                                                       Qualcomm Ventures,           Music-based social
StarMaker Interactive   San Francisco Early Stage           $4,000,000 iGlobe Partners              media platforms

                                                                                                    Software products for
Station X               San Francisco Early Stage           $8,600,000 Undisclosed firm             scientists and clinicians
                                                                                                    Retail analytics and
                                                                                                    customer engagement
Swarm Solutions*        San Francisco Early Stage           $3,448,000 Icon Venture Partners        platforms

                                                                       Balderton Capital,
                                                                       Bpifrance Investissement
                                                                       SAS, Idinvest Partners
                                                                       SA, Iris Capital          Data, application and
                                                                       Management SAS, Silver business process
Talend                  Los Altos         Later Stage      $40,000,000 Lake Partners             integration solutions
                                                                                                 Artificial intelligence &
                                                                       Undisclosed firm, Upfront computer vision-based
Tangible Play*          Palo Alto         Startup/Seed      $2,150,000 Ventures                  gaming startup

                                                                        Avalon Ventures, Data       Collaboration and
Teambox                 Redwood City Expansion              $5,000,800 Collective                   communication platform
TicTasks                San Francisco Expansion               $113,000 Kapor Capital                Applications
                                                                                                    Games that can be
                                                                        Andreessen Horowitz,        played on mobile
Tinycocom               San Francisco Expansion            $20,000,000 Pinnacle Ventures            devices
                                                                                                    Sales communications
ToutApp                 San Francisco Early Stage           $5,210,000 Founder Collective           platform
                                                                        Accel Partners & Co,        Productivity platforms
Trifacta                San Francisco Early Stage          $12,000,000 Greylock Partners            for data analysis
                                                                                                    Network security and
                                                                        CMEA Capital, Rustic        data protection
Untangle                Sunnyvale         Later Stage       $2,675,000 Partners                     solutions

                                                                                                  Software defined
                                                                       Highland Capital Partners, security (SDSEC) for
vArmour Networks        Santa Clara       Early Stage      $14,050,000 undisclosed firm           virtualized data centers

                                                                                                    Search engine that
                                                                       Correlation Ventures,        indexes existing web-
Visually                San Francisco Early Stage           $6,000,000 undisclosed firm             based data visualization
                                                                       Citrix Systems,
                                                                       PivotNorth Capital,          Harnessing existing
WhoKnows*               Mountain View Expansion             $1,749,900 undisclosed firm             workflow patterns

                                                                       HealthTech Capital,
                                                                       Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Building a health
Wildflower Health       San Francisco Early Stage           $1,706,000 Byers, undisclosed firms engagement platform
                                                                                                  Social project
                                                                       Bain Capital Venture       management and
Wrike                   Campbell          Expansion        $10,000,000 Partners                   collaboration software
                                                                       Citrix Systems, HighBAR performance
Xangati                 San Jose          Expansion        $11,000,000 Ventures                management solutions

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