5 Causes that Can Create Flatfoot Problem in Human by naplespodiatrist.2014


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									There are many conditions that cause the lower portion of the foot to come into almost complete
contact with the ground which can give a flattened appearance to the affected foot. Basically it
can be caused for many factors. So it is very much important to find out the actual cause which
makes an effect on your feet and then try to treat then with the help of an experience and
professional podiatrist. The causes are as follows:

      GENETIC INHERITANCE: Among the affected peoples, about 20-30% is acquiring the
       problem of flat foot genetically. Basically it occurs when the arches of the foot not
       developing in the childhood for some reason. And for that it collapsed the arch of the
       foot completely.
      TARSAL COALITION: This also can be caused by a condition which is commonly
       known as tarsal coalition. Basically it happens in the children. This is a fusion of two of
       the tarsal bones in the feet. Generally this brings about a condition which is known as
       „rigid flatfoot‟. If it is kept untreated then it can cause stiffness of the affected foot. It also
       belongs to the genetic condition and affects about 1-2% of the affected people.
      RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS: This condition force to destroy the tendons in the foot
       which cause the flatfoot and also resulting in OSTEOARTHRITIS of the TARSAL.
      PREGNANCY: There is an increased amount of elastic in the body at the time
       pregnancy and this can increase the tissue elasticity. This can increase the length of the
       tendon that holds the arch in place, which ultimately leading to the flatfoot.
      WEAR AND TEAR: This condition also can occur due to the injury or the aging
       problem which affect the tendon responsible for shaping the arch. Basically this is also
       known as “adult acquired flatfoot”.

Basically it is a painless condition with the exceptions of the “rigid flatfoot” and it can also
result in OVERPRONATION. So you need to treat the problem as fast as possible after finding
the actual cause. You can also take the help of                     , but before that you need to
consult with the podiatrist who is the best person to guide you to make you safe.

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