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Benefits Guide
    Welcome to Platinum

    Welcome to the increased spending power, worldwide shopping convenience and exclusive savings of RBC Royal Bank®
    Visa* Platinum card. All this makes a Visa Platinum card a wise choice.
    We invite you to review the following pages, which describe the many benefits and services that are now yours to enjoy.
    In addition, the enclosed insurance certificates provide full details on the automatic coverages you are now entitled to as
    an RBC Royal Bank Visa Platinum cardholder.
    We suggest you keep this Benefits Guide on hand so you can reference your benefits any time you need to. Should you
    require further information, contact your RBC Royal Bank Visa Card Centre at 1-800 ROYAL® 1-2 (1-800-769-2512).
    Updated information can also be found on our website at Please do not hesitate to
    contact us; we are always pleased to assist you.
    At RBC Royal Bank we consider you to be a highly valued customer.

Table of Contents

Access To Your Credit At Any Time      Page 3    Purchase Protection                      Page 9
 • Worldwide Acceptance                           • Purchase Security Insurance
 • RBC Royal Bank Visa Cheques                    • Extended Warranty Insurance
 • Cash Advances
                                                 Optional Benefits                       Page 10
Travel Benefits                        Page 5     •   Credit Alert
 • Assured Assistance Inc.                        •   CardAssist Plus
  – Emergency Cash Advance and Airline Tickets    •   Travel HealthProtector Insurance
  – Prescription Medicines                        •   Talk & Save
  – Valuable Documents                            •   Autopayment
  – Legal and Bail Assistance                    Important Phone Numbers                 Page 13
  – Pre-trip Assistance
 • Auto Rental Collision/Loss Damage Insurance
 • Travel Accident Insurance
 • Commission-free Traveller’s Cheques

    You’ll value being able to enjoy the enhanced      RBC Royal Bank Visa Cheques
    spending power of a RBC Royal Bank Visa Platinum   With RBC Royal Bank Visa cheques, you always
    card wherever and whenever you want.               have access to your RBC Royal Bank Visa Platinum
                                                       card’s available credit at times when it may not be
    Worldwide Acceptance
                                                       convenient to use your card. You can access all, or
    Your RBC Royal Bank Visa Platinum card is
                                                       a portion, of your unused Visa Platinum credit limit
    accepted at more than one million ATMs in 170
                                                       simply by writing an RBC Royal Bank Visa cheque.
    countries worldwide. You’ve made an excellent
                                                       A supply of RBC Royal Bank Visa cheques is
    choice because your card gives you such freedom.
                                                       enclosed for your immediate convenience. You
                                                       can order additional cheques free of charge by
                                                       calling toll-free 1-800 ROYAL® 1-2 (1-800-769-2512).
                                                       Any cheque amount will be credited directly to
                                                       your RBC Royal Bank Visa Platinum account as a
cash advance at the interest rate applicable to    Additionally, you may obtain cash advances
your card from the date the cheque is used.        at any RBC® branch, and other Visa member
                                                   financial institutions.
Cash Advances

                                                                                                         Access To Your Credit At Any Time
                                                   Interest at the rate applicable to your card is
Your RBC Royal Bank Visa Platinum card gives you
                                                   charged on a cash advance from the time the
24-hour worldwide access to cash advances# up
                                                   cash advance is made.
to the full amount of your available credit – up
to $1,000 CAD per day – through bank machines
which display the Visa or Interac®1 symbol.
To obtain an automated cash advance, follow the
directions on the banking machine and use the
same Personal Identification Number (PIN) you
selected for your RBC Royal Bank Client Card.
If you have not already selected a PIN, you can
do so by visiting any RBC Royal Bank branch.


    Assured Assistance Inc.                                   from outside Canada or the U.S. You can also call
    While travelling outside of the province, Assured         to report a lost or stolen card if you cannot reach
    Assistance Inc. (Assured Assistance) provides you         the Lost/Stolen Card number (see Important Phone
    with a range of valuable services to provide assistance   Numbers on the back of this guide).
    if you are faced with certain unexpected situations,
                                                              Emergency Cash Advance and Airline Tickets
    medical emergencies or legal assistance. Assured
                                                              Should your card be lost or stolen while travelling
    Assistance is available to answer any questions or
                                                              anywhere in the world, you can call Assured
    claims regarding the insurances described in this
                                                              Assistance and they will provide you with emergency
    guide and the following emergency services.
                                                              funds and/or airline tickets. Emergency funds will
    Assured Assistance can be reached 24 hours a day
                                                              be charged to your account as a cash advance# and
    at 1-800-533-2778 from anywhere in Canada or the
                                                              tickets will be billed as a purchase.
    U.S., or by making a collect call to 905-816-2581

Prescription Medicines                                 Valuable Documents
While travelling, you can call Assured Assistance to   Assured Assistance can have valuable documents
assist you in obtaining medication for which you       (passport, driver’s license, etc.) picked up and
already have a prescription. They will get in touch    delivered to you should you arrive at your destination
with your doctor and make necessary arrangements       and realize that you have left them behind, provided
so you can pick up your prescription at a nearby       there is someone at your home or office to locate the

                                                                                                                    Travel Benefits
pharmacy. The cost of filling the prescription and     documents. Courier expenses will be charged to your
any courier charges will be processed as a purchase    account as a purchase.
to your account.
                                                       Legal and Bail Assistance
                                                       If you find yourself in need of legal counsel while
                                                       away from home, you can call Assured Assistance for
                                                       names of local attorneys, embassies and consulates
                                                       who may be able to help1. Assured Assistance can
                                                       also arrange for funds to be transferred directly from

    your account if you are required to post bail or           you can save on the cost of car rental insurance by
    advance funds to counsel. The final selection of any       simply declining the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
    legal service provider is your right and responsibility.   protection offered by the car rental company. The
                                                               coverage that comes with your card includes collision,
    Pre-trip Assistance
                                                               theft, fire, vandalism and more. If damage to a rental
    Before you travel, feel free to call Assured Assistance
                                                               car occurs, call Assured Assistance and you will
    for helpful information such as health precautions as
                                                               be advised on the proper procedure for processing
    specified by the World Health Organization, weather
                                                               your claim.
    reports for major cities around the world, currency
                                                               Coverage applies to rental contracts of 48 consecutive
    exchange rates and immunization and visa requirements.
                                                               days or less, renting the same vehicle(s). In certain
    Auto Rental Collision/                                     locations, you may not, legally, decline the CDW
    Loss Damage Insurance2                                     coverage offered by a car rental company. Please refer
    When you use your RBC Royal Bank Visa Platinum             to the enclosed Certificate of Insurance for complete
    card to pay for the full cost of renting most vehicles,    details regarding this coverage.

Travel Accident Insurance3                                  Please call Assured Assistance for claims or assistance
You are covered for up to $500,000 CAD in the event         (see Important Phone Numbers on the back of this guide).
of accidental death or dismemberment when you use
                                                            Commission-free Traveller’s Cheques
your RBC Royal Bank Visa Platinum card to pay for the
                                                            Present your RBC Royal Bank Visa Platinum card at any
full cost of transportation on a common carrier. (A
                                                            RBC Royal Bank branch to receive commission-free
common carrier is a vehicle commercially licensed for
                                                            traveller’s cheques in most world currencies.
the transport of paying passengers). Coverage also
includes travel to and from your point of departure and
arrival by public conveyance (when directly related to
such a voyage). There is no need to register for this
coverage in advance. Refer to the enclosed Certificate of
Insurance for complete details regarding this coverage.


    There are even more advantages to using your               for up to 90 days from date of purchase. Please refer to
    RBC Royal Bank Visa Platinum card, including protection    the enclosed Certificate of Insurance for complete details
    for your purchases and extended warranty insurance.        regarding this coverage.

                                                               Extended Warranty Insurance
    Purchase Security & Extended                               This insurance doubles the manufacturers’ original
    Warranty Insurance4                                        Canadian warranty for up to one additional year on
    Purchase Security Insurance                                eligible items you purchase with your RBC Royal Bank
                                                               Visa Platinum card. Save receipts, sales drafts and
    Feel secure when you make purchases using your
                                                               manufacturers’ warranties in the event that you need to
    RBC Royal Bank Visa Platinum card. With Purchase
                                                               file a claim. Please refer to the enclosed Certificate of
    Security Insurance, the eligible purchases you make
                                                               Insurance for complete details regarding this coverage.
    with your card are insured against loss, theft or damage


                                                                                                                                   Purchase Protection / Optional Benefits
Credit Alert®2                                                documents with the CardAssist Plus card registry service
Help protect yourself against identity theft and credit       and you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’ll
fraud by monitoring your credit file. Credit Alert is a       only need to make a single phone call if any of these
comprehensive service that monitors your personal credit      items are lost or stolen. In the case of credit cards, acting
file each business day and alerts you to changes such as      on your behalf, we’ll call all your registered card issuers
inquiries made, new accounts opened in your name, and         and ask them to block your cards and re-issue you new
requests for an address change. This service will not only    ones as soon as possible. CardAssist Plus also includes a
help protect you against identity theft but will also allow   number of other beneficial services such as lost luggage
you to verify changes that could affect your credit rating    and key recovery, travel voicemail, emergency cash
and even indicate credit fraud. For more information,         and airline tickets, and a date reminder service. And by
please visit us at     enrolling in CardAssist Plus, you can help protect yourself
or to enrol, call 1-866-806-1151 and quote code RT002.        against the risk of identity theft when you report your
                                                              cards lost or stolen. For more information, please visit us
CardAssist Plus®3                                             at or to enrol
Register your credit cards, cellular phone and other vital    call 1-866-734-3195 and quote code RU003.
     Travel HealthProtector® Insurance7                                      Talk & Save®
     Enjoy your trip knowing that you are protected with this                As an RBC Royal Bank Visa Platinum cardholder, you can join
     comprehensive out of province/country emergency medical                 the RBC Royal Bank Visa Talk & Save program. Get special
     insurance, available at affordable rates regardless of age or           deals on long distance and wireless phones with the Talk &
     medical condition. A Single Trip Plan is available for any              Save service providers8. Benefit from long distance rates
     trip up to 183 days in duration. Annual Plan options are                from home for as low as 1.6¢ a minute. Receive a free
     available for frequent travellers and cover an unlimited                cellular phone when enrolling in a wireless plan. Charges
     number of trips of a specified length, in a 12-month period.            are billed conveniently to your Platinum account. Enrol
     There are two coverage options:                                         today by calling 1-877 ROYAL® 6-6 (1-877-769-2566) or
     • Basic Coverage that includes Emergency Medical Insurance              you can visit us at

     • Enhanced Coverage that includes Emergency Medical
       Insurance, Trip Interruption/After Departure Insurance,
       Travel Accident Insurance and Baggage & Personal Effects
     For additional information or to enrol, call toll-free 1-800-565-3129
     or visit www.rbcroyalbank/cards/travelhealthprotector
Autopayment                                                   Autopay to work for you today and take full advantage of
Finding the time to manage your household or business         the convenience and other benefits your RBC Royal Bank
accounts can be challenging and sometimes payments get        Visa card can offer you.
missed. With Autopay, you can start saving time and worry     To find out more or to register for Autopay today, call
by making payments to your Visa account automatically –       1-800 ROYAL® 1-2 (1-800-769-2512).
with no extra fee.
We designed Autopay with your needs in mind, and
offer three convenient payment plans to choose from:
1. Previous month’s balance payment;
2. Fixed payment amount that will automatically
   be paid toward your Visa balance; and
3. Minimum amount as shown on your current
   Visa statement.
Whether you bank with RBC Royal Bank or with another
Canadian financial institution, Autopay offers you flexible
choices to help make managing your finances easier. So put

     RBC Royal Bank Visa Customer Service                         Assured Assistance
     Card inquiries and information                               For assistance with any of the travel benefits
     In Canada/U.S. 1-800 ROYAL®    1-2 (1-800-769-2512)          and insurances listed in this guide:
     Outside Canada/U.S. call collect 416-974-7780                In Canada/U.S. 1-800-533-2778
                                                                  Outside Canada/U.S. call collect 905-816-2581
     Lost or stolen cards, 24 hours/7 days
     In Canada/U.S. 1-800 ROYAL® 1-2 (1-800-769-2512)             TDD/TTY 1-800 ROYAL® 1-8 (1-800-769-2518)
     Outside Canada/U.S. call collect (514) 392-9167              For convenient and immediate reference to these important
     International (Access code) 800 ROYAL 5-2-3
                                                                  Visa phone numbers, download your own wallet-sized card
     (Access code) (800-769-25523)
     If you prefer not to have telephone access to your account
     information, please call 1-800 ROYAL® 1-2 (1-800-769-2512)
     to disable this service.

                                                                Important Phone Numbers
                     Thank You

Thank you for being an RBC Royal Bank Visa Platinum
customer. Your satisfaction is important to us, which is
why we’re dedicated to bringing you exemplary benefits
and our highest standards in the years to come.

                                                                                         1. Assured Assistance Inc. cannot accept responsibility for the actual
                                                                                            performance of any person or company made available to assist you.
                                                                                         2. Coverage underwritten by RBC General Insurance Company of Canada.
                                                                                         3. Coverage underwritten by Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company.
                                                                                         4. Coverage underwritten by RBC General Insurance Company in the Province
                                                                                            of Quebec and by RBC Insurance Company of Canada in the rest of Canada.
                                                                                         6. Maximum coverage amounts are applicable. This group creditor insurance
®    Registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada. RBC and RBC Royal Bank
     are registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada.                                     program is underwritten by The Canada Life Assurance Company. The program
*    Registered trademark of Visa International Service Association.                        is subject to terms, conditions, exclusions and eligibility restrictions. Please see
     Used under license.                                                                    the Certificate of Insurance for details.
     Interest at the rate applicable to your card is charged from the time the cash      7. Underwritten by RBC Insurance Company of Canada.
     advance is made. Cash advance fees apply. Please refer to your RBC Royal Bank       8. All long distance services under the Talk & Save program provided by CDTel
     Visa Agreement for applicable fees.                                                    Inc. CDTel Inc. is the reseller, biller and service provider for the Talk & Save
®1   Registered trademark of Interac Inc. Used under license.                               long distance program and a CDTel Inc. representative operates the
®2   Credit Alert is a registered trademark of Intersections, Inc., used under license      1-888 Talk & Save long distance customer service and enrolment lines.
     by Carlson Marketing Canada Ltd. The Credit Alert services are provided by             Cityfone is the reseller, biller and service provider for the Talk & Save wireless
     Intersections, Inc. and Carlson Marketing Canada Ltd.; they, not RBC Royal
                                                                                            program and a Cityfone representative operates the 1-888 Talk & Save wireless
     Bank, are responsible for this program.
                                                                                            customer service and enrolment lines.
®3   Registered Trademark of Carlson Marketing Canada Limited. The CardAssist
     Plus services are provided by Carlson Marketing Canada Ltd.; they, not Royal        All insurance is subject to limitations and exclusions. Please refer to
     Bank of Canada, are responsible for the program.                                    the Certificates of Insurance provided in this kit for complete details.
                                                                                                                                                                                   16157 (02/2009)