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					           Top 10 Things To Do in New Delhi, Capital of India

» Eat what king's ate at Karim's

If savouring the best things in life is your passion and you are a non-vegetarian, then a trip to Karim
restaurant in Delhi is not to be missed. Over the years Karim has evolved into a chain of eateries,
however, the best food at Karim can be found at Jama Masjid region in Delhi. The taste of the food is so
good that you would want to package the whole experience and take it with yourself. It is the closest
you can come to enjoying what Mughal emperors devoured in their lifetimes.

In contrast to the royal food which is served, the ambiance of the place is modest making you feel like
you are closer to the King’s kitchen than the royal throne. The main course is divided into different
sections like Shan-E-Tandoor, Shahi Dastar Khawan, Kababs, Rice, and Roti (Bread). If you had the notion
in your head that only the main dishes are the source of salivation, then you need to try Khameeri roti
served here, which is a delectable marvel of culinary expertise shown by the cooks here. Apart from the
main course, excellent soups and desserts are also served here.

What to eat?

One must try Tandoori Burra and Lazeez Murgh Saag served here. All the Kebabs on the menu are of the
highest quality. Make sure that you have a pair of lose pants ready, before you step into this heaven of

How to reach and timings
Karim’s can be reached via metro service by taking the metro to Chawari Bazar or Chandni Chowk metro
station, both of which are on the yellow line. After getting of the metro, one can take a cycle rickshaw to
reach Karim’s. For reaching the location via bus, one can hop onto buses with route numbers- 7, 21N,
26, 34N, 62, 82N, 101, 104, 118 EXT, 164, 171, 172, 185, 204 and 210.

The restaurant is open from 11:00 am to 3:30 pm and then from 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm.

» Shopping at Janpath for jewelry

This is a very popular destination of visitors in New Delhi and the quality of jewelry that you can get here
is renowned. Each variety, of which there are hundreds, is cleverly and beautifully crafted. You can get
all kinds of jewelry here from cheap to medium price.

In this street bazaar bargaining is the key to getting good stuff at reasonable prices.

» Garden of 5 senses

If you want to satiate your senses with the exotic aroma and tantalize your taste buds with
extraordinary food, Garden of 5 senses is the perfect destination for you. It offers multiple cuisines
under one roof for the foodies like no other place in Delhi. The location is easily accessible and can be
reached by using Metro service. To reach the place one needs, to take the yellow line metro and get off
at Saket metro Station or the travellers can use the bus service and take the bus number 501.

» Ride the mono rail at National Rail Museum

Rail transport has been the most significant mode of transport in India since its inception. Indian rail
museum provides a look into the various models of train that have whizzed on the rail lines over the
years. For a train enthusiast, rail museum in the capital is a destination that cannot be left unexplored.
The museum houses over 100 models of real size trains. The complete mechanism of railway operation
has been showcased via the display of signalling equipments, antique furniture’s, historical photographs
and related literature. Apart from gorging with your eyes at these technical marvels, you can also ride
the joy train and the mono rail for a complete experience.

Entrance charge and Timings

The train museum is open from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm and it is closed on Mondays. The entry fee ranges
from 20-50 rupees depending on the nationality of the visitors.
The museum is located at Shanti Path, Near Bhutan Embassy, Chanakyapuri in New Delhi. There is no
direct connectivity with the museum via Delhi metro or bus, hence it is recommended that one should
avail a private cab or an auto rickshaw for reaching the destination. If one still wants to cut cost for
reaching the museum, then taking the Delhi metro on the yellow line to INA is advised. After that an
auto rickshaw can be hired for around 50 rupees to reach the destination.

» Bargainers' delight- Palika Bazar

Palika Bazar is a unique market located at Connaught Place in Delhi which specializes in the sale of
clothes and electronic goods. The uniqueness stems from the fact that the market provides immense
scope of bargaining like none of its peer. The prices can come across as inflated and hence, it is
recommended that one should check the quality of product before purchasing it. Palika Bazar is
infamous for the sale of pirated software and fake designer products and timely raids are conducted by
police to unearth illegal goods, so it is advised that tourists should refrain from buying counterfeited
products. The market is completely underground and right above it there are beautiful parks where one
can rest and take in the hustle and bustle of the Delhi life.

How to Reach:

Palika Bazar is well connected with the Delhi Metro Service and one can get off at Rajiv Chowk (which
can be reached from blue or yellow line depending on the origin of journey) and exit from Block F to
reach Palika Bazar gate number 1. The people interested in taking a bus can opt from any one of the
following route numbers- 19, 19A, 85SE, 104, 164,171, 196, 204, 241, 246, 266, 317, 331, 355-1, 522.
These buses will drop you at Shivaji bus terminal, from where palika bazaar is just a walk away. Palika
Bazar is partially closed on Sundays, so it is advised that one should visit it on the weekdays. The market
opens at 10 AM and shuts down at 9 in the evening.

» Build the perfect computer at lowest cost at Nehru Place

Nehru place is the biggest computer goods market in India. Anything that one can think of purchasing
related to computers can be found here. It is a one stop shop like no other and add to that the slashed
prices due to the cut throat competition amongst shop keepers, it is the perfect place to build your next
gaming or home computer. Apart from selling computer goods, there are many repair shops that
specialize in fixing all kind of computer and cell phone related issues.

In stark contrast to its technological excellence, the place is also the hub for some of the yummiest food
in the capital. From chicken biryani to golgappas, the variety on offer is simply astounding. The
combination of the two aspects makes Nehru Place a must visit destination for geeks and foodies.
How to reach and timings:

Nehru place is open on all days except Sundays when only some small shops are opened. There is no
official opening and closing times for Nehru place, however, it is recommended that one should visit
between 11am and 6 pm when all the major shops are opened.

Nehru Place can be reached via metro, bus, cab or autorickshaw and all these modes of transport are
equally convenient. If you are planning to shop for a whole computer or a large device like Television, it
is recommended that one should hire a cab for an easy commute. For reaching via metro, one can get
off at Nehru place metro station on the violet line and cross the road to reach the market. The travel
through Delhi bus service can be done by hopping on buses with either of the following router numbers-
374, 375, 314, 416, 425, 430, 440, 442, 445, 449. 474, 529, 529-EXT, 567A and 568A.

» Immerse yourself In Indian culture at India Habitat Centre (IHC)

India Habitat Centre is one of the cornerstones for the promotion of Indian social, cultural and economic
scene. This is the primary location for all the major cultural, social and commercial events that take
place in the city. It is the perfect place to visit if one wants to enjoy the many facets of Indian life under
one roof. Various walks across the city are organized by the centre, which are aimed at enriching the
individuals with knowledge about the heritage of the country. The centre is a showcase of world class
infrastructure and works as a venue for Indian cultural activities like theatre, dance performances and
musical concerts. The itinerary for the events which take place at the venue are disclosed on monthly
basis and cultural aficionados are given a chance to pick and choose the events that they would like to
attend. This is the perfect destination for the tourists who are interested in learning about the India
while getting entertained at the same time. Most of the restaurants at the IHC are for members only,
however, there are a few restaurants like Eatopia and All American Diner which are open to general

Time to visit and how to reach

The centre is located on Lodi road and it is closest to the Jor Bagh Metro Station (on the Yellow Line) or
Khan Market Metro Station (on the Violet Line). From these stations one can easily avail an auto
rickshaw to complete the rest of the journey. Buses with router number 47, 440, 522, 522 A1, 522 A2,
522 A, 522 SPL and 580 can be taken to reach the destination.

» Profess your love at Taj Mahal

Praising the beauty of Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, has been the source of many
clichés. There are so many adjectives and superlatives attached to the place that one may suspect if a
place like this could exist. If you are one of those who have some doubts about the Taj and you are
visiting Delhi, then a day trip to Taj Mahal is enough to whisk away all the clouds of suspicions. Whether
you are a lovelorn couple or a history buff, the Taj provides an excellent opportunity for you to ogle and
marvel. Taj was constructed by Shah Jahan in the memory of his wife Mumtaz and since its construction;
it has been seen as the symbol of love all across the world. Watching the Taj while the sun sets and see
it change colour can be likened to how the meaning of a love affair changes over time, from the red of
passion to the orange of strength and compassion; simply sublime. And if the dark descends on a full
moon light, its reflection on Taj creates an effect which is simply the artistry of god. All this can only be
enjoyed by visiting the Taj Mahal, the pride of India.

When to visit

The Taj Mahal is open on all days of the week except Friday from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. It is also open for
full moon night viewing. If you can adjust your itinerary to visit the Taj on a full moon light, nothing can
beat the experience that you can have.

How to visit and Entry Fee

Hiring a cab or booking a tour via travel agents is the best way to reach Taj Mahal. One can also travel by
bus as a number of buses from Sarai Kale Khan ply to this destination.

Entry Fee for Taj Mahal

Forieng Nationals – Rs. 750

Citizens of SAARC and BIMSTEC Countries - Rs. 510

Indian Nationals - Rs. 20

» Rock hard at Hard rock café

Delhi has a great legacy in regards to the gastronomic delights that it offers. The food scene in the city is
an amalgamation of various cuisines and it can be enjoyed best at the Hard Rock Cafe located at DLF
Place mall in Saket. The location can be reached via Metro or bus number 501 which plies between Mori
Gate and Saket. The cuisines offered include North Indian, Mexican, Mediterranean and American. The
Cafe also serves alcoholic beverages and some of the most popular delicacies like Grilled Fillet Steak and
Hickory Chicken Wings can be had with a chilled pint of bear. The opening hours are from 12 in the Noon
to half past 12 in the night; hence, it is ideal for an early lunch or late dinner. As the name implies, Hard
Rock Cafe is a heaven for music lovers and the meals can be enjoyed with quality music playing in the
backdrop. The cost of a meal for two can come around to 2000 rupees which can be greatly reduced by
visiting the Cafe during happy hours between 4 pm to 7 pm.

» Roar back at the king of the jungle at Delhi zoo
Delhi zoo provides an excellent opportunity for the animal lovers to view a wide variety of species at a
single location. It accommodates 130 different species and a total of 1350 animals in astounding 176
acre of land. The zoo is best explored on foot; however, a battery operated automobile can also be
hired. The list of animals includes chimpanzee, hippopotamus, spider monkey, African wild buffalo,
Giraffes, Gir lion, and Zebras. A wide variety of birds including migratory birds can also be viewed.

Timings and tariff

Zoo Timings

1st April to 15th October - 9:00am to 4:30pm

16th October to 31st March - 9:30am to 4:00pm

Entrance Fee (Indian Nationals)

Adults - Rs. 40/- per head

Children (Height Under 3 ft.) - Free

Children (Height 3-5 ft.) - Rs. 20/- per head

Senior Citizen (60 Years and Above) - Rs. 20/- per head

Entrance Fee (Foreign Nationals)

Adults - Rs. 200/- per head

Children (Up to 5 Years) - Free

Children (Above 5 Years.) - Rs. 100/- per head

How to reach?

The Delhi zoo can be reached via Delhi metro and the Delhi bus Service. The nearest metro stations to
the zoo are Pragati Maidan metro station and CGO, Complex Lodi road metro station. However, one
needs to avail an auto rickshaw to reach the zoo from the metro station to cover the remaining distance
2 kilometres. There is an option of multiple buses that one can choose from to reach the zoo. Route
number 445, 374, 402,403, 405 and many others connect various parts of Delhi to the Zoo.

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