The Importance of Verbal Communication for Health

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					         The Importance of Verbal Communication for Health
                               Paul Budding.
Psychological problems can only be properly understood in terms of inner-
life (introversion). Hence all specifically psychological problems are
introverted (inner mind problems). Introverted Psychology is about the
negative: neurosis, paranoia, painful discontinuity/dissociation, repression
and so on. Those examples were deliberately selected by me as they are my
area. Repression is seen in the outer world in terms of avoidance of
associations to that which is repressed… but it all comes back down to the
inner mind. And its all very neurotic. Therefore this is anti inner-mind
psychology… as opposed to pro and as opposed to neutral. For more
detailed outline of the kind of psychological problems that I am resolving
here see:

    My edited paper titled ‘Dissociation Psychology’ (uploaded onto my
     docstoc page in November 2011:
     All of the problems that the Dissociation Psychology paper discusses
     (complexes, paranoia, dissociation) are eliminated by what I say below.

The only way to live sanely and healthily is to verbally
communicate/verbally talk and all relevant non-verbal communication in
oneself must be eliminated. The only communication that you must accept
from others is verbal otherwise it’s you that is paranoid. True, the other may
be manipulative as well but if there’s something to be manipulated then
there’s a neurotic psychology in you too. Non-verbal communication is
manipulative communication (resulting in repetitive painful dissociation). It
can result in a case of manipulation and counter-manipulation if it is not
realised that it’s the non-verbal communication that is the problem.
Therefore if X feels manipulated then X has to take the blame in terms of
curing him or herself from introverted non-verbal communication. By taking
the blame he or she is now talking and is perfectly open about things. If

anything manipulative is being done by the ‘other’ then the ‘other’ will have
to verbally talk because otherwise the manipulation would not work. It
would not work because no longer is non-verbal communication considered
to equate to communication at all. Only verbal communication is
considered to be communication. Thus if you take it upon yourself to
eliminate thinking in terms of introverted communication it forces the so-
called other introverted manipulator to change. It forces the ‘other’ to adopt
verbal communication as well because otherwise their influence is
completely destroyed. Hence verbal communication is the only option
remaining for them. If no manipulation (from the ‘other’) was ever going on
then everything will be fine. If manipulation (from the ‘other’) was really
happening then it will be verbally confessed by the ‘other’ in terms of now
verbally communicating it.
There is a golden rule. The golden rule = Everything must be verbally
communicated. Verbally communicate what you think. The second
(inextricably linked) golden rule is that the ‘other’ cannot manipulate
something that does not exist. If it is not verbally communicated by
you then it doesn’t exist. Everything that is relevant is out in the open.
Someone whose psychology is an introverted psychology (i.e., including on
the negative side of introversion) can become healthier by changing their
psychology (from non-verbal communication to verbal communication)
because then it leaves nothing to be manipulated.

The cure for painful psychological discontinuity (or dissociation) = verbal
communication. (verbally speak what you think) and thus the abolition of
introverted manipulation. If life is ‘open’ as opposed to ‘secret’ then the
problems are solved. Most importantly, if there’s nothing to be manipulated
then anyone who may otherwise manipulate and bully you, is powerless to do

The psychology I have discussed is common among introverts. It is not arguing that it is applicable to all
of psychology. For example someone suffering in a more extreme and criminal way (e.g., someone being
sexually abused in their home) may suffer non-verbal communication from the ‘other’ (e.g. rape without
talk) that is 100% the other’s (i.e., the rapists) fault. In no way is that a 2-way thing. Hence, the
psychology I am outlining is relevant in terms of introverted neurosis that is (at worst) immoral as
opposed to anything more criminal. While sexual abuse is criminal and acted out … and is extraverted in
that way. Another example of what I am not discussing is the more extreme pain (relative to introverted
neurosis) of PTSD. PTSD sufferers are forced by outer world experience to suffer the most agonising
inner world experiences. I have no idea how to cure PTSD.


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