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									Canada Employment Trends in 2014 Promise Good Chances for Job Seekers

For all those who are eager to finally find a job, or quit the one they dislike and get a better offer –
here are seven trends to know and follow in the job market.

New York, NY, February 01, 2014 -- The recent research on the job market of Canada, conducted
by analysts of the Localmart in Canada, shows that there is a chance for everyone to get employed.
The seven main trends included show job seekers the occupations that employers are planning to
enlist for, increases in compensations and companies with high compensation level, and businesses
that give their employers some educational opportunities and professional training which increase
their level and help in getting the best positions either in their company or elsewhere.

For the last year almost all Canadian companies has created some new working places in every field
of industry, and such tendency is about to continue in 2014, showing the stability and efficiency of
the country’s labor market. And though the new year started recently, more than 55% of Canadian
companies state that their financial position is now much stronger that it was the previous year, and
they expect the sales to increase in the first quarter of the year. This creates a need in hiring more
employees in the spheres of customer services, IT technologies and research and development area.

Here are seven most important tendencies to look for and to follow for job seekers.

STEM occupations will increase. There is no surprise that professions in the STEM group (science,
technology, engineering, math) help in strengthening and growing the economy of the country. And
this year these types of occupations will get an increase as about 38% of companies are planning to
create new jobs.

Employers are planning to recruit employers on full-time basis in the variety of fields, among which
Customer Service will have most of job offers. Information Technology and Research/Development
would be as popular. Gradually, Sales and Production will have sane number of offers for young
and promising specialists. Engineers and Financials will have same opportunities of employment,
and Business Development would have a little less offers.

About three in five Canadian companies will hire on contract temporary workers, and most of them
as well plan to offer their temporary workers a full-time job and a place in their permanent staff

The growth of high-skilled jobs is a good sign for the Canadian economy, and companies try not to
fall behind the tendency. Yet, about two of five employers say that such positions are not filled as
they cannot find right candidates for them.

Taking into the consideration the problem of skills gap mentioned above, more than half of the
companies in Canada prefer to create a perfect candidate for them, instead of looking for one. It fair,
as training people that have little experience for the position helps getting the very person for the
job. About 36% of companies send their employees back to schools and colleges to get a degree,
and pay a part of studying costs or even all of them.

In order not to send people with little experience and skills back to college, about thirty-six percent
of companies keep the connection with younger generations of future graduates. The policy of
promoting careers to current students or sometimes even school leavers, is quite spread today in
Canada. And about 31% of companies are planning to stick to such policy in 2014.

As companies are eager to retain best specialists in their filed, it is extremely important for them to
offer competitive salaries, especially for the jobs that are hard to fill. Thus, about thirty-three
percent of Canadian companies are going to raise compensations for such positions. 83% of
companies plan to increase compensation for their current employers, while 62% are going to
provide higher starting salaries for new employees.

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