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Faculty of Medicine Vancouver Hospital 3500-950 West 10th Avenue Vancouver, B.C. Canada V5Z 4E3 Tel: (604) 875-4834 Fax: (604) 875-4847 Email: postgrad@postgrad.med.ubc.ca Dean’s Office Postgraduate Education Website: http:/www.med.ubc.ca/Postgrad

Victoria Royal College PGY1 Travel Policy Victoria Site Royal College PGY1 residents are funded to travel from Victoria to Vancouver once per month to attend Academic Half Day in order to maintain linkages with their home program during this first year. Residents traveling to Vancouver from Victoria may claim expenses to a maximum of $300 per trip. This $300 INCLUDES any airline tickets dispensed by the PGY1 administrative office in Victoria (Susanne Phillips/Brian Weinerman). Airline tickets are currently $109.00 one way. Please note the following 1. Original receipts MUST be submitted – photocopies and credit card statements are not acceptable. 2. We are unable to reimburse for lost receipts Acceptable expenses are: 1. Airfare – supplied by the PGY1 office 2. Ferry – original receipt required 3. Mileage or gas receipts (not both) – original gas receipt required 4. Parking – original receipt required 5. Bus Fare – original receipt required 6. Hotel accommodation- original itemized hotel bill must be submitted 7. Taxi – original receipt required The completed reimbursement form is to be approved by the Victoria PGY1 office and forwarded to the postgraduate deans’ office for processing. If programs require their residents to travel back to Vancouver for any event OTHER than the monthly academic half-day, the program will be responsible to pay the travel expenses. November 2005

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