Newsletter for the Week of February 3 - 7_ 2014 by JenBatte


									                                                                         Ms. Batte’s
                                                                  For the Week of February 3 - 7,

   Important Dates                                 Classroom News
 Thursday, February 6th – Progress
        Reports go home!
                                                  Due to circumstances out of our control, our
       Friday, February 7th –                      Spelling Test for last Friday had to be postponed.
 Father/Daughter Dance; 6 – 8 p.m.                 We will take last week’s test this Monday. The
                                                   words listed below are for this Friday’s test!
 Tuesday, February 11th – Pizza Hut
            Spirit Night
                                                  Our class list for the purpose of addressing
 Friday, February 14th – Valentine’s               Valentines is on the back of this newsletter. We
     Day Rotation/Celebration                      will have our Valentine’s Day party on Friday,
                                                   February 14th. Be on the lookout for a sign-up
      Monday, February 17th –                      sheet for requested snacks!
 Presidents’ Day! – NO SCHOOL!
                                                  Be sure to check the weather before school each
  Tuesday, February 18th – Parent-                 day and dress your child accordingly, especially
  Teacher Conference Day – NO                      knowing how crazy this Tennessee weather can be!
             SCHOOL!                                If/When we go outside for recess this winter, it
                                                   will be at my discretion. If your child does not
                                                   have a jacket and/or is dressed in short-sleeves and
                                                   sandals, they will not be joining us outside. (If we
                                                   do not go outside, it does not mean the children
                                                   will not get recess. It just means that our recess
                                                   time will be spent inside doing either Fun Centers,
          Birthdays                                Lego and Puzzle rotations, or watching a movie.)

       Lilliauna – February 17th

        Jada – February 20th

Spelling Words: We will begin Spelling Tests this week (on Fridays). The tests will include 3 sight words
and 2 CVC words. This week’s words are: me, with, and, dog, hat. These scores will be averaged and
included on your child’s Progress Report and Report Card from this point forward. 

Ms. Jen Batte                          E-mail:
Watt Hardison Elem.                    Webpage:
300 Gibson Street
Portland, TN 37148 (615) 325-3233
       Lunch Menu                                           What We’re Learning
Monday: Pizza or Chicken Parmesan;            Reading:         This week our Focus Stories will help us the answer the
parsley potatoes, green beans, Mandarin       question: How do living things change as they grow? Our first story belongs
oranges, and fresh apple slices               to the genre of realistic fiction, entitled It Is the Wind, written by Ferida
Tuesday: Chicken Nuggets w/ Roll or           Wolff and illustrated by James Ransome. Written like a poem, this story leads
Salisbury Steak; creamed potatoes,            us to explore what happens outside in the hours from dusk until dawn.
broccoli w/ cheese, diced peach cup, and          Our second focus story will be From Caterpillar to Butterfly, an
                                              informational text written by Deborah Helligman and illustrated by Bari
fresh pear slices
                                              Weissman. In this story, a caterpillar comes to school in a jar and the class
Wednesday: Ham & Cheese on Bun or BBQ
                                              watches the caterpillar each day as it grows and changes. Soon, it disappears
Chicken on Bun; Ranch-style baked beans,
                                              into a hard shell called a chrysalis. The process is seen through the children's
oven fries, Romaine salad, applesauce w/      eyes as they experience the excitement of observing the wiggly caterpillar,
cherries, and grapes                          watch it molt, change into a chrysalis, endure the endless waiting, and stare
Thursday: Super Nachos or Chicken             in wonder as a Painted Lady butterfly emerges and dries its wings.
Fajitas; refried beans, whole kernel corn,       Our Target Skills this week will be: blending and segmenting phonemes,
taco trimmings, strawberries, and bananas     reading with expression, multiple-meaning words, determining sequence of
Friday: Chicken Sliders or Pork Chop w/       events, realizing the importance of an author's word choice, and making
Roll; seasoned carrots, garden salad, pinto   inferences/predictions. We will also be working with the letter Gg, and its
beans, pineapple tidbits, and blueberries &   corresponding phoneme--/g/.
                                              Letter: Gg

                                              High-Frequency Words: find, from, but, this, came, on (Please continue to
                                              practice ALL of our High-Frequency Words at home!)

                                              Oral Vocabulary (It Is the Wind): creaks, hare, hinge, howling, path, sways

                                              Selection Vocabulary (From Caterpillar to Butterfly): ever, pumps, rush, tiny

                                              Math:         This week in Math we will continue our
                                              study of Topic 9 – Measurement. We will begin by
                                              ordering and comparing by capacity (volume) and

       Related Arts
                                              weight this week. Be sure to encourage your child
                                              to expand their vocabulary this week and use words
                                              to describe the size of objects (For example, words
           Schedule                           like: heavy, heavier, heaviest, light, lighter, lightest,
                                              volume, and weight.) 

               Week C

Monday: Music                                         Here is a list of our students to use when
                                                      addressing Valentines! (We will have our
Tuesday: Library                                        celebration on Friday, February 14th!)

Wednesday: P.E.                                                     Jada                          Morgan
                                                                    Drevan                         Daniel
Thursday: Art                                                       Richard                        Roger
                                                                     Kenslee                       Bailey
Friday: Music                                                       Jessie                         Dustin
                                                                    Broynson                      Lilliauna
                                                                    Javien                         Cale
                                                                    Isabella C.                    Ethan
**Please make sure that your                                        Amber                         Isabela F.
child wears tennis shoes on P.E.                                    Camden

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