; International Bioethics Training Program
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International Bioethics Training Program


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									Health Research Ethics Training Initiative In Egypt (HRETIE)

Health Research Ethics Training Initiative In Egypt (HRETIE) • Objectives:
– Enhance Egyptian bioethics capacity for the ethical review of health research – Strengthen Egypt’s institutional training capacity in research ethics

Health Research Ethics Training Initiative In Egypt (HRETIE)
• Fogarty International Center, National Institutes of Health, U.S.A

Training Institution:
• University of Maryland, Baltimore, U.S.A

• Program Director: Henry Silverman, MD, MA • Co-director: Maged El-Setouhy, MD, MPH

Health Research Ethics Training Initiative In Egypt (HRETIE)
• Targets:
– physicians, nurses, members of ethics committees, public health personnel, social scientists, philosophers, and other individuals with appropriate backgrounds and interests in research or ethics.

• Programs
– – – – Master of Science Degree Program Certificate Program Workshops Research Grants

Masters Program in Research Ethics
• Two-year program leading to the granting of a Masters of Science degree with a focus on research ethics • First Year:
– 12 months of courses at the University of Maryland Baltimore campus – Participation in meetings of the research ethics committees – Other teaching experiences

• Second Year: research project in Egypt

Masters Program in Research Ethics
• Advanced degree (MD, Master, PhD) • Three letters of reference • Letter of support from institutional official guaranteeing a position in ethics after training

• Living expenses in the US, round-trip airfare, laptop computer, tuition costs

Certificate Program
• Two-month program at the University of Maryland Baltimore campus • Non-credit course work, attend research ethics committee meetings • “training of trainers” experiences including the learning of a variety of presentation skills

Certificate Program
• Recognized advanced degree (Masters, MD, or PhD) in one of the healthcare sciences, law, philosophy, etc. • Two letters of references

• Living expenses for two months in Baltimore, Maryland, round-trip economy airfare, and registration fees.

Research Ethics Workshops
Targeted Audience: • Members of research ethics committees • Investigators Description: • Three-day and one-day workshops held in Egypt • Educational and practical experiences in research ethics

Research Grants
• Available to qualified individuals to conduct small projects in Egypt • Examples of projects include survey and interview studies of members of RECs, investigators, and patients

Funding: • 3,000 Egyptian pounds

Health Research Ethics Training Initiative In Egypt (HRETIE)
For More Information
• Visit Website:
– http://medschool.umaryland.edu/department s/Epidemiology/hretie.html

• Contact:
– Dr. Henry Silverman
• Hsilverm@medicine.umaryland.edu

– Dr. Maged El-Setouhy
• Setouhy@umbegypt.com

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