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									How to Feel Like a Kid Again
You are never too old to become a kid again. Every grown up wants to relive their glory days or redo
their embarrassing days. But when you are a kid, none of that matters and you just want to have fun.
Don’t let your made-rules of adult propriety hold you back from becoming the kid inside of you again.

Rediscover Your Favorites
Whether it be your favorite golden oldies, your favorite childhood novel, television program or movie,
take the time to go back and listen, read, or watch it. Memories will flood back to you of your time as a
child. You will remember the people in your life that
influenced you to like what you did and realize how much
of an impact they have had on your life.

Old Diaries
Find your childhood journals and diaries and flip through
them. It is amazing the gems you can find and the things
you thought were so important as a 12-year old. Your
imagination will be transported back in time to when you
used to think on that sort of train of thought.

No matter when you were born, there was one game that defined your generation. The games have
changed and become more technologized over time but the old games still exist. Pull one out and play
with family and friends and remember how easy it used to be to be entertained and have fun.

Play with Kids and Grandkids
While they are still young, devote as much time as you can to your kids. Playing with them will rub off on
you and make you feel like a kid again as well. Build a fort for watching movies in together, sleep in a
tent outside looking at the stars together, or you can even rent inflatable bounce houses in Utah to
jump in safely with them.

Theme Parks
If you are willing to pay the big bucks, you can go to a place where everyone is treated like princes and
princesses. Find the kid inside of you at theme parks like Universal or Walt Disney World through riding
rides and meeting old favorite characters. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to dreams coming true.

Go to your hometown where you grew up and find your old house. Reconnect with old friends and
neighbors of your family. You don’t realize how important these landmarks are in your life until they are
gone. Take pictures recreating the same style of photo you took years before of yourself or your family
all grown up.
Adopt a Puppy or Kitten
                          Nothing transforms a rational adult human being into a blubbering
                          baby faster than a puppy or a kitten. Quit resisting the temptation
                          and adopt one already, you’ll feel the effects instantaneously.

                          These are just a few of the tips that can help you reconnect with the
                          kid inside you. Don’t let it get harder for you as you grow up to
                          remember and reminisce on your childhood.

                          Photo Credit:, Terry Bain

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