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					Who’s on Which Side Regarding Release of House GOP Standards

By Greg Siskind

Sorry for lack of citations but am posting in a hurry. You should be able to find these via Google. I’ve
classified in a completely subjective way. If the tone was upbeat, I put in positive. If it welcomed the
statement but expressed serious reservations, I put in mixed. If I felt the statement was hostile overall, I
put in negative.


    1. National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) - The National Hispanic Christian
       Leadership Conference (NHCLC) commends the Republican Leadership of the House of
       Representatives for the Standards for Immigration Reform. Today, GOP leaders exhibited
       prophetic courage and conviction by setting forth the parameters for legislation that will offer a
       reconciliatory prescription for an issue responsible for dividing our nation for far too long.”
    2. National Association of Manufacturers - “Momentum is key to enacting immigration reform and
       the House Republicans’ release of ‘standards’ is an important step forward. Immigration reform
       is an essential part of building a 21st century workforce and, simply put, it’s the right thing to
       do. Manufacturers have already joined forces with other business groups, law enforcement
       officials and unconventional allies like the National Council of La Raza and the SEIU to help make
       immigration reform a reality. We appreciate the deliberative approach they’ve taken and look
       forward to continuing to work with policymakers in the House.”
    3. Nancy Pelosi - House Democrats welcome the release of the draft standards set forth by our
       Republican colleagues. As Republicans unveil more specifics of their legislation, we hope we can
       find common ground with our Democratic principles – to secure our borders, protect our
       workers, unite our families, and provide an earned pathway to citizenship.
    4. Lucille Roybal-Allard - “I am encouraged by the release of the Republican immigration principles
       and I remain hopeful that this move signals a genuine desire on the part of the GOP leadership
       to work constructively with Democrats in Congress to finally fix our broken immigration system,”
       said Rep. Roybal-Allard.
       “I urge Speaker Boehner to heed women’s voices and to take the unique circumstances and
       needs of immigrant women into account—including respecting and valuing their work—as the
       broad ideas presented today are translated into legislative specifics.”
    5. American Immigration Lawyers Association - "The release of these standards is a much needed
       sign of movement. While the principles articulated are vague, and amenable to any number of
       meanings, they show some promise of a willingness to look at our existing system and work
       across the aisle to find ways to fix it."
    6. Center for American Progress – “We are encouraged that House Republicans finally appear
       ready to chart a path forward on immigration reform. The cost of inaction has been significant.
      The heart-breaking toll on hard-working families and communities continues to mount with
      1,000 immigrants being deported every day. Our economy likewise continues to suffer from the
      dysfunctional status quo.”
7.    Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles - "The principles outlined by House Republicans
      provide a fair and complete framework to fix our dysfunctional immigration system and are
      different from what president Obama has proposed. Three main differences stand out: (1) they
      call for ensuring that the president doesn't selectively enforce the law; (2) they propose the
      creation of guest workers programs that are more market oriented; and (3) they offer a path to
      legal status to the undocumented, but not a special path to citizenship.”
8.    National Association of Evangelicals - "America has waited a long time for Republicans and
      Democrats to get together on long overdue reform of our immigration laws. Let's pray that
      they'll do the right thing in 2014."
9.    World Relief - “We are encouraged that the House leadership has released a set of standards
      that will provide a good framework for reforming our immigration laws. We believe there is a
      moral urgency in ensuring immigrant families remain together, and these principles provide a
      good first step to help the House move this important issue forward.”
10.   Bread for the World - “The House GOP’s statement will hopefully re-start a meaningful,
      bipartisan and comprehensive reform of our broken immigration system. While the final
      outcome of this effort will unlikely satisfy everyone, immigration reform is long overdue and is
      badly needed.”
11.   Christian Community Development Association - "It is with great anticipation that many of us in
      the immigrant and faith communities have been waiting for the House GOP leadership to
      provide a framework that will finally result in the construction of a new immigration policy for
      our nation. This new policy of opportunity and responsibility is what all Americans need to move
      forward together with the task of building a land of liberty, justice and flourishing for all."
12.   Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission - "I am encouraged by the House's
      standards. While much work must be done to turn them into laws, they lay out a clear path
      forward on all the principal components of reform. I applaud the House for their clear
      expression and look forward to working with them to finally fix our nation's broken immigration
      system and offer opportunity to the millions of hard-working undocumented immigrants living
      peacefully and productively in our nation."
13.   National Latino Evangelical Coalition - "As an evangelical leader I remain hopeful that we will be
      able to move forward on immigration reform. We are hopeful that the comments by the
      President at the State of the Union together with the GOP standards on immigration will
      catapult a renewed bi-partisan commitment to real reform this year."
14.   Liberty Counsel -“The road to immigration reform has been a long one and well overdue. The
      system is broken and needs to be reformed. We need a system that works. I look forward to
      seeing the proposals from the GOP leadership in the House of Representatives. I am hopeful
      that we can move forward as a nation on this most important issue.”
15.   Sojourners - “Our broken immigration system has created a moral crisis that must be urgently
      addressed. That is why evangelical leaders have united in advocating for common sense
      immigration reform that reflects the biblical call to ‘welcome the stranger.’ The standards
      released by House Republicans are an encouraging step in the right direction. Now we must all
      work together to ensure the opportunity for citizenship exists for everyone ready to earn it.
      With so much at stake for our nation’s families, it is critical that the House act soon.”
16.   America’s Voice – “We welcome the House Republicans to the immigration debate. It’s about
      time. We are encouraged that Republicans are gearing up to take action and glad they
      acknowledge that immigration reform has to include the 11 million undocumented immigrants
      in America. Now it’s time for them to translate these vague principles into a legislative
      proposal. “
17.   Hispanic Leadership Network and Libre Initiative- Speaker Boehner and House Republicans
      should be applauded for taking a significant step forward to fixing our broken Immigration
      system. These principles would give workers and employers certainty, provide relief to the many
      young people here without documentation through no fault of their own, and allow millions to
      come out of the shadows, be open members of society and not constantly worry about being
      deported. That said, important details remain to be worked out, and we look forward to being
      part of the process to address concerns of those impacted by the law.
18.   ImmigrationWorksUSA - What happened today in Cambridge is a historic breakthrough: House
      Republican leadership declared its support for a series of critically needed immigration reforms,
      including granting legal status to millions of immigrants living and working in the U.S. illegally.
      With this step, Speaker Boehner joins a long line of far-seeing Republicans, including Presidents
      Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, who’ve grasped that it’s possible to be conservative and in
      favor of immigration reform – reform that serves America’s interests by admitting the
      immigrants we want and need and preventing future illegal immigration.
19.   Information Technology Industry Council - The release of today’s standards mark an important
      step in the process in the House of Representatives toward reforming our nation’s broken,
      outdated immigration system. Congressional action on immigration reform this year is
      imperative for one simple reason: Immigration is innovation
20.   Business Roundtable - We applaud House Republicans for their public commitment to
      immigration reform demonstrated by the release of their standards today,” said Greg Brown,
      Chairman & CEO of Motorola Solutions, Inc., and Chair of Business Roundtable’s Select
      Committee on Immigration. “Coming just days after the President’s State of the Union message,
      this document confirms a bipartisan willingness to fix America’s broken immigration system this
21.   Senator Chuck Schumer (NY-D) - “While these standards are certainly not everything we would
      agree with, they leave a real possibility that Democrats and Republicans, in both the House and
      Senate, can in some way come together and pass immigration reform that both sides can
      accept. It is a long, hard road but the door is open.”
22.   New Democratic Coalition - We are hopeful that the long awaited release of the House
      Republicans' immigration principles means that they are finally ready to bring immigration
      reform for a vote. While this step is welcomed, we need concrete legislation to fix our broken
      immigration system."
23.   National Immigration Forum - “With today’s release of these standards, House leaders are
      showing their sincere intentions to take action on commonsense immigration reform this
      Congress. Republicans and Democrats now must commit to a respectful debate that moves us
      forward as a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws."
24.   Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg (Independent) - "I applaud Speaker Boehner and the
      House Leadership for building a framework for action and recognizing that good policy is good
25.   US Chamber - “The draft Standards for Immigration Reform being debated by the House
      Republicans today mark important progress in ensuring immigration reform is a priority this
      year. This is a very encouraging sign that House lawmakers are serious about fixing our broken
      immigration system.”
26. - "The House Republican Conference's release of draft principles for how they will
      approach reform represents another important step toward fixing our broken immigration
      system. We have said from the outset that we need border security and employment
      verification, an improved legal immigration system to make sure we meet our workforce needs
      across all sectors of our economy, and a pathway to citizenship for people currently living here
      who are undocumented. We remain strongly committed to fighting for our principles as the
      House works through its process."
27.   Bibles, Guns and Badges - On a press call tomorrow, Bibles, Badges and Business leaders will
      react to this positive movement from House leadership and discuss the need for congressional
      action on immigration reform this year.
28.   Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) - "The details really matter and I have not seen anything concrete from the
      Republicans so I am not in a position to say 'yes' or 'no' to anything… I think we are getting a
      little bit closer and that bodes well for the future.” “A Long Way To Go, But Republican
      "Standards" Move Us A Little Closer to Reform.”
29.   White House – It welcomes "the process moving forward in the House, and we look forward to
      working with all parties to make immigration reform a reality."
30.   Cato Institute (Alex Nowrasteh) - Some of these ideas are good starts and I would have
      welcomed them more enthusiastically last year, but better late than never.
31.   John McCain (R-AZ) - “I applaud Speaker Boehner and the GOP leadership team for proposing
      common sense principles the House Republican conference can agree on to reform our nation’s
      immigration system and strengthen security along our borders. The principles introduced today
      represent a positive step in the right direction.”
32.   Steny Hoyer (D-MD) - “I am encouraged that House Republicans have put forward a set of
      principles for immigration reform and have now expressed a readiness to discuss how to fix our
      broken immigration system.”
33.   Steve Case - "I'm pleased to see Speaker Boehner and the House Republicans move forward on
      Immigration Reform. America's economic leadership is at stake in the global battle for talent,
      and while Washington delays, other countries are moving. The Senate has acted, the President
      has spoken out – now it is time for the House to move to create jobs, spur growth, and promote
      innovation by passing comprehensive immigration reform."
Mixed -

   1. National Council of La Raza (NCLR) – “Earlier today, House Republicans unveiled a set of
      immigration principles that provide a framework for how they plan to tackle reforming the
      nation’s broken immigration system. While NCLR (National Council of La Raza) is encouraged
      that House Republicans have moved from ‘whether’ to address immigration reform to ‘how,’
      lawmakers must take the critical next step to put forward a legislative solution. We welcome
      the forward movement, but the details of what the principles could mean are important, and we
      will not accept a solution that creates a group of people with second-class status and no chance
      to become Americans. Furthermore, while we understand that enforcement improvements are
      an essential component of any reform, these principles seem unduly focused on enforcement as
      if no real progress had been made on that front.”
   2. National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH) - For far too long, immigrant women
      have suffered an unfair share of the burdens of our nation’s flawed immigration policies and
      practices. While we welcome House Republicans’ acknowledgement that Congress must reform
      our nation’s immigration laws, we are deeply concerned that these Standards would deny the
      basic rights and responsibilities of citizenship to millions of immigrant women and families.
   3. ACLU - The good news is that the House Republicans are moving forward on much needed
      immigration reform, but some of their standards are highly problematic. Though they include a
      legalization program, legalization without a meaningful road to citizenship for a large portion of
      the 11 million aspiring Americans would ignore their contributions to our nation and senselessly
      create a legal purgatory."
   4. National Immigration Law Center - “Republican leadership has taken a step forward, and we’re
      pleased that they have finally decided to join the effort to revamp our nation’s immigration
      laws. Unfortunately, too many of the proposals outlined today remind us only of ghosts of anti-
      immigrant bills past: mandatory E-Verify without workplace protections, uncertain roads to
      permanent status in this country, and other blocks that could make the road to legalization —
      let alone citizenship — unaffordable and unattainable.
   5. Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum (APIAHF) - While we are pleased to see House
      Republicans acknowledging the necessity of immigration reform, the principles released today
      are simply not sufficient.
      Immigration reform must be fair and inclusive for all aspiring Americans and a path to
      citizenship is a crucial part of that. We agree that America’s immigration policies must further
      our national interests. The language released, while an important and sincere step, is still far
      from it.
   6. Southern Poverty Law Center - “While we welcome the House GOP adding to the conversation
      on immigration reform, these standards are not enough to show that it is serious about fixing
      our flawed immigration system,” said Naomi Tsu, SPLC staff attorney. “To show their
      commitment to reform, GOP House leaders need to bring immigration reform legislation to a
      vote on the floor of the House and then to conference with the Senate-passed immigration bill.”
   7. SEIU – “The good news: Speaker Boehner and House Republicans may *finally* be serious about
      moving forward on commonsense immigration reform.
       The bad news: Some of their standards are seriously flawed.”


   1. FAIR - "Instead of standing up for Americans, House Republicans have unfortunately offered
      nothing more than a vague set of principles in a seeming effort to satisfy special interests, while
      wholesale ignoring the American People.
      "The Republican principles call for illegal aliens to be allowed to 'live legally and without fear in
      the U.S.' of having the law enforced against them. This is clearly and undeniably amnesty. There
      is one way for illegal aliens to 'get right with the law,' and that is to obey the law.
   2. AFL-CIO - Seven months after 68 senators overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan immigration bill,
      House Republicans respond with a flimsy document that only serves to underscore the callous
      attitude Republicans have toward our nation's immigrants.
   3. NumbersUSA
   4. Heritage Foundation (via Derrick Morgan) - House Republican leaders released principles for
      immigration reform, including allowing currently unlawful immigrants to live “legally … in the
      U.S.” This is amnesty.
   5. Rep. John Fleming (R-LA) - "This is really a suicide mission for the Republican Party," Rep. John
      Fleming, R-La., said. "While we're winning in the polls, while 'Obamacare' is really dismantling,
      big government concepts of Democrats and Obama disintegrating, why in the world do we want
      to go out and change the subject and revive the patient?"
   6. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL)
   7. The Weekly Standard
   8. National Review

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