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									                             Hydration is Important Year-Round

The importance of adequate hydration is really emphasized during the summer months because
of the noticeable, increased sweating we experience. But what about the winter months? It
would seem that because we don’t seem to sweat as much in the colder weather, our fluid
requirements would be less, right? Well, it turns out that our fluid requirements are roughly the
same no matter what the temperature is. Your body loses water in the same way all year round:
through sweating, breathing, and urinating.

Have you been getting in enough fluids during these colder months?

The Dietary Reference Intakes: adequate intakes (AIs) for water are:

Adult males (>19 years): 3.7 L/day

Adult females (>19 years): 2.7 L/day

If this sounds like a lot, keep in mind that water comes from other beverages besides water and
certain foods that have a high water content. Variables such as activity level, exercise, and
medications can all affect individual requirements as well, so consider these estimates.

The bottom line is, you should pay attention to how much fluid you get each day, whether you
feel thirsty or not. If you have never really thought about this before, you may
have no idea just how much fluid you actually consume on an average day.

I recently came across a really neat way to track your fluid intake on a daily
basis: Aqua Tally is a beautifully simple way to to track your hydration and
using it is very easy. Set the sliding indicator ring to “0? each morning. The
Aqua Tally holds 16 oz. (2 cups) fluid. Each number on the ring represents 1
cup. All you need to do is rotate the indicator ring for each cup you drink,
allowing you to track how much water you have consumed. It’s dishwasher
safe, made of BPA free plastic, and works for hot or cold liquids. If you think
you may not be drinking enough fluids, this may be a good tool to help you get
in more water!

Want to learn more about this unique drinking cup? Check out the website for Aqua Tally. If
you decide to order one or more cups, receive a 25% discount by adding the discount code
“wellness” after adding AquaTally to you cart!

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