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									Justine Petersen Housing & Reinvestment Corporation

Individual Development Accounts:
What Next? Planning & Implementing an IDA Program
Sheri Flanigan-Vazquez (314) 664-5051 ext. 117 sflanigan@justinepetersen.org

Justine Petersen Housing & Reinvestment Corporation
Mission To connect institutional resources to the needs of low- and moderate-income families to build assets and create enduring change Products • Homeownership • Micro-Enterprise • Individual Development Accounts

JPHRC Accomplishments
• Homeownership – Individual counseled 9,200 – Assisted 1,630 to purchase – Accessed $100 million in loans • Individual Development Accounts – 485 IDA accounts – 181 matched withdrawals • Micro-enterprise – 80 micro-borrowers – $550,000 loans originated


How do IDAs fit into your organization’s mission?


How can IDAs help you to enhance your existing programming?
Build on your organization’s strengths

Integration Strategies

Long-term Asset Retention – Graduates (homeowners) – Previous successful relationship - trust – Challenges: Follow-up with non-savers may be isolated if post-graduate support services aren’t currently offered


Integration Strategies

Client Retention – Additional Point of Contact – Incentive to Complete Program/ Stay involved with your organization


Integration Strategies

Client Recruitment – New “harder to reach” population – Expands Mission – Challenges: Programming may have to be adjusted to needs of new population


Integration Strategies

• Defining how IDAs will be used will help to determine: – Allowable Asset Uses; – Target Population(s); – Account structure (term, match rates)


Target Population: Focus Groups and Surveys • May help define program structure • Establish the purpose • Focus on what can be enhanced – Saver’s Club (example)


• Account Retention • Credit Improved • Banking the Unbanked • Asset Retention See Handout

Collaboratives • Find out who else is doing IDAs – Communicate – Coordinate – Collaborate • Strengths-based model


Great Rivers Community Reinvestment Corporation

United Way of Greater St. Louis Resource Development (for Great Rivers Community Reinvestment); Develop a resource development strategy

Great Rivers Board Oversee and select partners
(Community Partners, Financial Institutions; Money management instruction partners) and hold them accountable)

Develop donors by using Missouri tax credits, writing grants, approaching bank partners, etc.

Distribute matching funds as due Report quarterly Report to potential donors and
interested parties regarding the project’s progress

Develop cross-site marketing materials

Allegiant Bank House Accounts

Negotiate a percentage of each funding source for administrative costs Develop an investment strategy for matching funds Train Community Partners (as needed) In recruiting clients, and, as
needed, conducting orientations, individual assessments, teaching classes, other training; develop and provide handbook and materials

Justine Petersen Housing and Reinvestment Coordinate training and counseling Conduct (or
arrange for Community Partners to conduct) orientations, assessment interviews. Similarly coordinate money management instruction

Bank of America House Accounts

US Bank House Accounts

Manage Accounts (Manage MIS System, Send Account holders and Community Partner organizations monthly account statements; monitor deposits; approve matching funds purchases) Refer Potential Donors Refer donors to the Great Rivers Board for consideration; solicitation conducted by the United Way on behalf of Great Rivers

Partners Recruit participants
Develop Savings Plan for each account holder; maintain client records

*Relationship with all partners Proposed Partner Proposed Partner Proposed Partner Beyond Housing Proposed Partner

Case management

Proposed Partner Proposed Partner Proposed Partner

SSDN Proposed Partner

Urban League Proposed Partner

Proposed Partner Proposed Partner

Proposed Partner Proposed Partner

Proposed Partner Proposed Partner

Proposed Partner Proposed Partner

Funding Sources

• • • •

United Way of Greater St. Louis Assets for Independence Federal Home Loan Bank Missouri State Tax Credits


Bank Partners
• Electronic File Transfer • Duplicate bank statements • Interest rates

• Fees to customer
• Incentives to customers


Staffing & Program Size • JPHRC product – 1 FTE (part of three staff members’ time) – Assumes Case Managers are paid under integrated product – Overhead and Administrative staff distributed over products (5%) – Nearly 500 accounts – Plan to open 300 new accounts in next six months through Partner Agencies

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