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Everyone needs to take a break every now and then. Maybe you could take a quick trip out of town for the weekend or take an extended one-week vacation. Maybe you've had an emergency and need to go out of town at the last minute. So how can you find cheap airline tickets to fit any of these occasions?

There are several ways to save money on airline tickets. Reduced price airfare is available from many sources. With the airlines competing for the consumer's attention you can often find great deals by calling the airlines directly. Sales and specials online may differ from those you could find by calling in to the airline. Some airlines and other companies such as offer deals through the frequent flyer programs or by winning points that you can redeem for cheap airline tickets. For the last minute traveler, or for those who may be flexible, you can always fly on standby with the airline. Tickets are much cheaper for airlines when you need to fly at a moment's notice than at other times you may travel.

Reduced prices on airline tickets can also be found on auction sites. Ebay has several cheap tickets for sale, and if you wait until later in the auction to place your bid you should be able to capture a phenomenal deal. Sky Auction is a site that actually specializes in air travel.

Consumer-friendly websites such as Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity often have reduced pricing on flights, as well as great package deals. These package deals offer cheap tickets to destinations, hotel and car combinations. There are destination guides that can even help you find ideas for travel internationally, including cheap Canadian airfare. Priceline offers options to search by flight, city, and price. Brick and mortar travel agencies also have pretty good deals available. This industry has just as much competition as the airlines do, so they'll be vying for your attention, too.

The destination packages you can find online or at an agency can be customized to make your trip or vacation something to remember for a lifetime. You can receive not only cheap airline tickets, but you can choose what you wish to do when you get there. You can also choose if you will need a car or what type of lodging preference you have. For instance, Canadian destinations have packages that include airfare and hotels ranging around $500-600 for the whole deal. Car rentals as little as $15 a day can be found to round off your stay. Cheap Canadian airline tickets can be found for around $200 or less.

Traveling on weekdays rather than on weekends or off-season are two other ways to save on your travel. If you can find consolidated airline tickets (bought a block at a time at wholesale prices) they would be helpful. One source is At this site you can even find really cheap airline tickets that fly during peak periods. To have a memorable time on a tight budget is a goal that can be met. Just use a little research and you'll find those cheap tickets!

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